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April 17, 2008



I hope that when all is said and done, the Dems will rally around their candidates, and their future. A great campaign says a lot about the principals, but it is getting close to the time for the victory ball.

Tell it always, but to just a few.



Could The Hillary fire one last desperation shot that richochets cruelly?

Of course she could. So many possibilities for her (or more likely a proxy.)

Just to cite one: Instead of the dumb "Is this guy really a muslim?" they can try the arguably less dumb, "Is this guy even 'black'---and maybe you pc half-wits out there better take another look at the real meaning of that middle name you don't dare mention."



Speaking of a "good one" re the gringomanic query on whether White House phone at 3AM will need "Press '1' for English," did you hear Bernardo's neat jab at the I-man?

(Incidentally, gringoVision must now ask: has Don Imus become a POW and Manchurian Candidate of Al Sharpton? Will explain reason for question. Later.)

Back to your Bernardo del Bronx. As you may know, segregation is alive and well on the Imus set. Bernardo is now being segregated, kept in a separate building from Don and his black minders. Off camera. ( Does it also show Don as Al Sharpton's POW/Manchurian Candidate?) Interesting twist on the old segregation era when blacks were kept separated from whites. (I don't view the boob tube, so you can confirm or deny, in case this needs any correction.)

But Bernard still gets some verbal input from his position in "the back of the bus." E.g. Re Bill Mawr's extreme verbal abuse of visiting Pope Benedict XVI, calling him the leader of a pedophile cult.

Bernard is still man enough to confront Imus with this. As many know, Imus did much to advance the career of the snarking Bill Mawr. While Don was chuckling away at Bill Mawr's "talent," Bernardo shot back with,

"So you're proud now of that hateful skunk?"

Give Don credit. He took it. Bernard, although segregated, still has a job.


Good for Bernard.. I am no fan of the sniveling Imus. All he cares about is his career. Like he hasn't made enough money to retire on already. His slot should go to someone who has some guts and really has something of significance to say.

I didn't even know he promoted Bill Maher. This is not the first time that little know-nothing punk has said something truly evil and depraved.

Not to mention his racist Nazi-calling and accent-mockery of the Pope.

Will Fred agree that Maher is a racist..?

Anyone want to take bets on that one?


Oh, and what happened to the "big revelation" thing that camp Hitlery has been promising us about Slick Barry.

And yes, I do think he is a stealth moslem.

Hamas seems to think so anyway.

He is endorsed by EVERY moslem organization in the US.

And there are definitely a few too many of those for comfort.


Iran prefers Obama:


Can't paste the link.. arrgh.. bad java



Account Deleted


These debates are more like parallel interviews, rather than debates. Like the Hawthorne effect when an observer influences the outcome of an experiment, the style of question and the questioner trap the responder into giving an answer that serves no one. Obviously Stephanopoulos (GS) should not have been part of the charade, having worked for the Clinton White House, and the normally astute Gibson seemed to trip over himself to ask as many silly, personal questions he could effuse upfront. The net--what great question of the day was examined in detail?

How many times and in how many ways could GS ask, "Are you ready to pledge ..." to which question no one had the 'gravitas' (to use a Clintonian word) to say, "If I pledge anything other than my political philosophy, I would be doing the American public a disservice and do not deserve to be their President. I am ready to debate--in the traidtional sense of the word--real issues and my policy proposals."

The juxtaposition of two weak candidates, and an American Idol type of debate setting, in the city where the greatest political debates in history took place was too ironic. I was just waiting for Ryan Seacrest to ask us to text 'win' to 5551212 for Candidate 1 and ...


Why do we bother watching debates? They are useless. It's just hours of waiting for someone to make a gaffe. It's only the juicy soundbites that end up being useful to anyone.



I got where Bernie is coming from Bill Maher calling the Pope a Nazi a little over the top? I mean the Pope has denounced Nazis from yesterday and today. That was Mahers cheap ticket through the newscycle, he wants publicity he has a show on HBO.

The comparison of the Cult in Texas to the Roman Catholic Church is a stretch. The Cult's doctrine has taking many wives as part of getting into heaven so they lower the age a girl becomes a women to get married, their excuse for child abuse..it is part of their doctrine. There is nothing in Catholic doctrine or dogma, that states clergy should abuse children. But it was a cheap shot and for the most part the MSM has let Bill Maher get away with the comparison. The only thing I agreed with Maher about was that "pedophiles" are hiding behind religion to operate in secret.

I don't know did Imus and Bernie decide together that it was "safer" for Bernie to be less visable? The Media Monitors have their knives out just check MMFA's latest on Imus in the Morning. Check out Eric Deegan monitoring for NABJ. Who else is out there "scalp hunting" Greg Pollwitz a Hillary supporter is constantly taking shots at Imus. Those are the ones that are sticking their heads up who knows how many are working behind the scenes? Imus is on highwire.


Craig Crawford on Imus "where the buses don't run"

Where is Monica's Imus videos from RFD webmaster?




What is it about April? Yet, another week to test my belief in "freedom of speech".

Bernard was magnificent this week. I didn't really watch the show before Imus was thrown off the air, so I don't criticize it, but I have learned that Bernie does have a definite role to play, and his role seems to be expanding.

This week Imus insulted Hannity and told people who didn't like it "to not listen to his show", so I e-mailed Hannity and said "don't expect me to defend you on this one because I'm too busy changing the channel."

While composing my e-mail, Imus insulted Hannity again, but this time Bernie told him "he can't do that". Imus said "I can't?" and Bernard said "no, he is our friend" so Imus said "ok, I won't?"

I have to give Imus credit for listening and changing his joke. So I kept listening and he moved on to a more interesting topic.

I realize that I'm a little uptight on the subject of Hannity, but the "politically correct" control freaks are out there in full force, with George Stephanopolous and Charles Gibson as their latest targets.

Bernard is very talented and he was never given a chance to audition for a radio show in Boston last summer because of groups like this.


However, I'm sure some of the very same groups have no problem with this.


Nick Lento

Dear Monica,

The only arguments you can make against Barack Obama are ad homiem. Period.

You have the luxury of being able to talk on the radio without interruption from anyone who disagrees with you...so you can rant on for three hours gleefully pounding away.

John McCain will not have that luxury. He will have to deal with the reality of an opponent who gets equal time.

What you do, Monica, is preach to the converted so that they stay converted.

Without the kind of repetitious reinforcement/brainwashing you (and the rest of your ilk on right wing hate mass media) do; your "audience" would have to face the reality that the world that George Bush has given all of us is rotten.

For all practical purposes John McCain is George Bush Jr writ large. You think Iraq is a mess? Wait'll we go to war in Iran and the whole of the middle east melts down.

It's a shame that you're not allowed to take any opposing calls on your live radio show. Only brown nosed supplicants seem to get through. I wonder why?

Your producer/screener promised me that I would be first up and that the show welcomed opposing calls....yet after 102 minutes on hold......y'all hung up on me.

Monica, you're smart and cute....I'll give you that much; but you're also wrong.

If you ever locate the courage of your convictions let me know.

Nick Lento



Imus just changed his target, all day Friday he was calling Charles "stuck on stupid"...Charles reply to Imus, alright thank you Mired on Moronic...Imus to Charles here's "stuck on stupid" with the News...Charles to Imus thank you "fixed on fool". Imus knows Hannity got the joke, they just couldn't count on other people getting that Imus was pointing out that Rev J Wright who had a problem with Imus last April, was doing the exact samething to Hannity. When you watch Imus long enough you get what he is up to last year it was Hannity and Colmes who stated to everyone it is Satire we get it.


Hey Nick Lento i got news for you: Obama is Jeffrey Wright writ LARGE.

How can you prove you were on hold for 102 minutes?


UG -- How can you prove he wasn't?

Not that it matters. Who cares?

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