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April 28, 2008



Loose change.. i love it!

the change is loose!

I've been using that line on panhandlers recently: Don't ask me for change. I gave mine to the IRS. Ask Obama for change. He the one who promised you change.


I'm not an Obama fan, but saying he absorbed Wright's teachings like a sponge doesn't give him any credit as a thinking person.

Does that he mean he absorbed the teachings at Columbia and Harvard "like a sponge", too?


Fred, you're moving the topic once again. The truly outrageous thing is that Obama does not give the AMERICAN PEOPLE credit as thinking presons.

He keeps telling us that he knew this guy for 20 years and has been a member of the congregation for the same amount of time and yet he NEVER heard the 'reverend' unleash any of his outlandish and racist diatribes.

So either Obama is indeed stupid or he thinks that WE are indeed stupid.

Either way, he IS stupid if he thinks he's going to fool all of the people all of the time.

The big Obama hangover is just starting..

It will be in full effect the evening of Nov. 2 when the map turns red, one state after the other..

Not even Mexicain will be able to help poor Obama. As much as the Stealth Dhimmicrat McCain would like to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory..

Because deep down even McCain seems to think that Obama is above critical investigation.. see his treatment of the 'reverend' Wrong ad in North Carolina and the 'verboten' use of Hussein's middle name.


In the interests of diversity and reaching out, GAB (the Gringo Advisory Board) announces a new member: gringoBro....


"Thank you, gringoman. You might be a fool too, but at least you tryin'. (I could say 'trying'. You like that Englofocation from the Teach? That make you happy? Hee-hee.)

"Now look, you white folks cain't unnerstand black. And why can't you? (Hee-hee.) The Reverend Jeremiah Wright just told you, speaking to 10,000 brothers at that NAACP eat-out in Detroit. There is white brains and black brains. (Don't believe me? Check out the Rev on yo' video.) An' guess who got the pale white stuff and who got the rich black stuff?

"Now don't get bookworm on me. Don't tell me 'bout no Hitler dude rappin' like that in My Kamp.
Those Nazi dudes were crackers, maybe just a little more honest than you half-a-redneck crackers an' those white libs and our Jewish "friends" bombin' the po' Palestinians.

"You got it now? You unnerstand what the 'change' is all about? It's about facin' up, actin' up, and stop chompin' on that phoney baloney you love to chomp.

"Obama's spirit father, Reverend Wright, has laid it on you. He talkin' to you. You hear? The "change" is for YOU to see what WE can see. THAT is progress in the race divide.You hear? You ready? You got to hear, not just fear.

"Black brains are here to stay. Got it? Work on it.

"Try usin' yo' white brains. You got some, right? Hee-hee."

Escaping Politically Correct


Well he better not ask Rev Al Sharpton he has something like 900 dollars in tickets he owes he got his ride towed. Oh brother can you spare a dime.



Brotha, can you spare some loose change for my "No Jaguar - no peace"?


He will be very disappointed when he gets into the White House and there is no change.


Yep. The Clintons made off with every last red cent.

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