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April 16, 2008



Short answer: No.


And I hate to mention it for appearing to be a crank, but, say, did you notice that awful digitial hiss? For some its just like hell. Depending on the acoustics, and the proximity to power lines, both outside and inside, the intensity of this high frequency noise can almost drive you crazy.

This is a consequence of sending digital signals down poorly shielded conductor cables. Eventually it spills into power lines, and finally it gets everywhere, even into your home. As people got excited about digital signal transmission, they let loose a whole series of plans without regard for the environmental impact. They realised the electrical/acoustical coupling that exists, but chose to ignore it.

The inconvienient truth is, the internet people never troubled themselves to upgrade all these cables to keep electrical signals in. They were designed to only transmit low frequency signals, but were employed because they were there and inexpensive to use.

One young boy told me "Once you notice it, it just about drives you crazy." The answer seems to be, do not notice it. Because the signal is acoustically high frequency, it has to be intense for a person to perceive it. Once you focus your hearing on it, your ear can amplify the signal 20db by reshaping you eardrum, using the same apparatus animals use to point their ears. You are better off ignoring it, and then it is not as bad.

But, do you want to live with this hiss? Perhaps they should ask the candidates.


I don't agree on much with Fred but in this case I'll say: No. They will both emerge standing.

In fact I think Hitlery is picking up just a little steam as the Big O is starting to run on Empty..

The number of people willing to say he is naked continues to grow.

The racism club worked better in the eighties.

In fact I predict a backlash for the Big Empty. All these people who feel the pangs of disappointment when they realize that Obama is just another "Race man" in the tradition of Jerckson, Al Shady and so on..

A steath candidate no more, he's just more quiet about his views so he has to be judged by the company he keeps.

The veneer is coming off.. there's noone behind the curtain. Hitlery's good fortune is that she never had muchg veneer to begin with.

She's an "honest crook".

Obama's just recently joined the club.

Same-O, Same-O, SHAME-O


You don't agree with me much? Never noticed.


I don't agree with you and other libs on things like excusing and looking the other way when it comes to racism sexism and homophobia at the hands to the so-called "religion of peace".

I don't agree that they should have special privileges and be allowed to denigrated so-called "infidels" aka "unbelievers".

I don't agree that we should allow the moslem countries re-define Human Rights at the UN with nary a word or action of oppostion.


I do NOT agree that a French Movie Icon[BB} should be silenced into submission by mahomedan interlopers who are milking off her native country.

I do NOT agree with any of that!!

They need to shape UP or ship OUT!!

Their behavior must be a fair subject for an in-depth an informed debate free of name-calling.

They must be measured by the exact smae standards we judge ourselves by.

We must have an open and honest debate on the benefits and the potentially negative consequences of moslem immigration into the West.

Unless we see some very rapid and unforeseen advances in space exploration the West is the last and only bastion of Freedom and that includes the Freedom of speech!!

Even if some don't like it!!

It is UNACCEPTABLE that Van Gogh was murdered IN HIS OWN COUNTRY by a moslem interloper mooch!!

It is unacceptable that European taxpayers are funding the bills for moslems to have mulitple children in their effort to outbreed everyone and practice "demographic conquest".

It is UNACCEPTABLE that Geert Wilders cannot walk the streets of Holland without fear for his life!!

it is particularly UNACCEPTABLE that Western politicians are enabling these events rather than act on the best interests of their native populations!!

Which is a major factor why Silvio Berlusconi just won the election in Italy.

People in Europe are FED UP!!

Coming to this country very soon..

This tuff MUST be subject to an open and honest debate - amongst ourselves.. no moslem debate "partners" required.

I want to sort this out amongst ourselves.

WE must decide what benefits US for a change!

There! Now there's the proper context of the concept of CHANGE!

We the PEOPLE must contorl our destiny!

NOT the politicians who cower before these mindlessly determined savages!

I am sure you and I disagree on these points, Fred.

Sadly, you still measure with different standards.. it's the PC liberal way. Race trumps gender.

Just remember islam is NOT a race!

They're DECEIVING you!!!!



As previously mentioned, this battle of two ambitious Ivy League wonks does not have to be confined to political science. A classic conundrum of physics makes this clear.

As nobody here answered the paradox previously posted here,(which, let's add, has challenged the finest minds even of astrophysics) gringoVision's Science Bureau channeled a distant relative of Isaac Asimov. This because Mr. Asimov himself called the paradox impossible, making the question meaningless.

The distant relative asserts, "Listen, Isaac was not really copping out. He simply was not taking U.S. politics and Democrats into consideration."

Anyway, here's what we got from Mr. Asimov's distant relative......

What happens when an immovable Old Slick meets an unstoppable New Slick?

Answer: Johnny Boy.



Too much digital noise?


The fiber optics are coming, as with Verizon, just over the horizon.

Also, CERN is coming. 10,000 times faster than your current speed. The traffic will not even use current phone and data systems.


It be coming.


Ummah --

I don't disagree with you on everything you've said. I'm certainly not in favor of BB getting brought into court every time she says something against Muslims. But that's France, and I don't know what their free speech rights are.


So you agree that we should have a free and honest and open debate on these issues that affect not only our future but also that of generations to come, Fred?

Whatever the Freedom of Speech rights are in France.. they are being curtailed not only in Europe but also here in the USA and in AUS.

There is one main beneficiary of this chilling of open discourse.

PC is nothing but a limit on freedom of speech.

The enemy knows how to exploit this for its own aims.

And believe me, their aims are anything but liberal.


PC = certain people are not allowed to say certain things while other people are allowed to say them.

Meaning = some are more equal than others.


PS. Has Bill Maher ever had a REAL JOB? I want his *ss SACKED! Let him show some balls and talk about the "religion of peace" for a change!

Lots of material.. beheadings, child rape[marriage], stonings, rampant homophobia, death for apostasy, death fatwas against anyone who publicly speaks about islam.. and on and on..

Of course he can only insult the 82yo Pope.

You are a cowardly punk, Bill Maher and I would LOVE to say that to your face.

J. Pierpont Finch


1. Cows
2. The Constitution
3. The Ten Commandments


Is it just me, or does anyone else find it
amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our
government could track a single cow, born in Canada
almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington ? And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow.


They keep talking about drafting a Constitution
for Iraq . Why don't we just give them ours? It was
written by a lot of really smart guys, it has
worked for over 200 years, and we're not using it

T H E 10 C O M M A N D M E N T S

The real reason that we can't have the Ten
Commandments posted in a courthouse is this: You cannot post "Thou Shalt Not Steal," "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery," and "Thou Shall Not Lie" in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians...It creates a hostile work environment !


re. COWS. That's beacause they WANTED to find that single cow..

Re. CONSTITUTION. They want sharia in theirs., See Afghanistan. They even have a law that pubishes anyone who leaves islam by death.

I don't ever want this in the West.

re. 10 COMMANDMENTS: ROFLMAO! They are anathmea to islam as well. Now I get it why the ACLU is so in love with moslems!!

Account Deleted

If you hear tonight that "John McCain admitted he doesn't know anything about the economy", consider this: in his last three speeches on this topic McCain has substantianted a deeper knowledge of how our economy works than any presidential candidate since Reagan, in my humble opinion. He may not be the most eloquent speaker, but when reading his speeches I notice a density of solid principle and fresh ideas that are encouraging and workable.

His most recent speech, delivered in Pittsburgh (smart!), introduced the Forbes/Guiliani flat tax, albeit not by that name. While I am not fully in agreement with that plan, prefering the original Milton Freidman version, it is far better than any other proposal or our current system. In fact, I believe it has already been introduced in Congress.

There are many other goodies in that speech, some which may not sit right with purists, all of which are spot on target.



Ummah --

I've always been in favor of open dialogue. This country was founded so that you can continue to say moronic things. It's your right as an American.

But I think it was Trace Adkin who said: "The Second Amendment? The Second Amendment protects you from the Government, not from me."


Michael. I too, read the McCain speech in parts and was impressed. As opposed to the Big Empty-O he may not be much of a "looker" and he doesn't speak that well, but he does seem to have way more substance than the BIG EMPTY-O.

So Fred is everything I say "mormonic"?

Let me ask you why do liberals want to make some more equal than others..? What's the rationale for this overt discrimination?


"moronic", sorry.. LOL. I really thought I'd fixed that before I hit "post". I figured I should fix that or Fred might have a field day..


LOL funny post Finch.

UG continues to make great posts.

AJ is talking about his church. He is using the Imus defense, concentrating on the church's great works. This is too funny.

I'm laughing hysterically now. This is great entertainment.


Speaking of 'moronic'.. I am hearing bits and pieces of the dhimmicrat debate on the radio. Nothing new.. Hitlery is not on the attack. she is purring like a defanged kitten.. trying he hardest to sound soft.

The big Empty-O still insisting that in 20 years he never heard any racism out of the "reverend" Wrong.

Sound like Bill Clinton to you?

Well, it should.

Bill smoked but didn't inhale.

Barack Hussein went to the Hate-America church for 20 years and heard nothing.

Obama sounds a lot like a post-war German who "never" heard or saw "a thing".

He knows he'll never be asked any tough questions by these liberal MSM guys and gals... no liberal would ever dare suggest that the Big O is running on empty wherre the Truth is concerned.. for fear that all the other liberals might point at him and shout: "racist!".

Arrggghh.. it's all so predictable!!


These two are better than SNL; I can't stop laughing. They really are the dream team.

I've examined AJ's campaign and I HAVE found HOPE if he is elected. After reading about what is happening in France, I realized that after 4 years of AJ even the libs will be voting Republican.


They are pounding AJ: they are asking about Rev Wright, his relationship with Bill Ayers, why he doesn't wear a flag pin.


They're all bending over who can pull out the fastest.. iraqus interruptus..


Who is AJ if I may ask?


By the way.. Sarkozy has been a major disappointment.. he promised to wash the scum [meaning car-burning "youtes"] off the sreets with pressure hoses [le Kärcher] and to keep Turkey out of the EU and now he's fitting right in with the smart socialist set.

It's amazing.. these politicians will say anything to get in office and then once they hit paydirt.. they dismantle the very platform that brought them to power.

La guillotine pour M. Traitroisie...


AJ is "Arrogant Jerk", Monica's new name for NObama.


Good one. Thanks for clearing that up. I like to call him the Big Empty-Oh.

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