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April 14, 2008



Great interview Monica. To tell you the truth, we were wondering if your sister is a lib or a conservative. TGM was great on Sunday too.


Imus mentioned this op-ed by Bill Kristol from today's New York Times. Kristol makes a few interesting points:


1) Didn't "Marx say it (religion) is the opium of the people"?

2) If Obama thinks small town Americans are anti-immigrant, why did he vote for the border fence in 2006? Did he think there ar proplems with our current immigration policy or is he pandering?

3) Obama claims that Americans are frustrated by our free-trade agreements. Well, wait a minute, wasn't Obama opposed to NAFTA when he was trying to win the Ohio primary? Didn't Obama win the labor unions support by saying he would repeal or renegotiate NAFTA, but later a memo was found that reassured the Canadians that he had no plans to change NAFTA.

(See this story http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/04/us/politics/04nafta.html)


I applaud Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity for doing the job that the rest of the media refuses to do - vetting a presidential candidate.


I'm glad O'Reilly and Hannity aren't giving Wright a pass. Why is this important? Well, during the New York gubernatorial elections, the media portrayed Eliot Spitzer as "The Great Reformer", the new Eliot Ness. If only the media had done its job, we might have learned that Eliot Spitzer was not Eliot Ness, but Eliot Mess. What does this mean for the voters?

Eliot Spitzer won by about 69% of the vote, but by the end of his first year in office, only 25% of voters would have re-elected him. In his first year, the steamroller angered voters by his position on granting driver's licenses to illegals, and by the scandals he created (Troopergate and Hookergate). So, instead of the reforms voters expected from Eliot, voters were left with a higher tax bill to pay back the state for investigating the scandals Eliot created.


Monica mentioned an article during her interview on Imus that I would love to read if I can find it online. I believe the title she mentioned is "Barack Obama's Arrogance Problem". However, I did not catch the author's name. Can someone please help fill in the blanks?


For all the fans of liberalsim and Fred:

I'll give you something from a VERY liberal source.. the Village Voice..
David Mamet on: 'why I am no longer a brain-dead liberal'.



It was nice to see Iraqi forces take on Iranians in Basra. This might be a path to Iraq's future, Iran being their traditional enemy, tends to unite them. From this group might come a new generation of leaders that are not just waiting for the gringos to go home, so they can go back to leading their particular sect.



Despite being ready to nod off, having been up over 30 hours on special duty, I ordered myself to keep an ear open.

Alan maintained his dignity. I sensed him feeling that Imus had assaulted it---via previous announcement which you may or may not have heard. Alan was also gentlemanly in bowing to your degree. I was impressed enough to forgive him his politics.

You were sparkly and nailed your points well, even if Don seemed to feel that too many nails were being hammered into him.

(It was a refreshing break from the news about how Don's black minder, [Tony Powell?) dumped the F--bomb on old white folks at a comedy show in CONN. It sounded like Don feels he needs help from Black Entertainment Television, even while he's got his own "Mayor Nagin" (real humor) at his beck and call, if he would only dare to beck and call it.

But in fairness to Don, he behaved himself with your sister's marriage. He didn't ask why she wound up with Alan Colmes. But did we get the answer anyway? He found out for us that your sister is a liberal professor of Political Science at Rutgers.

Don's still got his male intuition.


Here is Monica's interview with Imus


This is the article by Ron Fournier that Monica referenced




In above, I said that your brother-in-law's cool, gentlemanly demeanor with Imus impressed me enough to forgive him his politics.

That was sleep deprivation.

I realize now that I didn't really mean it.

Alan did do well in his way. He refused to be bubbly. Whether he was nursing a grievance or not, he easily could have been. Did he know that Imus, earlier in the show, had referred to him as a dog?
That could have explained his fairly stolid responses to Imus later during the interview, don't you think?

Or was it just sleep deprivation too for him, so early in the morning?

Anyway, the point is, he did impress me in a way. I did feel a temptation to give Alan a pass. So what if he wants to go to Hill?

But you know what?

I resisted.



Nice article. Rush said today that the real enemy is not islama fascism, but liberalism.



When did Imus assault Alan's dignity? They seem to have a good relationship; besides they're both libs.

Alan's into feminism, so he would highlight Monica's accomplishments. He seemed slightly critical of Silda Spitzer for leaving her high powered career to support Eliot's.

I've been giving Imus and his new cast members a pass, but I was so mad at something Imus said today that I e-mailed him. I won't tell you what he said because I don't want to give the weasels any ammunition, but I'm really beginning to think that he may be a better fit for BET.



(And if you didn't like the way Katie reported the evening news, it is your fault. YOU must be sexist because it couldn't possibly be Katie.)

"Sure, it isn't fair. Neither is it fair that Katie was paid like a queen while rival networks wiped the floor with her. And lest you think it was not her fault, the proof is in the numbers - her ratings dipped significantly from the period in which her interim predecessor, Bob Schieffer, sat in the anchor chair.

To pay Katie her king's ransom, CBS reportedly cut the salaries of network stalwarts such as Lesley Stahl, a female veteran with far better news chops.

One wonders why, in its giddiness to lure in Katie as its news babe, the network threw away all common sense".


Ever since NBC subjected me to that biased coverage on Don Imus, I've given up on the mainstream media. Plenty of other things to do with my time, and it looks like I'm not really missing anything. The libs can keep all three networks.



You ask when did Imus assault Alan Colmes' dignity.

Could it be that I took it the wrong way when Imus, earlier, before Alan came on, referred to Alan---among others---as "dogs"? The reference had to with being "minor league," or something below the prominence of heavyweights appearing on Imus. Imus, in effect, was bitching that instead of his producers scheduling a lion for the show, he was getting a "dog" like Alan Colmes (and two others I better not mention here.)

Could it be that Alan, hearing himself called a "dog," (guests, you know, often listen in before they go on) took it as a special term of affection between fellow liberals?


See that's my criticism of Imus.. he can unload on white people but he's holding back on anyone who might be subject to the 'special protection' of Al 'slim shady' Sharpton.


I know daggone well why..


the u.g.l.y. f.a.t. man doesn't pick on..


Curtis Sliwa.


He'd have a fight on his hands..


A fight he couldn't win.



I didn't hear that part because I was so traumatized preparing my taxes, but someone has pay for all the government programs, especially the ones that we are giving to illegals.

If Imus is going to treat the people who supported him like that, than I'll dump him too.


Re Don Imus, is it time to start worrying about his condition? I mean really. One might understand his groveling to the Rev Tawana Sharpton last year (while holding one's nose.) Don was in a panic, fearing for his little media empire, so he did what a Curtis Sliwa (and probably Bernard McGurk) would never ever do---donate a gonad to the white progs and their black cover, like the Tawana Hustler.

But did you hear him today,Teusday, April 15, telling the world how much he enjoyed Obama mentor Reverend Wright when latter attacked Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly?

[Note: I have no problem whatsoever with a black racketeer taking on white media biggies---especially if the black hustler is entertaining and has a real case to make. I can enjoy it every bit as much as a Don Imus assures he does.]

The problem with Don's new-found raving in behalf of Rev Wright who "made me laugh all day": Are we getting signs of Don turning into Sharpton--White Prog's Manchurian Cadidate? Here's what I mean....

What did Wright say that rolled Don on the floor laughing?

Don was soooooo impressed with Wright using such a phrase.

The problem: Poor Don did not seem to have a clue that this is NOT a Wright phrase. Poor Don seemed utterly clueless that this phrase was made famous two years ago by General Russel Honore, the no-nonsense Commander of the Katrina Hurricane Task Force.


Will somebody snap Don out of it?

Monica, can you help?

M/M, can you help the guy out?


That link I posted above for the General Honore phrase that Don Imus seems not to understand that the Rev Wright ripped off from the General is wrong. Here's the link that should be right.



That link I posted above for the General Honore phrase that Don Imus seems not to understand that the Rev Wright ripped off from the General is wrong. Here's the link that should be right.




He is back to 37 radio stations that isn't where he was when he was fired last year over 70s? Imus is not going to cut loose, not gonna happen he is back 4 months you don't think Citadel with their 7 hour delay isn't on top of their expensive investment. This is business, he needs to get his numbers back up. The advertizers are returning Jesse Jackson showed up on MLK'S aniversary of his assassination, the next week one of the Time Mag guys was a guest. When Jesse Jackson appeared it was code to the herd, they could start appearing again. I don't think that would have happened if it wasn't for Rev J Wright's rants that got rotation in the Newscycle...so yeah I can see why Imus likes Rev J Wright he pointed out the hypocrisy of people like Obama and gave his some leverage...4 months back on air. Imus in the Morning is a Radio Show, and Imus has come back how many times? What incarnation is he on now?


Imus does know exactly how to play the game.




Ask Monica if she thinks Imus has no influence.




Imus rebuilding if you don't like the new Imus in the Morning, complain to Media Matters for America..Eric Deegan who is monitoring the show for the NABJ and countless others. Do you know the shape NBCU and CBS are in now for firing Imus last April...have you looked at GE's numbers and they are pointing to NBC as one of the causes.

Imus knows this is "Business"



This is so wierd Imus supports McCain and here the same usual suspects are going after McCain.


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