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April 15, 2008




Speaking of liberals needing to do better research, Don Imus clearly needs help as he becomes a new fan of Obama mentor Rev Wright. You know Don. Can you help him?

Don today told millions that Rev Wright's
attack on Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity had him (Imus)practically on floor, rolling, laughing. Don says it's had him laughing all day. And why? Mainly because of an amazing phrase.

(Disclaimer: gringomanics have no problem at all with black racketeers attacking white media biggies---especially if the black hustler has a real case to make and is reasonably entertaining.)

Whether Don, when he paniced last year over possibility of losing his media empire due to a 20-second imitation of Black Rap Culture, is becoming a kind of Manchurian Candidate for the white progs and their black cover such as Rev Tawana Sharpton, can be debated.

What is inarguable is that this morning he seemed utterly (and I do mean embarrassingly) clueless that the Rev Wright phrase that soooooooo impressed him is NOT Wright's. It was made famous two years ago by the Commander of the Katrina Task Force, the no-nonsense General Russel Honore.

How can a media icon be so unaware of the source for STUCK ON STUPID?

Monica, can you help Don?



Liberals particularly don't like small town Americans because of their independence and faith in God. Liberals want everyone to be totally dependent on the Federal government for everything from health care to even food. The more Americans are dependent on Washington DC, the more power liberals have in redistributing the wealth. Hillary wants to confiscate all the profits of corporations and personally redistribute them to people that are dependent on her. She wants everyone dependent on Washington (her) for even their health. They are on a power trip that knows no bounds.


It's looking like the 911 call from the 16 year old girl in Texas concerning the Mormon compound was a hoax. It appears someone knew that a call like that would trigger a deportation raid on the compound and the Texas authorities appear to have taken the bait. I guess that's how law enforcement down in Texas works.


I'm bewildered by Monica's use of the words "we" and "us". Being conservative doesn't make you part of "Midwestern Small-Town America". Does Monica drive around in a pick-up truck with a gun rack?


Even if the call is a hoax, they might be breaking the law and possibly abusing children. (They are "innocent until proven guilty".)

Criminals and terrorists know how to play our justice system. Do you think they care about your rights?

Maybe we should make it even more difficult for our criminal justice system to protect us. Maybe, you or someone you know will be the person who makes that 911 call one day, but this time the cops won't do anything because they are afraid of the consequences.

O'Reilly said he is going to send his cameras down there. It will be interesting to hear what he says about it.



Can you or Monica wake up Don Imus to fact that Rev Wright's "Stuck on Stupid" (according to Imus) which Don has been laughing about all morning as Wright applied it to O'Reilly and Hannity, is in fact the famous 2-year old phrase of Katrina Commander General Russell Honore? Or are you too busy clutching your sawed-off shotgun as the Tax Man cometh? Maybe you feel it's best just to leave Don Stuck on Ignorant?

Allah Gummah:

Re Berlusconi's victory in Italia....I'm surprised that you left out what is possibly his most significant comment: He said that right-wing women are better looking than their left-wing counterparts. (Have you wondered why some progs keep coming back here?)

Michael Avari:

You ask Allah S. what he proposes to do about the "Mohammedians."

Legitimate question.

May I ask you one that is perhaps equally searching?

Do you consider Islam to be compatible with Western Civilization?

Note: If you do, can you cite evidentiary examples? Thanks.

Account Deleted

Pat Buchanan joined other conservatives (who joined Hillary ... what a coalition!) with his attack on Obama's remark to the "chablis-and-brie set of San Franciso" about Pennsylvania.

Chablis and brie don't go together. I would try a light Burgandy.


Yes, Godless.

Patterson and his former boss, sleeping around too much and now, Patterson giving a pittance to charity : his old clothes to the Salvation Army. Where does their hubris stop?


Monica I really could careless at the Democrat canidates snipping at each other like two over priviledged spoiled children that don't understand there are Americans that love their country because of the right to bear arms and freedom of religion..hmm an Adult in the White House, the Dems are hitting on McCain's age but maybe maturity isn't such a bad thing in a field where you have two of the canidates acting like they fighting over a prized toy "The USA" Not what I would call grown up behavior.


Account Deleted


I have previously cited examples of democracy + Islam, to wit, from the Council on Foreign Relations:

"Millions of the world's 1.4 billion Muslims live in democracies, ample proof that there is no inherent discord between the two ideas, most scholars say."

"Most experts cite Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mali, and Senegal as democracies. (Indonesia, with 196 million people, is the world's largest Muslim nation)."

"Is Islam the reason many Muslim countries are not democratic?
"Most scholars say no, and point to a mix of historical, cultural, economic, and political factors--and not Islam as a religion--to explain why democracy has failed to take root in many Muslim countries, especially in the Arab world."

I have also pointed out that Muslims believe in Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mary, and Jesus' second coming. Finally, I have offered my own obeservations of religious freedom, and other types of Westernization throughout the Middle East, but please don't view that as taking the position that they enjoy our freedoms. That point I concede, but that wasn't your question.

Is Islam "compatible" with the West? Arguably. Must we "co-exist"? I think with doubt. What is the alternative? That was my question to UG.


Account Deleted

without doubt ... sorry


I think Islam without nuclear weapons, will always act to fill a vacuum, and will retreat when force is applied. They are like a gas.

I have been wondering about the stock market. Has anyone noticed, that despite all the trouble in the financial sector, and everyone admitting there is a mess there that will not even be addressed for quite some time, that despite the failure of some retail outlets and the loss of many US corporations, that the DOW continue to sail at a high level?
It is as if the stock market is totally divorced from the US economy.


Here's an interesting question. In a pitched battle between Colonel Sanders and General Tso, who do you think would win?


General Tso has not invaded our territory yet - we are Tso free,

Have you heard about Spitzer purchasing the Monroe tape? He plans to keep it all to himself. Lots of WWII guys, living in the springtime, will not like that.


Truther, that's a very apt analogy re. islam. They always go as far as you will let them. And force must sometimes be applied to push them back.

See the Battle of Tours, The Gates of Vienna and all the other defensive wars the West has had to fight against this imperialist enemy.

Liberals don't teach this in History Class.

Thank God for the internet.. liberals no longer have the stragnglehold on knowledge they used to have now that research and the facts are accessible to everyone.

I never knew that the nasty and arrogant behavior of moslems coms straight from the korag. They are taught to hate and desopise "infidels" and treat them as "inferiors".

Pretty hard to follow since these "cultures" haven't really produced anything of value to mankind as a whole.. but hey, they do have hubris if nothing else.

J. Pierpont Finch


4/15/08: COMING TO AMERICA? Prosecutors ask Paris court hand Bridget Bardot a 2-month suspended prison sentence & fine her 15,000 euros ($23,760) for expressing the opinion that the Muslim community was "destroying our country & imposing its acts".


Fortunately, we still have the right to express ourselves freely here.


Thank you, J. Pierpoint Finch. That's exactly the sortr of thing I am talking about!

Clearly shows they are intent on changing our societies.. the fiust thing to go is Free speech.. and it's already gone in pieces.

The moslems operate via the so-called "salami tactic". Take a little.. then a little more..

And we are like the frog in the kettle.. we don't notice the heat until it's too late.. because the temperature is going up incrementally.

I disagree with Michael. i do not think it is possible to co-exist with islam. They want everything and they won't tsop until they get it or until they are met with irresistible force.

It's not my fault but that's the way things are.


Liberals always had a "stranglehold" on information . . . unless you consider that for years there have been libraries where all you needed was a library card, bookstores where you needed the money to buy the books (or no money to browse), and magazines all across the political spectrum that anyone with a few bucks could buy. And the Wall Street Journal has been around how long?

You are right . . . Liberals controlled all the information! Thanks for more brilliant insight, Ummah.

BTW -- As you've proven, the great thing about the Internet -- and the problem with it -- is that anyone can put information on it, whether true or false. Everything on the Internet should be confirmed before it is cited. That's why people don't cite wikipedia, unless you do (in which case you are no better than Michael Scott of "The Office").

Account Deleted

And the EU is considering an application by Turkey, the successor of the Ottoman Empire, the belligerant in the Battle of Vienna.

So by your argument should Mohammadians, as you like to call them, be on watch because Napoleon occupied Egypt a century later?

Once more I put it to you dear UG -- what are you proposing?


Good point, Michael. Through history, including modern history, the Judeo-Christian world's behavior has not been much better than that of the Muslim world. Maybe we're more offended by beheadings than by what we ourselves have done, but let's take into consideration that we have no problems bombing civilians in World War II and committing numerous atrocities in places like Vietnam and Panama.

Do we get anywhere if we maintain that we are more humane (or human) than they are?


"have no problems" above should be "had no problems"

Account Deleted

Wait a minute, Finch's point was that France, not the Muslims, restricted free speech. So we have established that the fountainhead of liberty in Europe does not have our Bill of Rights. That we knew.

Bardot, an animal rights activist and the Jane Fonda of France, protested the Muslim tradition of slaughtering sheep! Guess she doesn't eat mouton a la foie gras, because the first might have the subject of an Islamic ritual and the second the product of force feeding of geese.

I am not an apologist for Islam, but I submit our nation which was founded on clear thinking (is there anything clearer than or as prescient as our Constitution or B of R?) cannot survive on the moral high ground if now we think out of fear of cultures unlike ours.



Michael, I've said it many times.. yes.. it is WE who are restricting free speech and enforcing political correctness upon our own citizens out of a misguided liberal desire to to "offend" the "Other".

However, it was islamo-activists who dragged BB into court.. where they found a '68 judge cheered on by a vigorously leftist press.

As for the libraries being open to any books.. wasn't it leftist kooks who had Tom Sawyer and Hugh Finn removed from public libraries because these novels contained the N-word?

And let's not start to talk about High School and College, shall we?

Columbia had Ahmadinejad as theiur honored speaker and they listensd with rapt attention when he explained that iran doesn't have the "homosexual problem" "the way you have it here in the West".

No, not a word of protest!


And who is Ward Churchill??! And this Avery guy.. the terrorist "professor"?


Fred I am sure you can't keep a straight face when you tell me that the education system isn't run by the left.

And npr and pbs are kissing cousins with Rush Limbaugh too.. right?!



Michael.. I do not think Turkey belongs in the EU. Talk about a Trojan Horse.

It's our out-of-whack politicians.. people wonder why they are doing these things.. are they getting money unde rthe table to sell out Europe?

Turkey is a. located in Asia and b. their mentality and belligerence toward Europe don't make them a suitable partner for Europe.

They are there to rip everyone off and to finally realize their age-old dream of putting Europe under the cruel yoke of islam.

I predict riots all over Europe.. the natives are getting restless..


What I propose, Michael is.. no special accomodations to moslems who choose to live among us in the West.

They have plenty of islamic countries to live in.

If they hate and despise us and we are "najis" then please leave, that's all.

I propose to keep our dealings with the moslem world to a minimum.

They need to reform themselves before they can deal with anyone else.

Remember.. there is no more place to go inb this world. If they impose sharia in the west we're stuck.

And i propose we offer Israel EU membership instead of useless moslem countries.

Maybe NATO too.. And we help them expel anyone who commits any act of terrorism.

We cut off aid to the "palestinians" and put the SOWdis who don't have to work for their money to help their moslem "brothers".

Why are we the paymasters of the world?

We borrow money from China to give to terrorists?!

Makes no sense to me..

Account Deleted


A few random points:

1) I was personally interested in Columbia because I am an alum and listened to a good part of the exchange on the radio. I point this out so you can imagine how that event broke my heart. I think Bollinger, the University President, invited Ahmadinejad to bolster his own free speech credentials. Had he done it in the spirit of free intellectual inquiry for his students, he would not have insulted a head of state in open forum, no matter how ignorant the head. What a bad example to show impressionable minds! And this is the institution where Eisenhower was once President. The audience laughed when Ahmadinejad made that ridiculous proclamation about homosexuals in Iran, so why acknowledge further something so churlish?

2) Your point about Turkey is a good one. They are in NATO but that does not mean they should be part of the EU. However, it also does not follow that they should not be part of some free trade area with Europe. Then, rather than making them an example of what is objectionable about Islam, we can make them an example of how we may co-exist.

3) Interesting point you make on Israel ... suppose we invite them into NATO on the condition that a) they de-nuclearize, b) work with us toward a Palestinian homeland?

(a) Gives us absolute moral authority to forbid Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons while affording Israel the protection they need, and (b) would rob Jihadist of their fundamental argument to attack the West.

Any thoughts?


Ummah --

I know this is tough for you to understand, but what I am saying is that if you wanted the conservative point of view, you could always find it.

I was surrounded by conservatives at college, although, during discussions, you found that they held some liberal opinions. Most of my college friends were fans of Reagan, but they were also pro-choice, so you figure out where they fit in. If they wanted conservative info, they could find it, even if their professors were liberal. And there was no Internet available back then.

As for your point about books like "Tom Sawyer", I think you are off-base. Granted, there were liberals like Andrea Dworkin who, I believe, wanted to ban pornography (remember, liberals don't always agree with each other), but I don't think it was the liberals that wanted to ban a classic like "Tom Sawyer". At least not this liberal.

I do know that many religious nuts want to ban "Harry Potter" because of some offense to their beliefs.

Your point about Columbia is absurd. When the Iranian leader spoke there, he was treated rudely (and I don't think you should invite someone to speak if you are going to slam them before they even start), and he was jeered after he made his statement about homosexuals. As always, you make up whatever you need to make your point, don't you?

Ummah Ummah Ummah . . . you must be some pleasant person to have around. I know, I know. I'm getting personal, which makes me a Marxist, but I've already addressed your points so don't even bother calling me evasive.

So . . . Colonel Sanders vs. General Tso . . . what do you think?


Compared to the Minutemen.. who are AMERICANS.. Ahmadinejad got velvet glove treatment at Columbia.

The Minutemen were interrupted and physically assaulted. I saw the videos so you can't obfuscate on that one, FK.

I did see the AchichbineinNazijad speech and don't recall him getting jeered for his homophobic rants.

Nor am I implying that all liberals want to ban Tom Sawyer. And yes i have heard of Western people who hate Harry Potter.

Plenty of eemammmz who hate Harry Potter too.. but then they hate pretty much everything.


OK, I'll bite. Who are the Minutemen? And if it's true that they were interrupted and assaulted, if the Columbia audience didn't do the same to the Iranian president, does that automatically mean that they agreed with him?

Here's footage of the Iranian president being jeered after making the homophobic statements (were you really listening or off in la la land?): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAel96pxGeI


OK, I looked it up, and see that the Minutemen are a group that patrol the U.S.-Mexican border, and I see that when they spoke at Columbia the stage was stormed by students. http://www2.nysun.com/article/41020

I certainly don't condone storming a stage to drive speakers off it.


Ok Fred.. so Errol Dunkley.. I digress.. So you now know of both events and how they transpired.

The minutemen have tasked themselves to do what the guvmint refuses to do.. in the spirit of true bi-partisanship of course.. they are also giving speecked and taking part in discussions to raise awareness that besides illegal aliens who want to work or find their fortune here there are terrorists and agents of hostile foreign entities like AQ or nations like iran entering this country.

So the leader of that very nation that wants to see the US and Israel 'wiped off the map' is treated better at Columbia than the people who are crying out in warning.

To me that shows how infested academia is with America-haters and 'Orientalists' in the Ed Said mold.

Large sums of money from terrorist nations (SOWdi) 'sponsoring' Middle East studies chairs is a virtual guarantee that indoctrination will occur.

They ared not interested in a free and open debate of the issues.

Their aims are clear.. undermine real research and dissent.. silence the critics.. either through intimadation via PC or fatwa.. or buyoffs.. like Bush and James BaKKKa and legions of others..

See the BB story as one example of how they use our very own systems to undermine us and to silence us.

They used the Dutch parliament to try and silence Geert Wilders. Right inside his OWN country!!

Imagine the SOWdis telling their clerics to lighten up and stop preaching that Christians and Jews are praying to fals Gods and thus are nothing but apes and pigs!

When pigs learn to fly, that's when!

The bought and sold careerists on Capitol Hill and in the White House are no patriots in my mind. They are just as bad as Jummy Carter and they are worse than your well-meaning but misguided run-of-the-mill liberal.

Account Deleted

Just to change the topic a bit ...

I think an interesting story this week, not discussed much, is Hillary's response to a question Campbell Brown of CNN posed to her on Sunday, "Does life begin at conception?" Without hestitation she replied "Potentially", and then posited that we should reduce the number of abortions. This is a departure from the standard pro-choice line, although it is not clear if "potentially" meant "we do not know" or that "there is potential for life, yet undeveloped", the latter being the pro-choice justification to interrupt life.

As Reagan said, "...anyone who doesn't feel sure whether we are talking about a second human life [in the womb] should clearly give life the benefit of the doubt." (The Human Life Review, Spring 1983, reprinted in National Review, 10 June 2004).

Could these be debate points to help McCain in the general election? Should he make a major address and flip this one on Hillary, solidifying the conservative base in the process?



Michael, I don't think this election will be won by pushing an agenda of government intrusion into the lives of women.

There are far more serious things at stake this time around.

We are running the risk of getting a far-left or a socialist in the White House and Dhimmicrats in full control of the Senate and the House.

We need McCain as bad as he is.. to be a blocker against the worst things on the liberalcoummunist agenda.

Could you stomach seeing the 'reverend' Wrong and Jesse Jerckson parading in and out of the White House?

I wouldn't put it past the Big 0 to have Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton over either.. Good Grief already!

So let's please stay with a message of LESS government - not more.

J. Pierpont Finch

EXPOSED - Tyranny's enabler: Jimmy Carter



Michael --

Hillary Clinton has said in the past that the pro-choice and pro-life movements have a common interest: Reducing the number of abortions. And the two groups should work together to advance this common interest.

It seems like an obvious point, but it opened my eyes at the time she said it, and it was one of the reasons I supported her.

Ummah --

I think your point that Iran's president was treated better than the Minutemen is absurd. Both were treated deplorably considering they were both invited to speak. The one that comes out looking the worst is Columbia.

J. Pierpont Finch

Hamas MP sees Islamic conquest 'very soon'
Lawmaker for group meeting Carter envisions takeover of Western civilization


J. Pierpont Finch

George Orwell said if someone is going to put a bomb in your mother's house, you should first put a bomb in their mother's house.

J. Pierpont Finch

4/15/08: Palestinian ambassador vows to conquer Israel - 'After we take Jerusalem ... we will throw them out of all of Palestine'



Sorry, Fred.. the irannazi was allowed to give his speech without anyone physically rushing the stage.

He also wasn't threatened with bodily harm as were the Minutemen.

I am merely pointing out the facts which are available for anyone to research and verify on their own.

Please have another look since you were on Youtube already re. the iranazi.

I am certain you will find the video showing the assault on the Minutemen on Youtube as well.


and just to remove all doubt some 'palestinian' cleric holds a public speech extolling islamic conquest first of Rome, then the entire world.. if that sounds a bit like Hitler.. well if it quack like a duck..


Even if you hate Foxnews.. they didn't just make this up!

And these are the folks we keep on feeding!!!

I say it again.. noone took Hitler serious when he went on his little rants.. they laughed when they read his poorly written 'Mein Kampf'.

Those who refuse to learn from History are destined to repeat it.. the actors may change.. it's not always going to be the Germans..

Something the Left needs to begin to warp their minds around: They want ALL of us dead, not only Conservatives!

I don't care for what 'bad things' the Western countries did in the past.

I care about here and now.

This is for all the marbles.

We are in the fight for our very survival, folks!

The enemy is clearly stating its aims and its purpose. They've been doing so rather unambiguously ever since 1979.

Not that their goals were any different before then.

And one more thing: Since we are in an Olympic year.. WHO are the only people to ever mount a cowardly attack on unarmed athletes at an Olympics?

Was it Christians? Buddhists? Jews?

We know the answer.

The enemy is ruthless and has no soul.


Michael Michael.. you're so full of idealism.. almost liberal.. if I didn't know better.

I can answer concisely to all your points from above.

2) Your point about Turkey is a good one. They are in NATO but that does not mean they should be part of the EU. However, it also does not follow that they should not be part of some free trade area with Europe. Then, rather than making them an example of what is objectionable about Islam, we can make them an example of how we may co-exist.

Why do have to trade or do anything with Turkey that doesn' derve our own interests? we need to stop protrating ourselves and fantasizing about 'co-existing'.

It's droll.. we are the stronger party yet these islamo-lands act like cheap school yard bullies and we cower in deference.

One good solid punch on the nose would send them reeling backwards.. and yet we act afraid and begging to 'co-exist'.

I'm frankly speaking rather SICK of that. Are you a Reaganite or are you a Carterite?

Condider your thoughts and your words, Michael.

I say we need someone who clearly states the enemy and its objectives. That is the only way we can prevail in islam's war against us.

The war is being fought with words, with money, in the various gremiums of the UN, our media and educational institutions.. the enemy is cunning when it comes to advancing its agenda.

The enemy has but one thing in mind. It is like a terminator.

It has no other objective but to either enslave you - meaning 'convert' or kill you.

It's that cut and dry.

I am only the messenger here.


3) Interesting point you make on Israel ... suppose we invite them into NATO on the condition that a) they de-nuclearize, b) work with us toward a Palestinian homeland?
(a) Gives us absolute moral authority to forbid Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons while affording Israel the protection they need, and (b) would rob Jihadist of their fundamental argument to attack the West.
Any thoughts?

--- Plenty..

a. WHY should they de-nuclearize when they're on our side? I'm not asking the moslem states for permission to allow Israel into NATO.

b. The 'palestinians' had their chances.. NUMEROUS chances.. and they blew it!

each and every time.

I say expel them into Jordan and Egypt and make Israel a viable state with defensible borders.

Annex the Golans.. they are like the Ardennes Forest between Belgium and Germany. That was given to Belgium as a result of WW1.

Why should Arab countries who attack Israel not suffer loss of territory like anyone else?

What on earth makes them so different?

We do not need moral authoiry when dealing with iran. If we don't know we have that now then we never will.

We have the power and we should use it while we can to correct all the sloppy mistakes we have made in that region.

Iran will be TOLD what to do.. not asked.

We negotiate with Russia to restore Serbia to its original borders.

Albanians are expelled to.. you guessed it.. Albania..

Once again there is precedent.. the Benes Decree by which all seditionist Germans were expelled from the sudetenland after WW2.

In exchange for this Russia gives us free hand re. iran.

We may have to let China have Tibet and give them free hand in Western China in exchange for quiet on the Taiwan front while we deal with iran and certain other nasties..

I do not believe that Israel is the reason why they practice Jihad against the West.

That's a lefty argument and I am surprised to hear this cominng from a Conservative, Michael.

The moslems act as if Israel is the maikn bone of contention, but when the Ottomans occupied present-day Israel they still saw fit to attack Europe.. see Vienna..

Moslems invaded Spain long before Israel was a State.

Besides.. I gave a link above so that anyone who doubts what I say can see the enemy speak for himself.

I think another poster also posted something to that regard.

The enmy is far more effective at making my case than I could ever be.

Just listen to THEM with open ears and an open mind.

I began to hate islam when they started hijacking and attacking the Olympic Games.. and when I heard the Ayatollah Komeini speak that was it for me.

I knew then that we are once again going to face pure unadulterated evil.

I could not believe the French would host someone saying all these awful things about them.. and no Mossad to take care of business either..

Then the German government let the Munich terrorists go after only 15 months in jail.. and on and on the West showed nothing but weakness..

Dhimmi Carter allowed the islamic republic or iran to fester.. he didn't do anything about the hostages either..

And this laid the groundwork for their present-day triumphalist howlings..

This is not an enemy one negotiates with like gentlemen..

This is an enemy we have to KNOW before we can defeat him.

We must educate one another as to the nature of this enemy. We must win our own hearts and minds if we are to win this deciding struggle to remain free.


Fred, so very nice of you to link the iranazi clip.

Allow me to show yout the Minutemen clip:


After you view this clip can you really tell me with a straight face that the iranazi was treated as rudely as the Minutemen were?

What he said was by the way way more offensive. We all know why iran doesn't have 'the homosexual problem' that according to the iranazi we have here in the West.

Let me spell it out.

They exterminate them.

Account Deleted

Fred -

Thank you for educating me on Hillary. As I am not a supporter, I was unaware of her position, and wrongly assumed she was a choice-at-all-times type of pro-choicer (is that a word?). Any thoughts on why she would not go all the way, besides politics, and say "the meaning of 'potentially' is scientifically unambiguous, therefore we ought to tread with caution until we are are certain life starts at some discrete time after conception"? Anyway, thanks.

UG, my dear Messenger,

So you're saying being conservative and an idealist are dialectically contradictory? I don't know, my friend, a lot of people were attracted by Reagan's America as a "city on a hill" idealism.

I view a President's stand on when life begins and ends not as government intrusion, but a statement of guiding principle ... sort of like "all men are created equal equal ..." Here is where I break from my conservative friends, though: I used to believe in a Constitutional amendment banning abortion, but now agree with you that that would be a government solution to a social and ethical question. However, that leaves open the legal problem of Roe v. Wade which decision can be, should be, viewed as government meddling in people's lives and must be overturned. Notice, I say "people", not "women", because there are always at least three involved in creation.

Why free trade with Turkey, or Columbia, or any other country you ask? Let me count the ways,
1) Free trade benefits all trading nations over time.
2) Un-free trade is the equivalent of a tax or regulation on the consumer and limits the shareholder value of companies.
3) Government regulation and taxes are undesireable and depress economies.
4) Free markets cannot exist without a liberal (small 'l') justice system.
5) A liberal justice system presupposes an educated society.
6) Educated societies opt for democracy; usually.

That's just one logical evolution. There are others.

So am I a Reaganite or Carterite? I leave that to you to decide!



Michael.. I see a distinct difference between Colombia and Turkey.

Yes, I would be glad to trade fairly for both sides with Colombia.

Unfortunately I don't know that I could trust Turks to be open and honest business partners.

From my experience they don't operate in an environment where both parties benefit from a deal.

Their ideology.. er.. religion states rather clearly that they must not deal squarely and fairly with 'infidels'.

Therefore no trade with Turkey.

Their loss.

PS. I am not in charge of these things so these are only my points of view.

Europeans have had more direct contact with Turks and other Mohamedans so many of us know first-hand that these are people not to be trusted.

On the same topic.. I have known people from those troubled parts of the world who are either ex-Mohamedans or non-practicing who don't have this 'islamic act' and they're fine people.

There are still remnants of other confessions in the region.. but the Christians are being murdered in iraq right now and most of the Jews have been driven out into Israel.

So let the 'palestinians' move into the properties these Middle Eastern Jews had to leave behind.

Would anyone like to wager whether these Jews fleeing Middle Eastern countries were ever compensated for th eprtoperties they were forced to leave behind..?

Anyone.. Fred..?


Hmmm.. somehow I am not surprised.

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If the difference you see in free trade between countries is predicated upon how they trade fairly, that is certainly a valid concern. China, for example, arguably does not trade fairly. But if your objection is based on religion only, just as your allocation of countries seems to be based (viz. the right of Palestinians to a homeland) then how do you reconcile that view with the circumstances that midwifed the birth of our country? Should others not be given access, peaceful access no doubt, to God-given inalienable rights?

These are, as John McLaughlin likes to say, metaphysical questions. I invite you nevertheless to consider whether we can, as I have said before, be ruthless with Jihadist, while being compassionate with other Muslims stimatized by nothing more than circumstantially and nominally sharing a religious appellation with the Jihadist who are in fact anti-Muslim upon final analysis. Purge or contain radicals--the true enemies; win over the peace-loving, liberal-aspiring majority.

What do you think?


The difference with China is that while they exported Chinese people to the US and in smaller numbers to other countries these people did not try and weasel the rest of society for special status.

Nor do I hear a lot of triumphalist howling how they want to 'chinafy' the entire world.

Remeber the Japanese also started out with inferior and often illegal copies of our products - and now look at them!

Now they're part of those who are geting ripped off by China.

I'd much rather give 'developmental aid' in form of farming out the manufacturing of certain goods than to just keep handing over money, like we continue to do with the palestinian entity.

I am afraid this won't work with Turkey. Where the Chinese see the future in terms of surpassing us in economic output and therefore increasing scientific achievements I see Turkey as a perennial parasite who has no interest in being a locomotive for the benefit of others.

The entire moslem world has an innate inferiorty complex which manifests itself in their constant dedlusions of grandeur.

Everytime they see a plane flying over or step into a car they know these are products of 'infidel' brainpower and imagination.

To them the size of a building is very symbolic which is why they outlaw the building of church spires higher than the local minaret while at the same time in europe they try and build triumphal mega-mosks - with the aid of local dhimmi architects no less.

Why do you think they used airplanes to destroy the World Trade Center?!

They are incapable of creating and building airplanes and such magnificent skyscrapers so in their seething hatred they must see these monuments destroyed.

We the West are Moyart.. the carefree inspired Genius child who has no clue that the sinister and vengeful Salieri bemoans the God who lavished all this talent on the Godless hedonist Mozart.

Look at Israel, the Golden Boy of the Middle East.. they invented the cellphone.. the moslems use cellphones to time bombs.

Israel has no oil and yet their economy smokes all the rest.

Israeli citizens hold a multiple (scientific) of meaningful Nobel Prizes compared to the several hundred million moslems living around them.

They have created Shangri-la where there was only waste and desert.

This too is a thorn in the eyes of hateful moslems. Somehow they think thea are entitled to all the goods of the world while never having to work for these things.

Instead of learing the Korag all day they may want to toss out their favorite literature among with 'mein Kampf' and the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' and get a J.O.B.

Maybe they need to do some soul searching and realize that they are the cause for their own misery.

Maybe then they will throw off the mental shackles of islam and the whole world can breath a sigh of relief..


Should others not be given access, peaceful access no doubt, to God-given inalienable rights?

Noone said anything to the contrary. what concerns me is their push into our Western countries and then try to change our laws to benefit them.. to give them this separate special status.

simply said, I resent this.

More importantly it creates a precedent and they're going to keep pushing the envelope further and further.

Might as well nip it in the bud.

Middle Eastern proverb: When the camel has his nose in the tent the body will soon follow.



Why would Don Imus listen to me? I forget that "Stuck on Stupid" originated with General Russell Honore, but what a great point. The message in his video is "forget about dwelling in the past and move forward".

"Stuck on stupid" is the very reason why I am really getting sick of these discussions on race as well as the Democrats nostalgia for 1968. I'm sorry that slavery happened, but I didn't cause it. My relatives didn't even immigrate to this country until "The Great Wave". Look at some of the atrocities in the "old country".


I am sorry that some people in this country are ashamed to be American, but I've always been grateful, especially when my family told me what life was like under communism.

I care about the U.S. Constitution, the First Amendment and the Second Amendment because I cherish the freedom in this country. I don't own a gun, but I do support the rights of people who own them. I did shoot a Magnum at a shooting range on a date. I also have a friend who is a progressive, doesn't own a gun or hunts, but believes so strongly in the Second Amendment that he is a card carrying member of the NRA.




If only Imus would listen to you instead of people like Al Sharpton. He has really discredited himself on that one.

Whenever I hear the voice of Imus all I can think of is Al Sharpton.

Whatever he says now he is saying with permission of Al Sharpton.

What a disgrazia.. to quote my 'buddy' Sliwa..

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