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April 11, 2008


J. Pierpont Finch

"Dangerous Animal Virus on U.S. Mainland"

That would have to be GEORGE SOROS who is funding about $40 million in upcoming ads to smear presidential candidate, John McCain. His point men on this current hit project include Lanny Davis, and, flaming leftwinger, David Brock (of Media Matters fame).


What the f--- is Monica's f----ing point here?????? What bias is being pointed out? The virus story???? SO THE F--- WHAT?????

Geez, I'm sorry but can you at least admit that this woman is a complete idiot???


The liberal media does this kind of stuff on purpose. The ultimate in hypocrisy is the polygamy story this past week. While the liberal media is going crazy over the possibility of pregnant underage teenagers at the religious sect compound have you ever seen a story on the thousands of underaged teenagers getting abortions every year and no criminal investigations going on concerning them? The answer is no (Bill O'Reilly has done a few stories on the situation in Kansas). The media is corrupt and not to be trusted. That why intelligent people get their news from sources like Monicamemo. Fred we know why you post here.


What exactly is so bad about the ABC web site Monica has posted? Can you explain please?

You rightwingers see bias in everything. Geez, grow up.


Fred, get a clue man, it's as obvious as the nose on your face, duh.


K-Fred I am NO fan of Bush, but this is too obvious to even try and break it down for you.

How old are you, child?

STOP pretending to be so naive!

Why don't we puiblish a phot of you and then have an article next to it that says: "Extensive prayer in islamic madrasses leads to increase in AIDS due to increased homosexual activity during islamic prayer rituals".

Oh, no.. we CANNOT do something like that to a LIBERAL!


Or how about a picture of Fred next to an article about human-to-animal STD transmission in the Middle East!!

How about it Fred?!

NOW do you get the picture??!!


This sure looks like an example of conservative hypocrisy to me. For years, I've heard about why I should be enraged by the immoral President who cheated on his wife with a 21 -year -old intern, yet I should not be morally outraged over a story about a teenage girl, with broken ribs, who called a domestic violence hotline asking to be rescued from her 50- year- old husband.

As for violating the perverts' civil rights, what rights? It is illegal for girls younger than 16 to marry, even with parental approval. Polygamy is also illegal in Texas.

Some of us like O'Reilly for lobbying for tougher laws for sex offenders. Many of us were disgusted by the story of Jessica Lundsford who was kidnapped FROM HER BEDROOM, sexually abused and buried alive. Many of these heinous crimes could be prevented because they are committed by repeat offenders who are given lenient sentences.

O'Reilly is doing something to prevent these horrible crimes by lobbying for Jessica's Law.


Red Fred, this one's for you.. re. NO BIAS HERE:

A biker was riding by the zoo when he saw a little girl leaning into the lion’s cage. Suddenly the lion grabbed her by the cuff of her jacket and tried to pull her inside to slaughter her under the very eyes of her screaming parents.

The biker jumped off his Harley, ran to the cage, and hit the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain, the lion jumped back and let go of the girl. The biker then took her to her terrified parents, who thanked him profusely.

A reporter saw the whole scene, and addressing the biker, said, “Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I’ve ever seen a man do in my whole life.”

“Why, it was nothing, really,” said the biker. “The lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.”

“I noticed a patch on your jacket,” said the journalist.

“Yeah, I ride with an Israeli motorcycle club,” the biker replied.

“Well, I’ll make sure this won’t go unnoticed. I’m a journalist with the LA Times, you know, and tomorrow’s papers will have this on the front page.”

The following morning the biker bought the paper to see if it indeed had brought out the news of his actions. On the front page was the headline:



The report references the Bush Administration's response to the virus. I think you are all being a bunch of rightwing babies. But that's exactly what I expect.


Steveok --

Do you say "duh" in real life, or just on this blog? If you do, you are signalling to people that you have the mentality of a junior high school kid. Most adults I know don't say "duh" anymore.


BTW -- look at the dumb mug on that guy's face on the ABC News site. Can you believe that someone so stupid-looking is our freaking president? How low this country has sunk in the last 7 1/2 years.


How do you define an "intelligent look", Fred? So in your opinion.. are Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich also "stupid-looking"?

What about Nancy Pelosi?

Good grief.. she makes Alfred E. Neuman seem smart.


How do I define it?

I would put a picture of George W. Bush next to "intelligence" in the dictionary, and as a caption put: "Intelligence looks like the opposite of this."

How's that, Mr. Churchill Quote Expert? Do you have a handy Churchill quote about intelligence, too?


How about this: "Intelligence is NOT misquoting Winston Churchill."


Speaking of media bias, has anyone heard about a new racial slur in the news? Have we heard from the Great Civil Rights Leader, Al Sharkton, about this? Don't papers sell advertising space?

Found the story from "my guy" Sean Hannity. I can't copy the link to the story, but it is under "Fox News Videos". There are other great stories on that site as well; I highly recommend the show.


K-Fred.. buzz OFF.. Churchil said something to that effect. He knew liberals are stupid people guided by emotion.


LOL -- You are hysterical, Ummah. You are what you rightwingers accuse Hillary of being. I have demonstrated that you are totally wrong, that Churchill never said what you said he said, and that he would NEVER say it because it would have been an insult to his wife. But you can't even admit your error. So how are you different than Hillary?

Just admit you are WRONG, Ummah!!!! I freaking smoked you, ok? That must suck to be burned by a liberal on a conservative web site.


Not so fast, Ketamine Fred.. first of all the saying is widely attributed to Winston Churchill. Whatever "foundation" you dug uop is run by G-d-knows-whom.. most liberals running these things anyway..

Second, actions speak louder than words. Chruchill did return to the Conservative fold later in life.

Logical thinking will lead you to conservatism, K-Fred. All there is to it.


But Ummah Ummah Ummah --

Churchill was at his greatest when he was a Liberal. And he never said what you said he said.

Just admit your error already.


sez you, Fred. You don't believe my sources and I don't believe yours.

Simple as that.


It's not that simple. You believe something that makes no sense historically because it's "all over the internet". That says more about you than it does about Churchill.

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