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April 26, 2008




The problem with foto on right is that it's not anatomically correct. Slickzilla is bicephalic, a remarkable two-headed creature.

The foto on the left captures this superbly.



Re Johnny Boy's denunciation of N.Carolina Republicans for running a Rev Wright/Obama ad:

You ask whether he might possibly be playing the good cop/bad cop routine, keeping to "class" and "high road" while knowing that proxies will do what has to be done.

The Gringomanic Advisory Board has looked into this. Our conclusion:

Even if Johnny Boy IS doing good cop/bad cop (just a presumption) he's not doing it very well. (1) He presumes to speak for "most" Republicans, without a shred of supporting evidence (2) He proudly declares that he didn't see the ad and hopes not to see it(3) He drags in Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan as examples of why Obama ties to venal racism of Rev. Wright should be off-limits---a stupid non-sequitur (4) He takes it on himself to do the Dems' work for them by getting in the middle of their knife fight (5) he showed himself to be far more liberal and politically correct here than Hillary, who has not attacked the Republican ad

In brief, here is the question our Advisory Board poses:

Is Johnny Boy doing good cop/bad cop,

or dumb cop/not-so-dumb cop?


Ummmm.. He seems to be following the lady wearing the black/white polka dot blouse.. notice she is missing in the picture on the right..

I don't want to draw any conckusions but...


I bet W is pretty proud of Jenna for saying she isn't sure she will vote Republican this year, especially after Juan's comments about Hurricane Katrina. Go Jenna!!!


Speaking of "hate-mongers":
Here is the FULL transcript of one of Reverend Wright's sermons:
In this sermon, Reverend Wright says:

"We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye. Kids playing in the playground, mothers picking up children from school, civilians, not soldiers, people just trying to make it day by day."

But wait...didn't they attack us first? Isn't the whole reason that we went to war because the Japanese attacked us in Pearl Harbor?

FDR declared war on Japan, an ally of Germany during WWII, on December 8, 1941. An elated Hitler, responded by declaring war on America on the same day:

"To Walter Hewel, an official from the foreign ministry assigned to Hitler’s staff, he made a startling statement. "Now it is impossible for us to lose the war!" he said, wildly exaggerating the strength of Imperial Japan, which, along with Mussolini’s Italy, was his partner in the Axis alliance. "We now have an ally," claimed Hitler, "who has never been vanquished in 3,000 years!"?



Here is a breakdown of casualties by country, including civilians, from WWII. Look at what the enemy did WITHOUT a nuclear bomb.



Reverend Wright speaks of how FDR put Japanese in internment camps during WWII. In the link below, a survivor of the Bataan death march tells his story. I would much rather have been in an American internment camp than a Japanese camp.


In fact, I was looking up internment camps and found that even our liberal neighbor to the north, Canada, had Japanese internment camps. Compare the pictures of the Canadian internment camps with some other internment camps of the time.



On the Katrina thing.. I find it a bit odd that everyone only talks about New Orleans..

Didn't Mississippi and Louisiana coast also get hit?

We don't hear Baton Rouge whining and complaining..

Spike Lee made a movie about NO/Katrina. I demand equal time for the other areas that got hit.

How about it PB "full of" S and national palestinian radio.. we ALL pay taxes that support u..

How about it, Michael Moore..?

Ah, but then who cares about a bunch of "bitter rednecks and crackers" right?!


Some aspects of your AM cast were the best thus far!


We focus more on New Orleans because that was the area that got hit while the federal government was paying no attention. By the time other areas got hit, the federal government had woken up, and citizens were outraged.

As I recall, New Orleans was on its way to being 80% under water, and your president was still doing photo ops and riding his bike. The moment that truly revealed his ignorance and incompetence was when he said, "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job" (or something like that). Classic.

That and when he wore the flight suit and gave his speech in front of the "Mission Accomplished" banner will define his presidency for future generations.

Does anyone on this blog still think that Bush is a good president? If so . . . really?????



I guess we need to get over Pearl Harbor then? Is that what Wright is saying? All Nations in the entire world are not responsible for their actions except America.

Wright is not a Democrat not in any traditional sense of the term but then Democrats ain't what they used to be.


Republicans aren't what they used to be either. Republicans now have their own Jimmy Carter in George W. Bush.


The jungle and noble savages aren't what they used to be either. Today, I am not sure if I would rather live in Liberia, or Newark.


Newark has a baseball team. Does Liberia?


Fred, you are TOO transparent. new orleans got hit at just the same time as the areas surrounding it. In fact the brunt of the hurricane was somewhere east of NO.

Get your facts straight.

The reason is that the NO disaster was "sexy" - plenty of potshots to be taken.. poor black victims of the evil government.. as if they start hurricanes.. so much BS!

You won't see Kanye West and Spike Lee complaining that the "crackas" who live in the countryside around NO got shafted by the guvmint.

Why even contrast that? The "bitter people" who cling to their biblesd and their guns were too busy to whine. They were busy picing up the trash and the debris.

They were busy cutting down the fallen trees and making sure their naighbors were alright.

It's sad that the MSM and the dhims have created this dependent client proletariat which they exploit whenever expedient.

Just as sad as seeing Bill Moyers trying to whitewash - now there's a pun - the "reverend" Wrong. He tossed him not softballs but beachballs.. sad to see hoiw liberals will spin each and everything to fit their emotion-laden ideology.

Were it not for guilty white liberls we wouldn't have this "reverend" phenomenon.

There'd be a blanket of silence cast over the likes or Sharpsonwrong..

And they'd bnever be allowed inside the White House. Even the traitor Bush had Sharpton in the white House.

What a disgrace.


I'll admit I'm not working with a timeline of the storm several years ago. But I remember how our president was riding bikes and going to photo ops, and I remember that New Orleans was 80% under water. You want to split hairs about where the black people were and where the white people were? Fine. But at least agree with me that our president handled it poorly, and that he is a complete and utter failure. Give me that, and you can have the rest about where the storm hit and when.


I just did a bit of review and I think you are playing with the facts, as you accuse me of doing. It's clear that New Orleans took the brunt of the storm, as the most populous area, and the area that got 80% flooded after the levees broke.

This is not to say the surrounding areas did not get hit, as well. But it's kind of like complaining if the news focuses on a disaster that hit New York City because Hackensack got hit, too.


Fred, if it's thatg viattly important to you to use Katrina to score points agains the traitor Bush then so be it.

I never said he did a good job there. He never did a good job anywhere. Took him till Sept. 14 to show his cowardly mug at Ground Zero.

Hey Kanye West, that's because Bush doesn't like stockbrokers and firefighters.


Bush doesn't like anybody except whoever's got money to give him.

Fact remains.. the black underclass has been conditioned by the Dhim-o-crats to be comepletely moronic, needy and dependent on the ever-present Nanny-state.

These people are a far cry from those who ran the Underground Railroad and basically knew how to do for themselves.

But hey, stick a microphone in my face and ask me a bunch of leading and swuggestive questions and I will also start whining about whatever it pays to whine about...

So we can't blame the black Katrina victims nearly as much as the formerly ever-present and now suddenly never-present guvmint along with a leftist MSM eager to point the finger at everyone's favorite whipping bush.


Hurricane Katrina was one of the few times in the last 7.5 years that the MSM actually did its job. It didn't just buy the government line, and reported on the administration's failures. It was about time. Up to that point, it was like the Bush Administration was being graded on a curve in a remedial class.


As much as I despise Brian Williams and NBC, Brian, Lisa Meyers, and the other reporters and staff at NBC did an outstanding job reporting on Hurricaine Katrina

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