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April 03, 2008



Every election the Republicans use Jane Fonda's name and likeness to attempt to persuade voters. It's getting exhausting. She has not taken back her opposition to the Vietnam War, but has stated publicly that she regrets sitting on the anti-aircraft gun.

Now that our generation has our own Vietnam -- it's called Iraq, thank you very much -- I understand her strong opposition to Vietnam. She has apologized for the part of her opposition where she went too far. Let's move on already.

I know you all admire Monica Crowley, but she's like the stereotype of a Republican, repeating the party line. If I read her essays, I know I'll be hearing about "Hanoi Jane" and Chappaquiddick at some point, right? There are no unique or innovative ideas here.

I know you don't like me insulting Monica, Michael Avari, but your blog -- American Civility -- is more what this blog should be.

J. Pierpont Finch

Watergate-Era Judiciary Chief of Staff: Hillary Clinton Fired For Lies, Unethical Behavior


Account Deleted


Thank you for your kinds words. As a guest on this blog, however, if you don't mind I would like to stay with Monica's subject.

Your points are all valid, but here is the deal with Jane Fonda and conservatives: most of us can't forget what she did while US soldiers were being killed and POWs and MIAs had no clear prospect of coming home soon. She was in her 30's then, as a point of perspective, and foolish to use her stardom and family name to side with the communist enemy. She wasn't the cause of us losing the war, however, and I think conservatives should come to terms with the fact that our clout was not strong enough then to force Johnson to give our military the chance to win.

The parallels with Iraq are imperfect yet interesting. The parallels between McNamara and Rumsfeld even more so, and probably should be the subject of a book, or an Oliver Stone movie (just kidding!). I think conservatives are split on whether we should have invaded Iraq. I believe both Pat Buchanan and Wm . F. Buckley expressed dismay. I think you know where I stand on that issue.

I agree that conservatives would look silly in the general if we bring up Fonda, Kennedy and the "L" word as a perjorative, just as liberals would look desparate if they associate Republicans with extreme evangelicals and talk about fixing the economy at 3 am. We are dumbing down the American electorate, and that bodes ill for our children.

If Obama were smart, really smart, he would say "Jane, I love your movies, but I can't accept your endorsement unless you renounce, like I renounced Wright's words, your giving comfort to our enemy during time of war." Imagine how powerful that would be for him!

McCain should stay clear away from this. Everyone knows he is the epitome of the American hero in Vietnam and his silence will speak louder than words.

Like you, I miss the days when conservatives and liberals talked issues on substance. I actually miss McGovern. He was much more fun to dissect!

Now here's an interesting one: Carter is leaning toward Obama. What does he do with that? Remember the misery index?!


Allah Schmallah

So the Dhimmicratz - exemplified by the über-liEberal Special K-Fred - are asking us to moveon.org when it's abundantly clear that NANOI JANE had NOT!!

Not to mention her Ex-husband and his cannibal theories.

No, Fred, you CANNOT expect US to let you liEberal moonbats off the hook as you slither toward the White House.

We are already dealing with the wekling Bush who refuses to fight the war as it should be fought - flashbacks to LBJ anyone? So now u expect us to FORGET Hanoi Jane and her mealy-mouthed "apologies" which are meaningless since she was soon after found in the company of Danny Glover [the loser] and that [ungrateful] immigrant Calypso singer whose name escapes me at this moment.

Not just NO, Fred, but HELL NO!!!


Ok, questions for the antiwar crowd about their guy here:

1) Doesn't Obama want us to commit troops to Darfur? In this video, he says we need to have a protective force in Darfur. He also said that it hasn't been authorized by the UN, but we have to "push through an resistance they may have". (Where have I heard that before?)

2) Here is an article on Obama's plan for Darfur. In some ways, this reminds me of Iraq. There are horrible atrocities being committed over there and, as usual, the UN does nothing. Also, where are the liberal voices in other countries? What about the European Union doing something to stop this?


Whether we were right or wrong to go into Iraq, we are there now. It think we owe it to the Iraqi people to stay there and stabilize the country.

Allah Schmallah

We will neither forget nor will we forgive!

Allah Schmallah

PS. The Big O also got the endorsement of one Dhimmi Carter.. yes that one.. the WORST President in American History.

The one who allowed our hostages to be paraded around for 444 days!!!

That one imbecile who NEVER retaliated or did anything to force the ENEMY to give up the hostages!!!

That one, who allowed the a**ahola K*kamamie to take power in iran.. the IDIOT peanut-brain farmer whose mistakes we all are paying for today!!!!!

Europe would not be facing the moslem invasion she faces were it not for the anti_western anti-Semite Dhimmi Carter.

If islam does take over we will have to say that Dhimmi Carter was worse than Adolf Hitler when it comes to the fate of Mankind as a whole..

say in about a hundred years from now..

He stood by and allowed evil to happen...


Allah Schmallah

But hey, it's the liEberals who write the history books.. and islam has a magnetic collectivist appeal for them.. until they find themselves bound and blindfolded in some football stadium ready to be sacrificed at the gallows for the roaring islamic cravings of the fervent crowd..

Blood in the streets of New Haven.. yep.. but not like anything jimmy Morrison foresaw..


I think the Democrats are jumping off "the sinking ship". It is up to Rush and the conservatives to help "our girl" out.

Oh, guess I'm wrong. I'm listening to Monica's brother-in-law, Alan Colmes, defending Satan. He doesn't think Satan should have to quit.

Account Deleted


I think you are being a bit rough on Fred. Is Jane Fonda worth your or anyone's time? That's his point.

When you speak of Muslim invasion of Europe, do you mean the immigrants or a military invasion? I am not aware of the imminent danger of the latter although I understand the discomfture with the cultural tensions of the former. Most of that is a function of economic disparity with former colonies and protectorates, espcially North Africa.

If the west insists on making Islam an enemy, we will fuel talk of the clash of civilizations, which will be counterproductive. The enemy at this moment is Al Qaeda, and we should try to drive a wedge between them and mainstream Islam, not help the two endear themselves to each other. Bush's failure is not just impotence in prosecuting a war against Al Qaeda because he got his foot stuck in the mud in Iraq, but in not galvanizing support amoung pro-Western Arab nations to isolate Al Qaeda. America should be friendly to Islam as a religion and a culture, but ruthless with the extreme fringe.

In this sense Fred is correct. Inflamming base emotions, like Ann Colter is doing by calling Obama "B. Hussein Obama" is not elevating the political discourse. We should be talking about Russia's revanchism, China desire to militarize space, drug trafficing financed by Chavez, elevating the southern hemisphere as a means to relieve international tensions, and other grave issues.

Any enemy we have only hopes we get tied up with reliving Fonda's immature seductions 40 years ago.


This is Allah Schmalla reincarnate..

MA.. You are *SO* wrong on SO many points.

You are the perfect John McLame sycophant. Sorry but you're anything but a True Conservative.

Your kind manners be damned.. You are the mirror image of Juan Mexicaine who doesn't want to offend liEberals.

let me make myself perfectly BLUNT:

That sh*t don't cut it.


I'm keeping a close eye on the Fed. Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Fed, testified about the Bear Stearns bailout yesterday.



What a race! I too do not take nothing for granted, especially with this particular campaign. It's still a race, but everyday the winner is becoming more in focus. Can anyone say "Dream Team."

Account Deleted

Mr. G,

If you expect me to be anything less than a gentleman or to be affected by your language, you will be disappointed. More importantly, I will disappoint myself.

I welcome any debate anytime on the meaning of true Conservatism.



Michael --

Welcome to the Allah Schmallah treatment. That's why I became less than a gentleman on this blog.

Now he's calling himself Ummah Gummah, which I hope is not a reference to the Pink Floyd album because PF is one of my favorite bands, but Allah Schmallah is not one of my favorite humans.

Account Deleted

Doesn't bother me.

"Ummah" refers to the Arabic word, "community". Just as he used "Allah", meaning "God", before.

He might be surprised to learn that Muslims believe in Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, even Mary. It is tragic that all of Islam is being distorted by the minority militant extremists, just as we cannot judge Christianity by the Inquisition. Are we any better for disrespecting their beliefs, however?

Don't worry, Conservatism is about ideas. Think Buckley, Reagan, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Thatcher, George Will, et. al. ... all tough minded, but all ladies and gentlemen.



I don't think that Ummah Gummah, the A**hole formerly known as Allah Schmallah, is so much a conservative as a narcissist.

Allah Schmallah

M/M.. Your intentions re. Iraq are doubtlessly good and in the right place.

But you will never stabilize the place. They are too ismalic for Democracy.

Islamic scholars say so themselves.

The place wasa stable with Saddam Hussein and whteher or nit we liked him we should have let him be as long as he holds down islam, which he actually did.

He ran the place with an iron fist.

They have to WANT Democracy for themselves or it just won't work.

It's the sad truth. I too wish things weren't so but they are.

I also see Michael is very 'benign' in his views re. islam. I am afraid so is the political establishment as a whole.

They simply do not UNDERSTAND the enmy and how he thinks.

I reread my post sorry for the harsh words, Michael. But if Conservatives don't get it we're in for some really really bad times.

Please check out the website Jihadwatch.com where Robert Spencer, a Christian who had to leave Turkey because of religious persecution and hist cohort Hugh Fitzgerald are doing an amazing job of breaking things down.

They explain in great detail why they act the way they do. You will learn about their supremacist mindset which is directly inculcated from the Koran.

This is not a tiny minority of extremists either..

You may also want to check out MEMRITV where they have videos of actual TV shows from the moslem world and what is being said and 'discussed' on these shows.

I nor anyone who is anti-jihadist made these shows. They were made by moslems and maybe if you watch a few of these things you will understand why I think the way I do.

Allah Schmallah

Michael.. do you think that John Bolton is a good Conservative? You may want to chewck out his comments re. islam.


So does Sue Myrick who helped block the Dubai Ports World deal. Her memo to the traitor Bush when he kept sending her letters to get the to drop her resistance to this abominable deal: 're. the Dubai Ports World deal: Not just NO - But HELL NO!'

There's a woman I would like to see in the White House!

And since you mention Maggie.. you should be made aware of her views re. islam and the traitors who are selling England by the Pound...


Shocking. Allah S. and I are in agreement. You can't have a democracy where the people don't want it. We never should have been in Iraq. Iraq was more stable under Saddam Hussein.

And I bet you thought we couldn't agree on anything, Allah S.? We reach the same conclusions, at least concerning the Iraq War, but perhaps we use different routes to get there.

Allah Schmallah

And yes, I meant the invasion of Europe by means of 'immigration'. The is a document by the 'muslim brotherhood' that details their plans exactly.

This document was found after 911 and it makes for some chilling reading.

Michael, I have hope that you may actually read thew documents I am offering here. There is no such hope for K-Fred. HBe is a liEberal and his mind is made up.

west = bad evil imperialists.
moslems = poor persecuted little innocent 'noble savages'.

And notg one iota of Historical Knowledge and why the Balkans are such a mess.

All of Europe will turn into that if we keep allowing islam to spread into Europe.

They are building moks everywhere and they are getting concession after concession from the EU governements who are afraid to say NO to anything for fear of being called 'racists'.

The islamists know how to use Western sensitivities to further their agenda. They do it here as well.

Try flushing a KKKoran and you're on trial for Civil Rights violations. Dunk a Crucifix in urine and display it in an oversized test tube and you are suddenly a celbrated - and wealthy - artist.

I know Fred will think that's fine. But you, Michael.. are you not a Conservative? Doesn't this blatant favorism of islam over all others RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN LANDS bother you at all?

I am still looking for the link to the 'muslim brotherhood' document.

I want everyone to have a chance to see what the enemy is writing by its own hand..

Account Deleted

Well, my work here is done.

Do I get a peace prize for putting you two together?



Allah S. -- Can't you take half a minute to celebrate that we agreed on something instead of busting my chops?


Michael --

It's the most brief and meaningless sort of togetherness since the Israelis and Palestinians came to the table.

Allah Schmallah

Fred.. anyone with half a brain can reach that conclusion. even worse, we emboldened Iran.

The real reason Hussein was bluffing with the WMD was Iran, not us.

He not only kept islam in check but also the Iranians.

Bush opened two cans of worms for the price of one.

I still don't think he's stupid. I think the answer is even worse: He is pure evil.

Let's remember his grandfather supported Hitler.

The Iraq war is a lot more than mere Bush bragadoccio. I think we don't even begin to KNOW the real reasons behind all of this. I do know the Bush gang was royally pissed that Saddam wanted to be paid in Euros rather than USD for his oil, thus challenging the status of the Dollar.

Once again an American plan backfired. The Germans were forced to givce up the DMark for in exchange for Unification. The move was thought at the time to weaken Germany but instead turned out to strengthen the EU as a whole - and opening the door for a challenge to the Dollar like Hussein attempted to do.

I think Hugo Chavez is trying to do something similar right now..

Allah Schmallah

Fred, I am very happy that you understand something.. maybe I can get you to put the puzzle in place piece by piece.


Allah Schmallah

I keep forgetting to post links. Here's a primer on the 'muslim bortherhood' and their way of working.

Dåmn.. somehow I am unable to post links..


Allah S. -- Now you think that Bush is evil? If you and I keep agreeing, I might start suspecting that we are the same person. Like in "Angel Heart", when Mickey Rourke finds out that he is the guy he is looking for all along.

Allah Schmallah

I'll go so far as to say that Bush is far more evil than Hanoi Jane. He wraps himself in the flag and prtends to be a patriot and in the meantime he besmirches everything that is good and decent about America.

While Hanoi Jane makes no bones about her contempt for the country. Everyone knew her attempt at apology was a fake.

Not a single vet bought it...

Allah Schmallah

So of course I think that Bush is evil. Jesus. You have to be a complete dummy not to get that. Where we differ is that I think he's sold the Conservatives down the river and set our agenda back for decades to come.

I think he just chose the party that was more easy to infiltrate for his aims.

Bush has his very own agenda and he doesn't give a r@ts's @ss about America or even the Republican Party or much anything else.

But I also think there are certain others who are evil as well. Like Hitlery who will sell her grandmother - if she has one - to further her ambitions.

Talk about Blonde Ambitchion.. LOL

Allah Schmallah


it worked!! That link above is a primer on the 'muslim bortherhood' and its aims and how it furthers them.

Fred, you in particular are invited to read up on this.

You will see their cynical approach on how to exploit our own political correctness against us.

Reading this could turn many a liberal into something of an 'islamophopbe'.. so be very aware..

..read at your own risk..


Allah S. --

You would be surprised to learn that I am no lover of Islamic culture. In fact, before 9/11 I was one of the people warning that Saudi Arabia was not really our friend. With allies like that, who needs enemies?

Further, outside of the area of mathematics, I'm not all that impressed with what Arab culture has contributed to the world.

However, my fear is what I expressed before: Becoming what we hate. When we invade, torture, deport, and do whatever else we want to protect ourselves, we become no better than what we are protecting ourselves from. I don't want to become a terrorist to protect myself from terrorists.

Also -- in case anyone takes what I said the wrong way -- not all Arabs or Muslims are terrorists. I'm not looking to deport the guy selling Twix bars in front of my building because he has the same religion as terrorists. That could lead to people saying I should be deported because Israel has committed acts of terrorism. It's a slippery slope.

Well, I've probably gone on too long and will end up having to explain and re-explain what I just said. Oh well.

Account Deleted

Al and Fred,

Glad to see you two are having some fun!

Al - to some of your questions (forgive me if I miss some, but we can continue) I always like to go back to first principles. Our Constitution respects all religions, and I believe we should start there, even in our dealings abroad. If there is a group who in the name of a religion advocates violence against and destruction of the United States, as I said before we should be ruthless in pursuing and eradicating them. Today that is Al Qaeda. That does not mean all Islam is bad. We are too great a country not to be nuanced in our approach. Otherwise we will forever be policing the world and be drawn into imperialism not becoming of a great nation.

Concerning Bolton, I prefer to look to the ideas and the effectiveness with which ideas are delivered. In the end Bolton wasn't too effective was he? That doesn't make him non-Conservative, but his approach gives conservatism a bad reputation.

I am happy to continue the discussion on conservatism in a future comment.


Allah Schmallah


This is another report on the 'muslim brotherhood' and what they are doing.

Chilling stuff.

You can't tell me that Bush doesn't get this on his Threat Matrix yet he continues to fiddle around with the SOWdis.

Like father like son.. like grandfather like grandson.
Then it was the Nazis. Now it's the SOWdis.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Account Deleted


OK - I read the document and based on the content agree with you that it meets the criterion of a dangerous terrorist organization. The article points out that it was written in 1982 however, and we should expect our government to draw the links to current manifestations of terrorism.

I have seen little evidence of their putative success in Europe, though, during the last 20 years.

Allah Schmallah


You really don't think they've made any inroads into Europe since 1982?

Have you heard of Kosovo?

Have you any idea how many mosks they've built in Europe since 1982? And how much they've moved European media and thus majority public opinion against Israel?

Have you not seen or even heard of the violent anti-Semitic demonstrations by Keffiya-clad moslems shouting 'Death to the Jews'?

The continent that solemnly swore: 'Never again' now cowers before the jackboot of islam and allows their rabid anti-Semitism to spew into the streets of Europe.

And one man stands up and says NO to all of this and they brand him a 'racist'.

Geert Wilders is that man. I happen to agree with him that Dutch culture is higher than islamic culture. Even Fred seems to have little admiration for moslemic 'culture' (see above).

A man who compiles a collection of public domain clips interspersed with Koranic texts is branded a 'racist' by the moslems of course, but what baffles me.. no, Iam not ashamed to say that it GALLS ME that his OWN people are branding and denouncing him.

Freedom of Speech and of Expression is way more important than to give in to the moslems.. give an inch.. conceding that we won't 'insult' *their* 'prophet' is the first step of many leading to creeping islamization.

The camel has its nose in the tent..

Allah Schmallah

I wish Fred would also read these documents..

Allah Schmallah

They are making inroads also at the UN where they are pushing initiatives that would make it part of UN 'Law' to insult 'anyone's prophet'.

Which is again just one more way of their usurping national Sovereignties.

I have no idea why my post is being classified as 'comtent spam'.

Allah Schmallah

comment spam, sorry.. the program called it 'potential comment spam'.

Allah Schmallah

And that is a very slippery slope indeed.. in Germany we have the Turkish government financing mosks and sending 1000 imams a year to make sure the Turks who live in Germany remain of the proper islamic path.

The German government acquiesces before this openlz hostile and aggressive act.. giving up sovereignty in the process. Something that actually puts the German government in violation of its own Constitution.

'..to make the German People prosper and keep them safe from harm' is the oath each politician there has to swear by.

To allow a hostile creed to gain legal footholds in violation of that Constitution puts this Government clearly at odds with it.

Allah Schmallah

Just like the USA has in some cases ceded Sovereignty to Mexico, albeit not in such an egregious and shameful manner.

In both England and Germany moslems can get health insurance coverage for extra wives.. once ahgain that is an inroad.. it's an implicit recognition of sharia AND it's a blatant rip-off of the native tax payer-sheeple.

I don't know the British constitution well enough but you can clearly see that something like this damages the German people which thereby violates that country's Constitution.

This amounts to islamic 'victories' in my understanding and - I am certain of it - also theirs.

Allah Schmallah

I mentioned earlier the case of the young Russian Jew who placed a copy of the KKKoran in a toilet and flushed.

He was arrested by detective by the last name of Khan and accused of a hate crime punishable by up to two years in jail.

Allah Schmallah

So he pled to a lesser charge.. Chalk one up to sharia once again..

Allah Schmallah

In the same borough of Brooklyn a Jewish teenager was harrassed and had his kappi stolen by a group of moslems who shouted 'allah akbar' as he chased them to get his kappi back.

One of the 'youths' fell and a car ran over his leg resutling in fracture.

Allah Schmallah

The investigating officer said the 'youths' didn't understand the meaning of 'allah akbar'.

Allah Schmallah

I am breaking up my original post but I still get this 'comment spam' message..

Allah Schmallah

Fred, I am sincerely glad to see you say that you don't wish to become what you *hate*. If you are a logical person - which I hope you are - then I am well within reason to deduct that you do indeed hate terrorists and possibly even the islamofascists who lay the groundwork both ideologically as well as materially.

I know your line about the moslem guy you buy your daily Twix from. Maybe you should stop and think who the german guy was that your grandmother bought her daily Hanuta from.

I am very honestly NOT trying to abuse your grandmother's memory - I am trying to stir your thought processes here.. and it can be painful at times.. if you are indeed the prolific reader you say you are you may have read some of Dr. Freud's work.. and therefore you may have begin to realize what method i am using to break down the resistance that every patient exhibits in the face of realizing her or his own particular pathology.

Know this: I do consider liberalisnm and PC a mental disorder and as such I am approaching it from the psychological side of things.

My aim is to heal liberals of their delusions so we all can move on [.org] together toward a better future in FREEDOM!!


Wow, where to begin. I'm not an expert in any of this, so I apologize in advance if my ideas are "out there".

First, I agree with FredK and Allah that Saddam was a stabilizing influence in Iraq because he was able to prevent the three warring factions, the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Kurds, from slipping into a civil war with each other.

I haven't really paid attention to the Iraqi war as much as I did when it first began. The Democrats keep saying they will end the war and "bring our troops" home, but I'm not sure they can. It seems like our troops have now replace Saddam as "the stabilizing force". Here is an article that I found showing that an adviser to Obama said they we will need to keep some troops in Iraq.


I'm in favor of keeping troops in Iraq because I think we have to or else it will erupt into chaos. Didn't Colin Powell warn W that he if he invaded Iraq, he would own it? Isn't this what he meant?

Allah makes good points. Patrick Buchanan does discuss the problem with immigration that the Europeans are having in his book STATE OF EMERGENCY. There are numerous articles on the Internet about the culture wars the Europeans are fighting against the influx of muslim immigrants into their country. I don't pay that much attention to this issue because I'm too busy watching our politicians WHO ARE NOT doing their jobs.

Account Deleted


I see you've been burning the midnight oil!

If I may give you personal perspective, I lived and worked in Europe and have done a lot of business in the Mid East. Most Muslims are honest, hard working, pious people. The ones who have been educated in the West are cultured and have open minds. We need more dialog with them. The incidences you sight are the fringe, like racial unrest we experienced in this country that at one time treathened anarchy against the United States. It is true that there are many more Mosques in Europe, but that inherently is not a threat, although culturally it makes us uncomfortable. Many of these are built by immigrants from North Africa, the Maghreb, for much the same reason we have immigrants from Central and South America: economics. Turkey is the most westernized Muslim state and is a candidate for the EU, which probably explains some of Germany's policies.

The real threats are the extremist attacks and trangressions against Western traditions and institutions, and on those points I agree the West should be more vigiliant, but belligerent only when absolutely necessary.

But Al, come on my friend, Liberalism is not "mental disorder" ... liberals have sense of justice and compassion for the weakest in our society, and our work as conservatives is to show how our prinicples will help bring about their laudable objectives with greater equity but without the evils of big government and a collectivist society.

Now ... why are we not talking about the Clintons (plural because Mrs. claims to have had more than the usual access to policy as First Lady), failing to nail Bin Laden when given the opportunity in the Sudan and elsewhere? Why is the press not pressing this issue?



Michael --

You are too reasonable to engage in discussion here.

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