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April 30, 2008



0.6% growth and that means we're not in a recession? You are kidding yourself. Those of us out here who are feeling it know we're in a recession.

Professionals around us are losing their jobs for economic reasons. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Food prices are skyrocketing. We're FEELING it, Ms. Crowley!!!! We are in a freaking RECESSION!!!

Nice use of the word "socialist". You are like the leader of the morons on this blog who throw that word around when they can't think of anything else to throw at me. (I'm looking at you, Ree.)


Fred, the economic definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters with negative growth in GDP. We had growth this past quarter which means we are not in a recession. Monica is absolutely right and we are not in a recession. The leftie press has been spewing this recession stuff for months in hopes of helping a Democrat get elected to the White House.

With the economic stimulus package and the FED interest rate cuts we may be able to avoid a recession. I know that is terrible news for people like you and the leftie media but that is a fact.



You want somethin' else thrown at you beside 'socialist'? Well, gringoman axe me to be careful, this a Monica blog.

I don't know we in a recession or what, so lemme hep you out like this. (By the way, I know we got some politics together. You for the black and against the racists. You be like a white liberal, yeah? Everbody a moron but you, yeah?)

Yo, Dude, you know that nice lady, M/M? You respeck her. So check out what she post down below.

"Looks like liberalism really is a mental disorder."

Know what, FrK? I disagree with the lady M/M an' Mister Michael Wiener Savage who wrote the book you cain't read. I say,

"Liberalism is a mental recession."



That ain't clear enough for you? Too undercomrehensible for yo' head?

Okay. Put it this way:

Liberalism is a mental recession.

And you in one.


Michelle does not like the phrase "White House". You would have Blacks in the White House and that might hurt the O-man in the general election. So she prefers the phrase "Presidents House". What could be worse than that? Something like "Niger Home"?


Not going into a recession would be great news. But just looking at the numbers does not mean things are great. That 0.6% growth should be looked at in context, offsetting such factors as inflation.

Don't start celebrating. The Bushies have left this country in shambles.


As for the recession, the GNP does not differentiate one type of economic activity from another. Growth in our current economy is linked to sales of big ticket items to countries like China. This activity is counterproductive to domestic growth within the country that supports domestic development. Basically it is feeding the Chinese machine. Is there innovation in this? Possibly. One company had to spend time figuring out how to package the machine they usually vend for the slow boat to China. It is unhealthy for our economy to depend so highly on foreign trade.

Everyday that this occurs our domestic economic growth is being usurped.


Why does America want to work so hard to develop the military machine in China?
We have blamed our industry for protracting war to support chemical factories etc.

In China, the industry is practically militarized. The whole enterprise is to buildup up the military. Is this not like what Hilter did, prior to WW2?


FROM GRINGOBRO (courtesy Gringo Advisory Board)

We in a recession? Monica one a my only favorite 'Publicans, but what do I know? Recession?

I tell you what I do know:

We in a inflation. You buy a bag a potato chips lately?

VOTE my man Barry. You know what I sayin'?

My man gringoman ain't so hot for Obama, or to owe ourself to Chinee either, but he don't know everything, do he?

Still, even gringoman know we in a inflation.

Escaping Politically Correct



Man, I can unnerstan' white folks worry 'bout the Chinee. One a my best friends is white. I get along wit gringoman too, who innerduce me to this site of the fine Monica Crowley.

Why we need to owe ourself to the Chinee? Why the Chinee have to make everthing an' we just take it? Why we need to sell our secrets to the Chinee? Why we have to teach the Chinee how to beat us? Why everbody give they money to the Chinee an' not to us anymo'? Why Wall Street leavin' the NY Wall an' goin' to the Great Wall of the Chinee? What the Chinee got that we ain't got no mo'?

Hey, I ain't down on the Chinee. I like my chop suey an' chicken chow an' egg fool yong.

But who wanna open up a fortune cookie that say, 'USA, GAME OVER'?



If people still speak in ebonics like that, Gringoman, perhaps it's because of the failed educational policies of conservative administrations. And the problem will, of course, continue with No Child Left Behind. So keep making fun of it, Gringoman. It's just mocking the failures of conservatism. Power to Ayn Rand, right? (I bet you have a dog-eared copy of "Atlas Shrugged" right next to you, but you ain't no John Galt, my friend.)


Fred, why don't you learn to embrace your socialism and Gringobro's ebonics too?


Why don't you get down with your bad self?

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