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April 02, 2008


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And McCain just got pinged by CNN for not knowing that the medical community no longer believes that preservatives in vaccines cause autism.

Hillary wants to become "commander-in-chief of the economy" and is running an ad suggesting that the White House receives calls at 3 am about economic emergencies for her to solve.

And Obama is consulting with psuedo-scientist Gore on the weather while promising to "redo NAFTA".

If I were McCain, I would say:
- I am not running for surgeon general and I don't read The Lancet.
- Hillary is right: I would let that phone ring because only in the Soviet Union would the head of state tinker with every economic issue. Not in America.
- Obama has answered "yes" to every question on who would comprise his cabinet or advisors and so far he has pending offers to Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Al Gore.

Now that's change you can believe in.


Some guy who was filling in for Savage quoted Norman Thomas, a famous socialist. Our presidential candidates will bring us closer to the day Thomas describes, if we are not already there.

Norman Thomas quotes:
"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."


More news about the "experience" of Hillary Rodham. She was fired by Mr Jerry Zeifman, who was her boss when she was working for the committee investigating President Nixon for Watergate. He fired her because she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer who conspired to violate the Constitution as well as the rules of the House and of that committee. She also took legal files that didn't support the case that she was trying to make and tried to hide them. It seems that she hasn't changed a bit since then.


Hey Monica,

Does quoting the Bible, "jawbone of an ---" now get you spam-filtered out of here like it just got me?



Democratic hissy fits aside, the Teresa-Michelle Hussy Show aside, Turnerian warnings that we're getting hot enough to become cannibals aside,.. the gringomanic Science Squad has found that it all boils down to a classic dilemna of physics.


(Your visiting proggies are invited to answer, even those products of Teacher Union public schools.)

As for Johhny Boy, Bible Man Dr. Dobson says, in effect, that what McCain is doing to unite Republicans and conservatives is not worth the jawbone of an a-- (thank you, spam filter, you prig)

Millions listen to Dr. Dobson. Apparently Johnny is one of them, as he now declares his readiness to sit down and, uh, chat with a man who knows his Pentateuch.

Problemo: How does JM placate the wrath of the Righteous, including those funny "nativists" who actually believe in US borders and sovereignty? That is, how does Johnny Boy pull this off convincingly while holding on, Monica, to your Council of Foreign Relations and those who drink their cappuccino with a jigger of independence?



Two things are true about Ted, Monica: He does not court public opinion, and he knows a good-looking lady when he sees one.

True, talk about cannibals and global-warming does not get good ear-play. However, I believe Ted, was just trying to show Jane how crazy the public thinks her ideas actually are, hence the interview on April 1.

Global population will have dire consequences. We probably have no more than about 1 or 2 generations to act. Most economists have myopic views about these things and do not address population problems and material shortages. Perhaps Monica could put Dr Stiglitz on her show. He is plugging a book right now but is a well-recognized economist. He can address this as well as Bear-Stearns, and the need for some regulation of the Fed.


Gringoman :

People are typing things like "morthar forker", which I would usually never do, but this is the way for people to get around correctness and those who would inhibit free speaking. This deliberate variational process actually aids in the diversification of language.

To avoid arse, people in the US created the word you wanted to use. In a Shakespearian play performance, 1785, the word "donkey" came into existence to solve the very problem you have. So much orsing around!



(OK. We no longer have to think that 'donkey' came into useage in order to keep a certain party from being called arses. Now that that's cleared up, back to the neo-Malthusian....)

Whose population are you talking about?

What does "global" mean? Everybody?

If it means "everybody," in a grand cookie cutter equality, then that signifies no significant distinctions in population explosion---a factoid easily disproven by real facts.

While India and China will easily surpass a billion each, Europeans are barely reproducting themselves. Italy, once a place of great big famiglias, is now below replacement levels. The Russians have lost many millions and have drastic life expectancy. Relative even to Europe they're dying out (hence Putin's big push for Russians to make whoopie and get bonuses for babies.)

Americans reproduce at a higher rate than Europeans, but certainly well below the fast breeder reactor of muslims who some believe will colonize Europe without firing a shot.

In a possible parallel to muslims in Europe, under the new North American Union the elites are working on overtime, Indios and mestizos from Latin America are likely to out-breed the white population that founded and built the USA, (including the blacks who, by the way, were slaves at one time). The whites, eventually, while subjected to the usual progressive racist rhetoric of how they "stole" the country they built, would be submerged, either by sheer numbers, or inter-breeding, or probably some combination. Of course, as we see all over Latin America,(yes,including Fidelista Cuba) elite whites would still, essentially, run the show, while the masses beat out the rhythms.

Is there a "population explosion?" Yes. Can you say that whites are part of that explosion? Or would you rather not say?

The poor almost always out-breed the most self-sufficient and productive, or "rich" as the socialists like to call them.

CNN's daily spectacle of the millions in misery and hunger and disease and bottomless corruption is almost always set in Africa and Asia, with the UN bureaucracy on hand and waiting for hand-outs from "the rich."

My point: Can you get a little more specific about what you mean by the "population explosion" and what the planet can sustain?


Looks like NObama '08 and Juan Mexicain will have to fight over the liberals while a large chunk of voters are ignored. Michelle Malkin updates us on what is happening in the rest of the Estados Unidos. Take a look at the map according to Absolut Vodka.


Here is Ralph Nader from an interview with Lou Dobbs.



Who would have thought it? In an election year when we have an unpopular war, an unpopular President, an economy on the verge of recession, and the Democrats with their best chance ever to take Congress and the White House, who would have thought the Right Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bosnia, and the upcoming Democratic Convention (aka: Food Fight) would sink the Democratic Party. It all started last year when the Demos in their crazy wisdom decided to take Florida and Michigan out of the equation at the convention, ok, fire off two rounds into the foot. They elect Howard Dean to run the Party (another round in the foot). They elect Harry Reid and Nancy Peloser to run Congress (6 more rounds into the foot). They let the "super delegates" decide the nominee (4 more rounds into the foot).

I've never looked forwarded to a Democratic Convention like this one coming up. This could be even better than Three Stooges reruns.


I watched the video, and that guy who was pursuing Obama for a photo was damned annoying. The theory was that he needed the photo to authenticate an Obama autograph that he intended to sell on ebay. Even if the ebay thing isn't true, he was still annoying and I can understand why Obama said he was wearing him out.

Allah Schmallah

M/M Your comment re. Norman Thomas and the creeping acceptance of Socialism via liberalism is SPOT-ON.

It's he salami tactic. They cut off one slice at a time hill they have the entire thing.

islam works in exactly the same manner.

That's why socialists feel such affinity with islam.

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