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March 07, 2008



The person I don't want answering the phone is the present incompetent occupant.

I would feel comfortable with any of the candidates (Obama, Clinton, McCain) picking up the phone. They are all more competent than Bush.

Allah Schmallah

I'd like to see Rudy Giuliani pick up that phone.


I'd like to see you pick up a woman, Allah Salmonella. I bet you never have.

J. Pierpont Finch

The number they have reached has been disconnected!


The answer is self-evident to most people: John McCain. Some people are still pulling for Ron Paul but what can I say. As for Hillary's 35 years of experience, her time as First Lady of Arkansas doesn't do anything for me. Obama has no experience, period. For all my reservations about McCain I will certainly vote for the good of the country and cast my vote for him.


I have heard that when Canadian David Thomson calls Monica at 3am she answers, and she has been in a good mood.

Allah Schmallah

From the liEberal playbook.. just like Hitlery the Satan herself.. when you are on the losing side of an argument because the FACTS are stupid things and simpply don't support your views.. then you resort to smearing and name-calling in all manner of ways.

N'est-ce pas, mon ami Special K?

By the way the liEberlas and the Marxists have learned their rhetorical and other tactical tricks from the Mohamedans.

They first say you didn't read the KKKoran. Then when you counter with direct quotes FROM the Book of Satan - namely the KKKoran - they say oh you don't understand it.. or .. you have to read it in Arabic to REALLY understand it.

If none of this works they start yelling and getting agitated. Then they claim you are a "racist" - since they know the "racist" ground has been tilled for years by the likes of Jesse Jackssson and Special K here.

They use whatever works to further their aims.

They are assiduous students of Nicolo Macchiavelli.

Allah Schmallah

Learn to analyze Special K's rhetorical techniques. Low on facts and therefore bereft of substance.

When he starts with the persoanl attacks you know to keep going because you're porobing in the sensitive areas and this is the only form of reistance he has since he cannot accept the truth.

I have a feeling our friend "K" is an member of the "religion" of Peace®.

Allah Schmallah

Or maybe he's a "media matters" troll.


You are so onto me, Allah Salmonella. How come I can't fool you? I am indeed a Muslim employee of Media Matters!

BTW -- Are you sure you are getting under my skin, or am I the one getting under yours? As I recall, you were the one who called me "bitch".

Allah Schmallah

Can't get over that one, K? Oooohh..

Let's stick to the facts. Fact is that you are on this list a lot. Then you say you are on Jihadwatch. Or are you even googling me?

[Why don't you troll it up there a little bit and see what happens?]

It stands to reason that you might be going on other boards as well..

And you distract from the issues..

On the other hand, people like you ARE the issue. islam would be no problem at all if it were not for its liEberal self-hating enablers.

So it matters very little whether or not u r an islamo-fascist or whether you are a garden variety liEberal.

The effect is the same. The hollowing-out of our Freedoms by the constant cajoling and bullying.

Your favorite trick is to label someone you don't like a "racist" thinking that will cow them.

But even I am aware of Marxist rhetoric tricks.

It's a new day..

Allah Schmallah

Since "K" is always telling others to answer to him whther they are "racists" or "conbservatives" and he likes to define others which we have seen him do many times on this board I will now turn the tables and ask YOU, Fred K:

1. Are you a moslem.


2. If you are NOT a moslem then *please* explain to me why you [I am asking you as a representative of all liberals here] love mohamedanism so much.

Why is it fine to make special accomodations for the public religious practices of moslems in secular countries?

Do you agree with how moslem countries treat other organized faiths?

How do you feel about moslems murdering people for making a movie, ie. Theo van Gogh?

How do you feel about moslems interfering with Freedom of Speeck adn of expression at any given moment?

How do you feel about the "palestinians" who celebrated in New Jersey and other locations inside the USA the day of 9/11?

How do you feel about them openly celebrating the murders of the unarmed religious students in East Jerusalem yesterday?

Do you think these are people whom we should allow to settle inside the USA and other Western countries and if so - WHY?

Do you think that these people are of benefit to the Western countries who are admitting them?

I really would like to know.. what are your answers.. I hope to find a feminist soon so I can ask her a few pointed questions on islam as well.

Jack Flynn

They are taking pokes at us because they know our forces are drained in Iraq and they think they detect an odor of weakness about us. Like famished vultures, they are waiting to exploit our vulnerabilities. Old enemies and former friends testing us and we are unable to deal with it in hardly any way at all.

Our forces are in the wrong place. They should be patrolling and protecting our cities, waters, bridges, nuclear sites, electrical grids, dams, railways, train stations, bus stations sporting events and airways.

Our President is too weak minded to see the real problems and where we are most susceptible to attack.

Yes, we do need a strong Commander in Chief and John McCain would be it, except that he sees it the same way George Bush sees it. Those torturous, lonely years in a tiny cell, (not even worthy of the name, cell), beaten and tortured over and over again. That experience has made John Sidney McCain one of the most stubborn individuals on earth. If you think that George W. Bush was difficult to turn around, wait until you see the real John Sidney McCain. There is no earth moving vehicle on the planet that will move him. It will be more of the same—war, after war, after war—battle, after battle, after battle—death, after death, after death—our resources drained to the near empty mark.

It killed The Roman Empire.

It could kill us.

Jack Flynn

It has been said, that crazy people don't know that they are crazy. However, some crazy people know that they are crazy and they either enjoy it, or they are scared to death of it. Either way, they fight tenaciously. That is where John McCain gets his tenacity—from his craziness. Presently he is in a controlled life situation. He has all sorts of things and people restraining him—his wife, his friends, his backers. Then there are those frequent senior moments and that razor-like wire he has to walk to keep his political balance. About now he, can feel the excitement of personal power seeping into his bones, flesh and mind.

Give him the Presidency. Give him the legacy of unlimited power that GWB has willed to the Whitehouse, and he will be utterly unrestrained—ready to release his suppressed rage onto the world.

It would be his, and our, final scene.

No thanks John.

Allah Schmallah

Ah, here we go.. as soon as the liEberal establishment get their Republican-of-Choice MexiCain here come the troops from under their rocks.. in full attack mode..

As for someone living out their anger while fully vested in the power of the White House.. both the Big Empty [his wife in particular] and Hitlery are far more frightening that Juan MexiCane in that regard.

All three of them are useless on border safety. And yes, that includes the one to the north.

J. Pierpont Finch


- A Palestinian gunman burst into a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem and shot eight teenage students to death.

- Venezuela has massed thousands of troops on its border with Colombia, threatening invasion and war.

- Vladimir Putin is stepping down from the Russian presidency but continues his strategic work of nailing the Soviet Union back together.

- Defense Secretary Robert Gates this week announced the Chinese have upped their defense spending by a whopping 18%---and that's just the 18% the Chinese have chosen to reveal to us.

- OPEC refused President Bush's request to increase oil production to help bring down the $106 per barrel cost.


- McCain's temper flared at a NY Times reporter.

- Speculation on the impact of the tight Democrat Party candidate deligate count.

- Was Hillary unfairly treated in the press.

- Did Obama have a bad week.

- What came out of Obama's wife's big mouth.

- yada yada yada bull sh*t!



Tom TB

I checked out a copy of Eddie Murphy's movie "The Distinguished Gentleman", and it's true; his charactor's acceptance speech has all the empty platitudes that Barack Obama spews anytime he can find a stage and an audience. Barack's next book should be "How to Run for Public Office without ever having really Accomplished Anything!"


I am back 2.0


Response to Matt Taibbi's article McCain Resurrected.


Concerning Matt Taibbi's attack on Rush, Sean and Ann, talk radio does seem to have a little bit of influence in this election as Rush proved last week.


Oh, and not all women like "The View", as Michelle Malkin points out when discussing that flopped feminist radio show.


What are women listening to? Well, according to Carrie Lukas in the NYPost:

"Although Ness may not want to hear it, Limbaugh and conservative talk radio apparently is programming for women."



This is from Imus Truth, women are listening to Imus also I don't think his old employers realized the femine demographic Imus was enjoying. This blog is about Imus getting picked up in Atlanta radio station, following being back on the air in D.C.

Now if they would just highlight Bernard McGuirk and Lou Rufino during the program more Imus get's his groove back:) I wonder if we won't see more of them when they go up to Boston for St Paddy's Day. Which I always look forward to...Oh to be young full of green beer and of Irish descent on a cool day in Boston in the middle of March GRIN. Another installment of Kiss me I'm Imus.




Newsweek is making up (a very little) for the despicable way they treated Don Imus and El Bernardo del Bronx by publishing an article Monica wrote about Satan next week. Sure hope we hear El Bernardo do another Cardinal Egan while in Boston. Jack and "Special K" should check out Imus Truth, it is there type of site. I still haven't recovered from my last experience over there. Have you heard from Karen or is she really Rob Bartlett?


Monica's pick for Hillary's new campaign song:


Monica's pick for Hillary's victory song:


Hannity's pick for her First Lady's theme song:



Allah Seborrhea--

How about asking me one question at a time. This isn't a freaking interview. Get a grip.

Allah Schmallah

Ah.. the liEberal dodge and weave again, "Special" K. Personal attacks in lieu of substantive answers. Ok. let me ask you ONE question then.. as the liEberal you are.. do you really believe that islam is a "religion of peace"?

And no equivocations and tu quoques please.. I know the tactics all too well.

Getting you liEerals to talk straight is like pulling teeth on a vampire.

Please have a go at the question. It is only ONE since that's all your attention span will allow. More likely you haven't any answers for what I posted above.


Oh, Allah, I wasn't dodging. You were hitting me with too many questions at once.

I don't think that any religion is a "religion of peace". I think all the religions that developed in the Middle East encourage the worst traits of mankind. That's why I personally have rejected all of them.


It is amazing what one person can do. Everyone is taking about Bjork! She has exposed a weakness in China : almost all the people there do not have a clue about what is going on! They just keep going back and forth to work.

Allah Schmallah

Fred K - Thank you for answering. I did ask you to answer without equivocation and tu-quoque-isms.

Since you did equivocate and put the "other Middle Eastern" religions in the pot with islam let me ask you the following:

Do you honestly believe that Judaism and Christianity are both equally violence-prone as islam?

I am specifically referring to the Present in this question. Not what went on hundreds of years ago.

Allah Schmallah

So you rejected the three religions that originated in the Middle East.. because they encourage the worst in human traits..

I have to wonder.. why would you then choose LiEberalism as a replacement?

Do you not see that liEberalism is nothing but an ersatz religion?

One which encourages those very traits you condemn in the religions of "middle eastern origin"..

I can elaborate on that in point-by-point specifics if you like.


You don't have to criticize every single answer I give, friend, especially when I'm giving you straight answers.

As violent as Muslim terrorism has been, we, a Christian country, responded with the destruction of Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11. So Christianity should not be proud of its supposed non-violence. Yes, the Judeo-Christian tradition is as prone to violence as Islam. Listen to how supposedly religious people justify waterboarding, as if it's something wonderful.

No, liberalism is a political way of thinking. Not a religion. And I did not choose it as a "replacement" for religion. I prefer no religion at all for me. Don't elaborate, as you offer. I'm not really interested in your theories/explanations. In fact, as interested as you are getting in me, I'm getting equivalently bored about you.

I'm not evading your question; I just don't have all the time in the world to deal with your questions. If you need me to refine my answer, tell me, without all the drama.

Allah Schmallah

Your answer is plenty "refined". A textbook example of liberal tu-quoque and equivocation. Just like your last post.

I want the others here to see how liberals argue and the tricks they use - even when you do it reflexively.

And then your little waterboarding dig.. as if waterboarding is as bad as cutting off people's heads with rusty knives while yelling "alla snackbar" and then posting the video on Jihadtube. That's a classic case of equivocation.

Thank you for helping me illustrate my points re. liberal "thought".

Same point can be made re. your Iraq dig. We can debate whether the war benefits the US or not, but it certainly was not started in the interest of spreading Chistianity and Judaism.
Thank you though for implicitly conceding that we are of a Judeo-Christian Heritage.

Like all Societies we should have the right to keep and maintain those traditions and the Heritage from which they spring.

Which means we have ample reason to exclude islam from these shores.

It's just a real bad fit.

I am sure you agree that taxi drivers in Milwaukee have no right to refuse to carry passengers who have purchased liquor at the airport. Nor should they refuse rides to the blind and their guide dogs.. or do you diagree?

They feel free to refuse people rides on grounds that it violates "their" religion.

Well I say their "religion" violates OUR LAWS!

I am DONE with them.

Allah Schmallah


"She has exposed a weakness in China : almost all the people there do not have a clue about what is going on! They just keep going back and forth to work."


Now THERE's a racist stereotype perpetrated by a liEberal. Keep dishing, folks. My return is unhittable for you mere mortal liEberals. As K found out I have a pretty good serve as well.

He's claiming boredom and "lack of time" now that he can see the endgame.


I concede that we are of Judeo-Christian heritage? That's a concession? Isn't it just self-evident? I don't see how that means we can "exclude Islam from our shores". The Muslims I know, including the guy who runs the newsstand in front of my building and who sells me Twix bars, are law-abiding citizens. They have as much right to be here as anyone else who is here legally, even if you don't like their religion.

I'm not trying to use any "liberal tricks" here, friend. I'm actually answering you, which is what I thought you wanted. And I'm doing it despite not having all the time in the world to write tomes in response, which is why I said give me a question at a time, not treat it like some kind of deposition.

Truther is a liberal? That's news to me.

As for the Iraq war . . . let's not forget that our esteemed leader referred to our recent foreign adventures as a "crusade". Pretty scary.

Another thing about our esteemed leader. I remember how he giggled when he talked about how people were executed in Texas. Also pretty scary. Maybe even as scary as rogues executing people as you described.

Is it possible to have some kind of conversation with you without you resorting to responding about how I'm using liberal tactics or tricks? It's getting really absurd, and that's why you are starting to bore me. It's not like a real discussion, just the typical garbage that goes on on this blog.

Can you have a real conversation, friend?

Jack Flynn

My guess is if Ali Baba Salmonella were waterboarded, he'd be begging them to cut his head off inside of a minute.


I think most human beings could not handle waterboarding. I can't even stand the idea of it. The torture scenes, involving water, in "Four Days in September" (1997) were horrific.

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