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March 26, 2008



It's a little too soon to conclude whether any of this means anything about who is going to win. Granted, at this point I do think that McCain will win, but, at this time in 2000, Bush seemed like such an idiot that it appeared that Gore would be a shoo-in.


This run of candidates reminds me of the actors in the 2001 movie "Off Key", a spoof on the Three Tenors.

You have Candidate Number One, a Joe Mantegna-like morose pseudo-intellectual with the heart of a racketeer.

You have Candidate Number Two, a George Hamilton-like character, all smiles and perfect complexion, the consummate game show host.

Then you have Candidate Number Three, a regular Danny Aiello, a puffy pugilist, weary and yet clinging to an inner code of honor.

There you have it, the Three Senators!


It could be worse. Imagine if George W. Bush could run for another term.

J. Pierpont Finch


22% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out;

22% Say Obama Should Withdraw


Allah Schmallah

Not-so-Special K.. WHY oh WHY do you spend all your time haning around here disrespecting the hostess of the blog and her guests?

Get over your Bush Derangement Syndrome already.

It's laughable because who cares?

I thought Bush vs. Gore was the WORST ever options and things would never EVER get any worse.

And now they have.

I for one prefer even Bush over any of these left-over three candidates.

And that is saying a lot.

Bush isn't as stupid as the left keeps saying.

He's just corrupt and a crook. That's all.

But then so were the Clintons and they're possibly about to be back in office.


Michael Avari --

Allah S.'s post above is an example of why I have difficulty maintaining decorum on this blog. Instead of making some kind of point, this person begins by attacking me. Do you see my dilemma, Michael?

Allah Schmallah

K is like Hitlery - extremely thin-skinned yet highly vitriolic himself.

And you do attack Monica and behave like a rogue on this blog.

So shove it K.

Back to DailyKooks..

Account Deleted


Independent of poll numbers, which are only entertaining at this early stage, most interesting is McCain's speech yesterday on the mortgage crisis. Quite aside from the one-liner we heard on the news, a close read of the text exposes a six-point treatise of classical free market economics. This is most encouraging because it dispels any doubt about McCain's philosphical predilections. At least, unlike anyone in the current administration or the Fed, McCain can articulate lucidly a capitalist's creed. It is a beautiful piece, perhaps not because of the form, but certainly because of the substance.


Account Deleted

Mr. Schmallah,

Fred has a point. Would you say these things in Ms. Crowley's, or anyone's, living room? On TV? (even absent an FCC?!)

Effective debate is respectful debate.

Fred - no matter what, stay on the high road, brother!



Michael --

I have attempted to do so in the past, but it's not easy.

Allah Schmallah


Have you been reading someone else's posts?

Special K has been posting rude messages and sexual innuendo besides all of his illogical liEberal-spew.

So I really don't understand why you would want to talk to me.

Talk to the K.


Allah --

If what you are saying is true, why don't you try taking the high road, and perhaps I'll meet you there. Repeatedly saying 'it's not me, it's him', but continuing to spew bile at me is not going to help the situation.


Here is the problem, which also happens to be an admission by Allah Schmallah: "A man can be judged by his adversaries. I am proud to have reduced Fred the liEberal to name-calling."

Account Deleted

I have. Please look at my comments on other Monica posts, in which I called him out--politely, I hope--on comments of that sort.

My view on this or any blog is that we are here as guests. The anonymity of the Internet or of using pseudonyms should not exonerate us from basic courtesies and civilities. This is not directed at you or anyone in particular, just my personal belief. I use my real name because there is nothing I say here I could not defend in open forum.

I think everyone on this site has interesting views. The ad hominems just get in the way.


Allah Schmallah

Well, Freddie.. have I *NOT*?!



You've made my point for me, Allah S. You are proud that you have lowered the level of discourse here. You are one of the problems.


Men are blaming their divorces on Hillary's candidacy.


What men?


In this case, Robin Williams, but there are probably thousands of others.


robin said there was no talking with her : she was totally irrational.


I don't know where Robin Williams said this (do you have a link?), but let's not forget that we are talking about Robin Williams, the improvising genius whose comedy is like a stream of consciousness that he makes up as he goes along. I've rarely seen him speak seriously (he did so for a few minutes on the "Actor's Workshop' series), so I find it hard to believe that he would have said this seriously.

I'm sure there are not "thousands" of men blaming their divorces on Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Are you just having some fun when you suggest this?


Chelsea is a chip off the old block! Did you see/hear her reponse to Evan Strange (nice name) question about how Hillary handled the Lewinski situation? Like a true beeee- aaaaatttccccchhhhhh.


I thought her response was appropriate, but thank you for using a misogynistic term, Phil.

Allah Schmallah

K-Fred, check the PC at the door please. This is a non-PC forum.

Thank God!

Get used to it or say good bye.

PS. truther.. I had no idea you can be so funny. LOL


I hope I never "get used to" the use of the word "bitch" when someone disagrees with a woman. Not liking that word is not "PC"; it's civility.

Now that we have a voice of reason on this blog (Michael Avari), I'm trying to restrain myself.

Allah Schmallah

I have a straitjacket for ya if ya can't restrain yerself.. I know that sort of thing is hard foir you liEberals.

You should watch the FITNA Movie by the Great European Patriot Geert Wilders if you're looking for a voice of Reason in a Sea of Insanity [PC].

Moslems will be rioting again soon. Do they ever NOT riot?


Allah S. --

Not all conservatives act like you. Look at Michael and M/M. How about learning from them?

Allah Schmallah

They were discussing this on n.ational p.alestinian r.adio this morning. Apparently npr is DNC Central. All they ever discuss is the liEberal Agenda.

I am sick of my taxes going to fund a commercial-free liEberal propaganda outlet. They have Air America and we all know how that is going. So instead they get a station handed to them funded by everyone's money. Not only theirs.

How about some Fairness Doctrine for "n"pr?

Allah Schmallah

K-Fred, wstop patronizing me and stick with ths issues. Watch the FITNA movie so you can watch and LEARN about the islamist threat.

Unless you want to keep singing kumbaya islam is the Religion or Peace until they string you up and hang you in Giants Satdium.

Oh no.. *that* could NEVER happen *here*.. keep dreaming... liEberal illusions are more important than having to deal with reality and how others perceive of you. Does the word INFIDEL or KUFR RING A BELL??!!

I am your adversary in words only. I want this country and the West to survive in FREEDOM. Which is exactly why I don't want islam spreading its filth over here.

WAKE UP you liberals!! You're dead-set on dragging us all down with you! Forgive the pun.


You must not listen to NPR very often. (I usually only listen to it on long trips when I'm alone.) Its programming is not all political. "Wait Wait . . . Don't Tell Me" is a hysterical and informative game show. It also broadcasts classical music programs that don't promote leftwing ideas, unless you find classical music too PC.

There are worse things than Islam, Allah S., like closedmindedness in general. But who do we know around here that's closedminded? Hmm.


Here's an article about the film Allah S. says that I must see: http://www.abcnews.go.com/Blotter/story?id=4544952&page=1


Sounds like much ado about nothing: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1726155,00.html

Allah Schmallah

Sorry to step out of the queue here.. if the Serbs were "snipping" [which we all know they weren't] they'd have had every right to!

I just cannot believe how we are selling out one of our staunchest allies ever - all the while needlessly aggravating Russia.

And you think we can win "the war on terror" by systematically alienating Russia and China - both of whom are natural allies in this struggle for our very Survival?!

The Neo-Cons are FAR WORSE than even Dhimmi Carter ever was.

Where Carter was simply a dumb and deluded liberal.. these Neo-Cons KNOW what the deal is and yet they continue to PLAY WITH FIRE!


There are Prinicples that are higher than money and power.

None of these being higher than FREEDOM!!

Lieberals just do NOT get it.

The Neo-Cons [who aqre ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE] are simply playing va-banque with the fate of Mankind.

Excuse me while I run to the bathroom. I have the heaves just about right now.

Allah Schmallah

You see Fred.. I am not really your enemy.. I am trying to save you and your kind from yoursleves and your Grand Delusions..

Yes, it would be nice to sing John Lennon songs and Kumbaya..

Only the time for that hasn't exactly arrived yet.

Unfortunately for us all.. yes, Fred, I do not want any more wars either.. that lofty goal still eludes as as long as there are those who would use those very dreams and goals against us in furtherance of their fascist and imperialist aims.

It should be abundantly clear by now that i am anything but a supporter of the abominable GWB...

The unscrupulous money-men in our very Society are playing with fire indeed and I deeply resent them for taking the well-being of us all into their hands for the sake of more money and their godless power dreams.


Allah S. -- You are my enemy. I love John Lennon, but never sang Kumbaya.

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