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March 14, 2008


J. Pierpont Finch

With neither of the two "leading" democrat candidates having enough deligate votes to get the nomination on the first ballot, the party is facing two terrible choices. (1) Nominate an inexperienced woman with baggage even the Queen Mary doesn't have enough storage capacity to carry and face the loss of votes from a resentful black community, or, (2) Nominate a totally inexperienced mixed black male who two years ago was in the Illinois State Senate, whose church paster for the past 20 years is a tranparent isolationist appeasing America-hating racist biggot, who spent significant time in a Muslim madrassa a a youth to some unknown impact on his views, whose friend and support (The "Reverand" Farrikan) is a racist antisemite, and whose positions on the issues of our time seem to reflect these influennces (Withdraw from our world leadership role because we're bad, abrogate our trade agreements and become isolationist as we did in the 1930's with horrible consequence). BTW, I thought it was illegal for a Church paster to preach politics from the pulpit - WHERE IS THE IRS ON INVESTIGATING THIS CHURCH's EXEMPTION FROM PAYING INCOME TAX????

Having now had their two current leading candidates pander to their far left supporters, the democrat party would best now nominate neither Hillary or Obama. They have the best chance of uniting the party and winning by nominating a centrist democrat. IF THEY DON'T, I SEE A TOTAL CRACK UP COMING with voters for the candidate not nominated staying home in anger, or even voting for McCain.

Just my humble opinion!


Careful, Monica. The next political sex scandal may involve a Republican (a la Larry Craig), so don't get too cocky.

Finch -- Constant repetition of lies does not make them true. Fox News jumped on that madrassah story, and it had to eat crow. The school Obama attended was not a Muslim school. From www.realchange.org/obama.htm:

"Fox News ran a story claiming that Obama had been educated in a madrassa school in Indonesia. If you're not familiar with that term, it's a type of fundamentalist Muslim school, often funded by the extremist Wahabi sect of Islam (with Saudi money) and often very anti-American.

There was only one problem with the story: it was completely false. Yes, Obama had gone to school in Indonesia as a kid; two schools in fact. One was Catholic, the other was a public school, with teachers and kids of various faiths.

The only scandal here is that Fox News ran the story with no facts or reporting backing it up. They simply repeated a story from a highly partisan website, with no effort to check out the school. It's there, still open, and easily visited. Reporters who did so found out that the story was false in minutes."

Farrakhan said he supported Obama, but where did you get that they were friends? Did you just make that up, like Fox News makes up its stories?

I know it's hard, Finch, but please try not to be a total idiot.


I sing a song of praise for Nostramonica and her enlightened intuitive friends; truly a formidable force.

Finch has a point : there is a weakness in US leadership, and insufficient unity to gain sensible control. If we cannot control our government, how can we control the world? Though seemingly peerless, we are entirely overreaching, and in danger of imploding.

J. Pierpont Finch

Obama and the Minister

J. Pierpont Finch

Hey Fredk:



If it makes you comfortable that our next president's views may have been shaped by his 20-year relationship with this dispicable creature, then YOU ARE THE HOPELESS FOOL!

J. Pierpont Finch

3/14/08: Conveniently, after 20 years of church membership, Obama 'denounces' pastor's statements. Anti-American rhetoric 'pained and angered me,'
senator insists he never heard such talk in person


J. Pierpont Finch

3/14/08: Obama's minister: America made AIDS to wipe out blacks. Candidate's spiritual mentor, role model charged U.S. is 'No. 1 killer in the world'


J. Pierpont Finch

3/14/08: Senator Obama's Foreign Policy Judgment


Tom TB

The would be leader has been exposed as a follower. I'm sure the Obama's can take the good Reverend Wright back to Mother Africa, but Barack's American tour is over!


I don't get it. Is Obama is still getting a pass, or are we Republicans, and our so-called conservative pundits stupid? A Republican does something next to nothing, and they are forced to resign. Democrats do something overt, that gives us true insight into who they are and we tell them how to resolve it! There is no way Obama can walk away from his relationship with the un-reverend Wright. So why are we giving standards on what he has to do? We are simply setting benchmarks, and lowering standards for bad behavior which those that really have no standards can live up to. BUT not us. We set our own standards higher. Good way to lose the war folks. They need to live up to our standards. We also have many pundits, including our own, saying that even though Obama says he will immediately withdraw from Iraq, he’ll find out when he is in office that he really can’t. We have him telling Canada that his promise to withdraw from NAFTA is merely expedient rhetoric for the campaign! This guy is telling us exactly who he is. Why don’t people believe him? Are we being cowed by political correctness, or are we really stupid? As I said, I don’t get it. All of Obama’s actions tell us why he doesn’t where our flag on his lapel. Get with it.


Finally Barak is getting the vetting he has long deserved. If he becomes the nominee, I hope the election will come down to one word "judgement". If it does, BO & the dems /libs could be in for the biggest landslide defeat since 68 or even Mondale-Ferro. Below are examples of Baraks judgements
1. Pastor Wright
2. Friendship with a known terrorist, Mr. Ayers
3. Political influence for sale--friendship with Mr. Rezko
4. His state senate votes on tough issues--of present.
5. His US Senate Votes--where he voted the liberal way at first reord, then goes back and claims to have made a mistake and asks to have his vote changed--six times.
6. Originally his claims on US positions in the middle east, looked like they may draw people to him. When people have to decide the anti-semite claims of Pastor Wright/ Farakahan and now see one bin Laden's closest leaders saying they should abandon Iraq and their strategy of killing civilians failed---they will side with McCain.

Put these 6 points together and we are talking landslide. BO would be lucky to even carry his adopted home state of Ill(REZKO-land)and Mass. The Repubs may even turn CA and NY red.Let at least hope so. If these events cost him the nomination, JMcC will make mincemeat of HRC.


Finch --

You conveniently neglect to respond to my response to your repetition of the Fox News idiocy.

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