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March 17, 2008



I would agree with you, except when these men engage in illicit sex acts, it exposes them to blackmail, which can hurt us in many ways, including finances and security.


Rupert Murdock was just going to offer Monica a job... I guess she would not be interested.


We don't know enough about Monica's sex life. How about it, Monica?

Allah Schmallah

As soon as I leave for a couple of says we see Fred SPECIAL "K" starting his misplaced sexual innuendos all over again.

CUT THE CRäP, punk!




Monica, we actually have two worlds to compare here. Back in the days of John F. Kennedy the liberal press swept the sex scandals under the rug and protected the politicians (especially the Democratic politicians) from the consequences of their sexual immorality. Now in the current partisan atmosphere the liberal press is more than willing to expose Republican politicians and the cables/blogs/talk radio are more than willing to expose the Democratic politicians. It's now used as a partisan weapon in the war of politics, and the moral issues are virtually ignored. That's the one thing that hasn't changed since the days of JFK, the moral consequences of his acts were ignored then, and they are ignored now. Back then it was ignored in an attempt to protect the politicians, now it is ignored because nobody cares anyway, the only thing they care about is who has the political edge.

Tom TB

What a racket being an elected official can be! You get to raise your own pay at the public expense, party hearty with the gender of your choice, then take your booty back to your home state, and tell your constituents that you "want to spend more time with your family"!


I don't think it was considered appropriate to report on our leaders' sexual activities when JFK was president. It wasn't about whether the reporters were liberal or conservative. (The WSJ existed between 1960 and 1963.)

Today, it's not about whether the subjects of sex scandals are Democrats or Republicans. If there is blood in the water, all the media smell it, they all become hungry, and just go for it. Clinton, McGreevey, Craig, and Spitzer . . . none got favorable treatment from any media outlet.

Allah Schmallah

The liEberals never learn.. Fred the K still continues his sexual innuendos..

If only we could divide up all the Western countries between those who want to be liEberals and take their clients, the moslems and the ILLEGAL 'immigrants' with them...

They could also keep paying UN-jizyah and foreign aid without givebacks.. They can use their own money for the 'palestinians', iaslamic jihad, hamas, fatah etc..

They can have Juan MexiCAIRn for all I CAIR..


Point out one sexual innuendo in my 3/18/08, 8:45 a.m post, Allah Seborrhea. You say that I 'continue' the innuendos, so where do I do that in that post?

Allah Schmallah

We don't know enough about Monica's sex life. How about it, Monica?

Posted by: FredK2929 | March 17, 2008 at 03:59 PM


Yeah, I KNOW that's not your post from 8:45 AM, k. So what? That's like Oprahbama saying well, the 'reverend' Wrong didn't say anything racist on Day XY or Z when he knows full well how much bile the man spewed on ALL THE OTHER DAYS!

Hey, on a lighter note.. looks like your girl Hitlery will be making a comeback after all...

I can't wait to see the reaction in Najistan when she descends off Air Force One.. the looks on their faces will be some small consolation... the silent seething under their headgear for having to respect a woman.. an AMERICAN woman.. yes, she hates the military, but she does have her finger on the button. That's how they well experience this.. A woman from America with her finger on the button coming by to say: HI!

And maybe.. just maybe she will GET IT once she sees the treatment of women under islam firsthand.. something her leftist feminazi sistren continually choose to ignore.


Exactly, Allah. You basically said that I was 'continuing' to use sexual innuendo, when the sexual comment I made was several posts above, and you had already responded to it.

That's like Republicans continuing to say Obama went to a Muslim school when Fox News had already been humiliated by their story being disproved in minutes.

You are really obsessed with Islam, dude. How do you treat Muslims in your daily life? Like I said, the guy who sells me Twix bars is a Muslim. Should I spit in his face?

Allah Schmallah

Yes, go spit in his face. What do I care? You want my guidance on how to deal with people in your daily life now?

I don't know the guy. All I know is that i avoid giving business to islam-owned places because there is no way of knowing where the money will go.

When I see them wearing an Arafart scarf then I am CERTAIN they send money to Hamas.

Yes, I AM obsessed with islam. Someone HAS to be. Like churchill was with nazism.

Good night, Quisling!


You avoid giving business to ANY Muslim-owned places because you assume that they are using the money for terrorism -- hence, you are PREJUDGING the owners.

So can you please finally admit that you are a bigot? It will really make it easier on everyone here if we can stop arguing about whether you are or are not, when you basically admit that you are.

Can you do that?

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