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March 14, 2008



Mr. Allah Schmallah,

(If you're out there.)

Don't know if this is material for Monica's TMG, but there are two questions I've been meaning to ask you, if I may, re Johnny Boy.

1. You mentioned McCain taking from Soros. Do you have anything there on Crazy George? Is there a url you can reccommend?

2. Election Day. The Dems are giving you "The Big Empty", as you tag him and/or The Two-headed Slickzilla, as I tag them, or it. The Pubs are giving you The Tortured RINO.

What do you?

J. Pierpont Finch

ANOTHER TURN OF THE SCREW: More demands from Islam

Brilliant! British commentator talking about Islam and Saudia Arabia's requests.

Turn on sound. Then click on this link:





Monica--I'd really like to see you take on that liberal shrill Elenor Cliff and put her in her place. Nobody would enjoy anything more than a good ol cat fight...besides you winning of course



After that, you too are welcome to answer the questions posed above to Allah Schmallah.

Allah Schmallah

Gringoman.. I have an answer for you. The login thingie messed me up and now I can#t paste it back in here.

Check out Michelle Malking among many others for info on Soros-MexiCaine.

I'll be damned if I vote in this election. SOMEONE has to hold MexiCAIRn‘s feet to the fire and get IRON-CLAD guarantees on a number of issues before many of us would even think of voting for this RINO.

The MSM sure pushed him down our throats.

I am thoroughly disgusted.

Maybe if he offered Giuliani Secretary of State and John Bolton Secretary of Defense we'd have somethinbg to talk about.

Allah Schmallah

(Let's see if it works now)


Here's a URL to a reliable source:


warning: Viewing this content can be stomach-turning.

It doesn't get more touchy-feely RINO than this.

I could PUKE.

As for question #2: I am sitting it out. Sorry, but let the liberals take FULL CREDIT for what's next.

I predict right here right now thwere will be worse terrorism than 9/11 and they will have made use of the open borders to do it.

Mark my words. And I am not a prophet. Though peace be upon Me. Or is that myself?

Like I said weeks back: Don't blame me. I didn't vote.

The MSM brought us MexiCain and now I am supposed to support the abomination?


Allah Schmallah --

Why do you bother? You are just a freaking a##hole.

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