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March 21, 2008



I'm so bummed out because I've been unable to watch the past couple of weeks, but I did look up the transcripts. I was very impressed with the discussion on the Spitzer fiasco; Monica, Pat and John made some great points.

Happy Easter everyone. If you miss tomorrow's show, here is the link:



People have wondered if Spitzer were corrupt all along. There is evidence that Spitzer was "Watergated", because he was speaking out about abuses at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currrency (OCC). Moves taken to prohibit states from regulating predatory lending banks taken by Congress and the Bush Administration, led to the mortage crisis according to Spitzer.

Gee, maybe some regulation of the banks, is really a good thing.


Poor Eliot Spitzer, having to suffer for truly gross hypocrisy and violating the laws this "Sheriff" was sworn to uphold? All because he stepped on the Great Greed? And got in Georgie Bush's way?

Poor Eliot. He knows so much about predatory banking, does he? Well, where was he when the Investment banks were de-regulated under Clinton, allowing them to make all kinds of stupid but greedy loans without the asset base that commercial banks must maintain? Where was he when Bubba's buddies on Wall Street (Goldman Sachs, anybody?) were making their killings like that, with obscene bonuses for (possibly) obscene execs?

Oh, and where was this Democratic "Prince" when lenders were ordered by Big Government to make loans to the irresponsible or border-line cases, and if they didn't they could be charged with "red-lining"?

Or would that be treading on his party's "clever" methods of managing its neo-plantation and shifting all the onus onto the so-called "rich" (code word for 'responsible')?


Sid Bernstein in Florida got it right, as he practically re-stated what I've been saying all year. Bernardo is under wraps. Imus himself has surrendered a testicle (his, not Bernard's.) Hate to say it, since I have gotten laughs out of Imus over the years.

Imus, sadly, is now a prisoner of the Satan-Tawana Sharpton-pc Police he supposedly triumphed over. He obviously sees this situation as necessary for his life on the air. His two now high profile blacks (through no fault of their own)in effect function as his minders. They can't help it. That's what they are there for, and everybody with a frontal lobe knows it. Poor millionaire Don Imus? You want to talk about loss of dignity and manhood? Where is the Viagra to restore that? Could even Bernard make a batch for him in his basement? Sad, my Dear. Soooooooo sad. THE Don Imus, and look at him now.

Unfortunately this case shows up Imus as a hick compared to real New Yorkers like Bernard McGurk and Curtis Sliwa who would never have kow-towed to such a low-life buffoon as Al Sharpton and his white progressive enablers, and would not be tamed even by "minders".

Bernard doing The Father is fine. He can have fun with the Irish all he likes. No sweat. That's not crossing the line the progressives have marked out for Don, who, like it or not, is Bernard's boss and paycheck. You want a real gauge of whether ol' Don dares to cross the line the white progs have marked out for him?

Wait for Bernardo to resume one of his really hilarious skits: The Mayor Dufus Nagin of "de Chocolate City" New Awleens. Can the "new" Don Imus handle that level of politically incorrect truth? At one time, you will recall, he could. Remember back then?

Hey, M/M, will you get back to me when you hear Imus (and his minders) listening to Bernardo doing Mayor Nagin again?

Uh, whenever that is. I think you know what I mean.


The U.S. death toll in Iraq has reached 4,000. http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/meast/03/24/iraq.main/index.html

Congratulations to all of you that supported the war.


In a letter in Sunday's New York Post, Elena Ruth Sassowner, Director for the Center for Judicial Accountability, mentions Spitzer's record as attorney general:

"As the Republican nominee, Faso failed to expose what the media had long known but not reported: Spitzer's record of corruption as attorney general - from the hoax of his "public integrity unit" to the modus operandi of litigation fraud to defeat citizen lawsuits challenging the very governmental corruption his unit was neither investigating nor prosecuting. "


Gringoman, Bernie is funny, bright and creative. I love hearing his opinions on politics and current events. Of course, these days, who needs comedians and writers, when our political leaders are doing such a great job making us laugh.

"Live from New York", here is the latest news on Governor Paterson




Gotcha, MM. Bernie's good. Have I ever said otherwise?

Now I still hope you'll let me know when Don's minders let Imus let Bernard return to his hilarious Mayor Nagin of New Awleens de Chocolate City.

ps The more noo-anced version should read.... when Imus FEELS that his minders will let him let Bernard do Mayor Nagin the way Bernard used to do Mayor Nagin.

It;s all about whether Don feels he now has permission from his overseers....Incidentally, for the observant, this is a very interesting glimpse into the psychology of today's neo-plantation politics---or sensitivity training, as the re-education camp proggies cleverly call it.


I haven't watched the McLaughlin Group for quite a while. I was quite taken with the tenacity of Monica. Wow - I almost decided to become a conservative again.
I'll have to keep watching now.

Allah Schmallah

Gringoman.. I am with you 100% on Imus.

And to think they got rid of Sliwa for this HICK BUM Imus!

Curtis put his life on the line for the City and the real people who live here.

He got shot at by Mafia goons. He rallied the Guardian Angels and still does.

I won't hold it against him that he's a Yakee fan. Noone can be perfect.

Besides, I am a forgiving soul.

Curtis knows what goes on not only in New York but also in America.

He calls it like it is. he does NOT kiss All "Slim Shady" sharpton's @ss.

UNLIKE Imus!!!!!

I deeply resent they put Imus into Curtis' slot. I now listen to N.ational p.palestinian r.adio just so i don't have to listen to Imus and the bad music he pushes on us.

I don't know Bernie. Put him with Curtis for all I care but PLEASE.. bring back Sliwa. GET RID OF Slimus!!!

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