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March 02, 2008



This is the alternative, unless Hillary doesn't tank who said Hillary was tanking...Hillary running her campaign on SNL..tank, tanking, tanked.



The more things stay the same, the more they change.


To paraphrase an ancient Roman saying, "The more things change, the more they remain same-old same-old." Of course, you will never convince today's progged-up socialists and their liberal gimme constituency. Far fewer than you could get into an entitlement office even know that the Grachhi Brothers (to name just one example) already said it all. (For the Teacher's Union and their public school grads of No Delinquent Left Behind, that was before 100 BC.)


If Bernard McGurk really has been un-cuffed, i.e. let out of his pc manacles---doing The Father would be one---but only one---sign of it, I stand corrected. I am still far from the streaming crowd and haven't heard Imus since January. Hey, look, M/M. if Don Imus has had a recent testicle implant---to make up for the one he surrendered to "Satan's" Reverend Tawana Sharpton over 6 months ago--- he is to be commended. The un-bowed American everywhere would cheer.

ps. Know how you really can convince me, M/M? Tell me that Bernard, despite his boss's two black "minders",is again doing his hilarious Dufus Nagin, Mayor of "the Chocolate City." That would impress me. (And to repeat, I do not disparage Don Imus's two black minders. I'm sure that Don laughs at their stuff even when it's funny. The Hillary/Sharpton blitz on Imus has redounded to their benefit. They simply fell into a lucrative gig for themselves and might not even understand the subtle game going on in which they function as stand-ins for White Prog who needs to protect his neo-plantation power base at all costs. As usual, the most interesting stuff goes on below the radar, thanks to the pc black-out.)


You have every right to support NAFTA, which Bill Clinton clearly helped ram through Congress back when it seemed almost dead. But for credibility, can you afford to go along with the Republicrats who are deliberately soft-pedaling on the massive and undeniable effect that NAFTA has had on our Broken Borders and tidal waves of illegalismo?

Ten years ago any realist knew that the ag provisions alone were going to uproot Mexico's campesino masses---mostly poor indios who now deliver pizzas etc in urban America--- from the land which always sustained them and drive them inevitably to El Norte. That is concrete and not pol pabulum about "the benefits of globalism."

Here's another point for you, cara mia. (There are loads more, but let's just focus for a moment.) If you are backing NAFTA, you must come out and explain why you support the NAFTA superhighway. This is the one that will expedite the delivery of China's coolie labor products (both poisonous and non-poisonous) which are great for business and Walmart while continuing the de-industrialization of the US, turning it into a country that no longer "makes"but only, like eliteniks, "thinks," while the masses who cannot make or think are to collect entitlement checks. Rome, without the gods and the grandeur.

Think about it, Monica. Take it beyond Jorge Bush's Harvard MBA model, and get back to us at your convenience.

Will you?


gringoman, it is widely known that Imus has 3 balls, so even if he surrendered one to Sharpton, he still has a full set.


French actress Marion Cotillard, who picked up an Oscar for best actress in Hollywood last week, has admitted to having doubts about the official version of the September 11 attacks in the US.
"I think we're lied to about a lot of things," she said during a television programme first broadcast last year which has resurfaced on the Internet.

The actress, who picked up the award for playing Edith Piaf in the French film "La Vie En Rose," cited the attacks on New York and Washington in 2001 as one example, adding: "I tend to believe in the conspiracy theory."
Where do these people come from? To win an Oscar you need to be just to the left of F. Castro.


Her political views are irrelevant. Only the quality of her performance is relevant. I have not seen her film so I can't speak to that.


I'm done trying to elevate the conversation.

Gringoman, mi amigo, in case you missed them http://imustimes.wordpress.com/ . Skip past the radio theater to hear Kinky Friedman sing. El hombre is muy caliente and single. (Kinky will be on the O'Reilly Factor this evening girls.)

My man is Kinky, but so is hers.



It was Griffin who put Imus down on the apology tour route. He insisted on the apology or Imus would be fired...oh and when Hillary Clinton, went after David Shuster, Griffins first response was to fire Shoester...it took Tim Russert throwing his body over Shoester to save him. So complain about Imus's equipment all you want but it was Griffin who threw him under the bus and to the wolves. Russert was slow on the up take but he finally figured out after Imus, that the Clinton's were trimming the MSNBC family tree to their liking. Why because they wanted to control the Media for Hillary's run at the white house, real big time 1st amendment people, the Clintons GRIN.

Account Deleted

Good morning Monica,

I saw your appearance on The McLaughlin Group on Sunday. Thank you for standing up for NAFTA in the face of the barrage from the otherwise sage Buchanan (I love him anyway) and Ms. Clift. I admire you for defending sound principles.

A growing and global economy presupposes free trade, a case made originally by economists David Ricardo and Adam Smith, and later substantiated by Von Mises, Friedman and others. There will be occasional, transient dislocations of industry, which are no doubt painful, but we should not be afraid to compete in the world.

Our comparative advantage, the theoretical underpinning of free trade, is diminished however by the cost of high taxes and excess government regulation ... other countries don't carry the burden of SOx compliance for example.

The answer to our country’s weakening competitive stature, therefore, is not a closed economic border but a better tax system and fairer regulations. To borrow an idea from Jack Kemp, we should make the entire country into a giant enterprise zone. I have faith that American ingenuity will take care of the rest.

Thank you for your efforts.


Unfortunately I missed the McLaughlin Group this weekend and didn't hear the discussion on NAFTA. I'm sure it was a great debate if Pat Buchanan was there and Monica was defending NAFTA. I tend to lean more toward Alan Greenspan's arguments for free trade although when I hear Pat speak on this subject he makes a lot of sense. If the Democrats continue to control Congress and either Obama or Hillary become President you can expect more taxes, more regulations, and more restrictions on trade which will not be good for the US economy. Bill Clinton was fortunate when he took office in 1993 because the economy was coming out of a recession. If Hillary or Obama take office in 2009 we might be heading into a recession and their economic views would be a disaster for the economy.

Also, can anyone give a fashion update since I missed the show.


here is the video monica is talking about




Funny clip. Monica has finally found something relevant. I bet this clip shows up a lot during this campaign.

J. Pierpont Finch

While the movie THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN may be a great metaphore for the current election, I think the movie MARS ATTACKS is the best metaphore for the times we are trying to survive in.



The Paris Hilton s e x tape is a better metaphor.

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