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March 20, 2008



Great Artical.
If I understand the Obama "Race" speech he has taken at least one page from his "new mentor's" playbook. He did not "inhale" when attending Rev. Wright's sermons.

Also, WJC is The Master at the art of lying. Obama is trying his best to catch up to and surpass The Master.

The speech was beautifully written, masterfully orated, and contained nothing of substance whatsover.
In my debating days we called this a "Puff piece"


Polls show that McCain now has double digit leads on both dems. What a comedy. After 8 years of W, it seemed like a no-brainer that the dem candidate would win easily. Obama has totally blown it in the past couple of weeks. The truth about those he associates with has really has hurt him. All we need now if for the StuporDelegates to give the nod to Clinton and then we can sit back and laugh at the chaos that is sure to follow.


It was never a no-brainer. Democrats always find a creative way to blow it.

Besides, McCain is Bush's arch-enemy, whom Bush's people attacked personally during the 2000 South Carolina primary, and, for that reason, it would be cool to have him as Bush's successor.

When Bush and McCain appeared together recently so Bush could endorse McCain, McCain kept repeating how Bush's busy schedule might keep him from making appearances for McCain. What does that tell you?

Allah Schmallah

So.. the question I am asking myself.. did this "reverend" Wrong stuff come from Camp Hitlery and if so then why did they wait this long?

They could have derailed the Big O a lot sooner if this had come out a few months ago..

Now she will need the Super Delegates and no doubt will get the nomination.

And there will be riots at the Dhimmicrat convention.. which will give the White House to the fossil MexiCAIRn in a landslide which he will misinterpret as a mandate to open the borders, close Gitmo and stop waterboarding those who torture and behead our people and all the other liberal claptrap he has planned.

Yes, he wants to ease up on the vermin who drag the dismembered corpses of our service personnel and even our civilians through the streets..

I have NO sympathy for further hamstringing our fight against these lowlives.

I do not want any more of them entering our Western Lands either.

In fact THEY are already fighting US over HERE:


Alla aKKKba to you, Kommissar Fred!

Allah Schmallah

PS: the main perp's name was Hussein. Or is it "racist" to note someone's name?


Typical rightwing maneuver (since you accuse me of leftwing maneuvers) to mock something that is true repeatedly in an attempt to render it meaningless.

Come on, Seborrhea. You are not running for office, so there's no harm to you or any campaign if you just plain admit that you are a racist instead of mocking me for pointing it out. Be honest already.

Allah Schmallah

Not at all K. I don't have to *admit* anything, Komrade Kommissar.

What you gonna do if I don't "sign" your little statement, Komrade?

Are you going to send Janet Reno's jack-booted thugs like they did to Elian Gonzales?

Hey, when Komrade Kastro called the White House they made it happen.. so you may just get lucky..

Fist, though, you have to get one of your own elected!


What am I going to do? I guess I'll just have to keep pointing out what you are: A prick and a racist. And you will continue to prove me right.



Re the Democratic dilemna. To put it in gringomaniacal terms: Should desperate Dems go with Old Slick or with New Slick? Everyone who thought that New Slick had it in the booby bag forgot one thing: Old Slick has spent three decades working that bag and knows every thread.

And now? Now "The Healer" the "non-racial" chap, i.e New Slick, is exposed as a product, a 20 year protege of racist hatemongers---that area of the white progressive's neo-plantation that doesn't play well even on their own media. OId Slick, meanwhile, is still a horror show for half the country.

Gosh. What is "The People's Party" to do now?

The crystal gringoBall is beginning to see the possibility of the unthinkable, as Dems desperately try to heal the rupture. Yes, Old Slick/New Slick ticket.

That is, if Charisma Barry is still considered salvageable a month or two from now, which is debatable.

Coming? The Dems' Dream Ticket?

Or Nightmare Ballot?


Allah Schmallah,

Thanks for that link re McCain and Soros.

I didn't see anything there that directly ties JM to Crazy George or his Open Society and the prog attempt to destroy the remaining structures of the West and encourage even the masses to just let it all hang out

But there was plenty to indicate that he and Soros drink at the same trough, especially re McCain-Feingold strictures on free speech and of course on destroying US borders.

Not good.

And Dr. Juan Hernandez, the Mexican official who Michelle Malkin indicates is practically a McCain crony in the job of opening up the US border. El Doctor is JM's Hispanic Outreach Director and Fellow at JM's "Reform Institute."

Hmmmmm. Does wondering about this make one "far right?" Would Monica know?

Don\t know if Don Imus or our Monica has faced, or will, Johnny Boy's Doctor Hernandez situation. I ask, as they both strongly support JM, Imus for personal reasons and Monica for Republican reasons.

ps More on Monica and Sovereignty in the upcoming MONICA AND THE MBA REVOLUTION, or 'How Smart is the Smart Money'?


Allah Schmallah

Yep, I keep wondering the same thing. They keep calling MexiCAINe 'far right" but I think that's just part of their framing the center ever further to the left.

Maybe Komrade K the KOMMISSAR OF RACISM can clue us in.

Basically the Republican Primary voters got duped.. plus all the "independents" who voted for MexiCAINe in those early Primaries.. into voting for the liEberals' favorite Fall-back guy.

Just in case their guys and gal don't make it all the way they have a docile old fuddywud to kick around in the White House.

The Soroses of the World are smelling victory just as Oprahbama is going down in flames.

We may well see the destruction of the Dhimmicrat party if the black voters begin to feel "disenfranchised" - but have no fear the liberal Republican are here!

A multi-party system may indeed be in order.

These two "parties" have way too much in common for my taste. All this belly-aching and squabbling is merely for show.

They are in perfect bi-partisan agreement on practically every major issue.

Most importantly the issue of National Sovereignty which they are falling all over themselves to offer at the altar of the UN, Dubai, SOWdi Barbaria and God knows where else.

You pick.

Dhimmcrats are PEPSI - ReubliCaines are COKE. So much for your blue and red states.

Just please don't call this a Democracy.

It's over.


You are over.

Allah Schmallah

Komrade.. why the unkind words? Have you nothing of substance to say?

Yes, I know it's hard for liberals since the FACTS are NOT on your side.

And please don't conflate wishful thinking with facts.

[as long as it's still allowed to wish you a..]

Happy Easter :-)

Jack Flynn

Apparently Bloggers on here are unaware of recent indisputable archeological and anthropological evidence that all of we humans are descended from the Black race. Human life began in Africa and migrated out from the African continent and eventually spread throughout the earth.
As humans settled far and wide, geographical, topographical and climatic conditions produced physical and cultural dissimilarities.
We grew fonder of those who looked and acted most like ourselves and began to grow suspicious of those from other locations who now looked so unlike us and acted so funny. Eventually we forgot our origins entirely and began to hate, persecute, make war against and enslave those peoples who now looked and acted so differently. Grievances accrued which persist to this day. In that sense, we are all victims of racism.

So, folks, you can stop your bickering now—own up to your black origins and celebrate our glorious black history.

Apparently, Barrack Obama is the only leader in America today who is willing and courageous enough to confront the issue head-on and put it in perspective.
Rather than chastise him, we should be grateful that he considers us adult enough to "handle the truth" and is willing to share his wisdom and knowledge of the subject with us.


Allah Seborrhea --

I do not accept anything from you that you cynically offer in the guise of good wishes. They are not sincere, and I don't want them from you.

I will have a Happy Easter, but not because you said I should.

Allah Schmallah

Sorry not "all of we hunmans" enjoy being categorized as "typical white people".

I don't care whom I am "descended" from.

I don't want Bush or Hitlery or McCain as President either.

They're all bad for various reasons.

But least of all I need a guy who is in league with a guy that makes Al Slim Shady look like Mother Theresa by comparison.

I have some very liberal relatives whom I would hate to see wielding political power as well..

This argument that "we are all one" is a bunch of Kumbaya BS.

Allah Schmallah

Don't sweat it Komrade K.. I meant Happy Easter to all and noone in particular.


I'm sure you didn't mean it for any Muslims who may respect other people's holidays, since they are just scum to you.

Allah Schmallah

TripleK.. they do NOT respect the holidays of any religion. Idiot!

They are moving into our lands demanding special treatment left and right and they vandalize both Jewish and CChristian graveyards all over Europe.

They move into any country and as soon as they have a sizable Fifth column they break off a piece of that country for themselves.

Have you heard of Serbia?!

Kosovo has always been Serbian.

Until Klinton wagged the dog.

So much for dalliances posing a vital danger for us. He bombed Belgrade to distract from his cigar smoking and yet he never inhaled.

The damage of an independent moslem Kosovo will haunt us for decades to come. Unless Russia pulls out all the stops and puts an end to this illegal manoeuvre.

Besides, Klinton alienated the Russians needlessly over Serbia... now they have a moslem gateway into the rest of Europe.. a route for heroin trafficking and for exporting stolen cars and other goods to the Middle East.

Good job, Dhimmicratz!

Jack Flynn

You consider your origin to be "Kumbaya BS"?
I didn't say or imply that we are "all one". In fact, the opposite. Our dispersal has resulted in conflict and racism. I simply explained why that is.
I guess it was too simply explained for your
erudite mind.

Allah Schmallah

No, Jack. I find your presentation of minor interest and completely irrelevant given the topic at hand.

What I have to be concerned with is whether a given candidate has my best interest at heart - and even more so that of the country.

When I see a guy who pointedly does not cross his heart during the anthem and who associates with a racist preacher man I think that he has neither my interest nor that of the USA in his heart.


Allah S --

So the Muslim who sells me Twix bars at the newsstand in front of my office building is here for special treatment and to take my land? Should I kill him?

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