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March 13, 2008



Even if the events you list were all actual scandals, you should at least make a distinction between which ones she even *could* apologize for.

For example, Hillary Clinton can't apologize for the Monica Lewinsky situation -- that's something her husband did to *her*! How could you even suggest that she should apologize?

Likewise, if Bill Clinton did something to the other women you listed (which is disputed), that's his doing, not hers.

If you think some of the things that happened under the Clinton Administration were wrong, such as Waco and Rwanda, then you need to address those with Bill. Those were not Hillary's decisions.

And enough about Vince Foster. The man committed suicide. You conservatives need to stop dragging his corpse out as if it means something scandalous.

Some of the other things you list, like the travel office thing, are just absurd. Too much was made of that at the time.

The Whitewater investigation turned up nothing except Starr's obsession with Clinton's sex life. The billing records "scandal" was a big nothing.

You're going to blame her for the impeachment, too? That was the Republicans' doing and it was a waste of our time and money.

OK, that's enough for now. Monica, how about concentrating on something that matters? Maybe even read a few books.

J. Pierpont Finch

And now the sickos at THE OLD YORK TIMES make Spitzer's hooker into a poor sympathetic person.



Eliot needed validation, and did not get it at home. It is sad,
but some political women like all the advantages of their lives,
but otherwise, they want to be left alone. Take Pat Nixon, for example. All she wanted to do was shop and be left alone. Poor Dick, had to obtain validation from Henry Kissinger.


Anyone reduced to what "Kristen" did for a living is not fortunate. Drugs and desperation would have to play a part, so I do feel sympathy for her.


Fred : Right you are. She was just a poor thing from Jersey, living in an apartment on the poor side of Manhattan. Close to Macy's though.


Lots of us work within walking distance of Macy's, but we don't own it.


File under: "You just can't make this up"



Can we run a fact check on the NY Times story about why she ran away from home? Is this true?

"In another version, she's a spoiled brat whose stepdad bought her a Porsche that she wrecked. So she ran away from home at 17. "



That NY Post article goes a bit overboard.


FredK2929 why to you continue to be blind to the facts? HRC is seeking the presidency of the US. That office comes down to one word judgement. This woman has continually exercised poor judgement ..and now expects us to feel sorry for her?

Note, for a husband she chose a serial adulteral. In two cases, the women involved sited violent behavior. Thus making him not only a degrader of women but an abuser as well. Then the defender of women's rights for over 35 years stays with him? Great judgement. She hand selects Elliot Spitzer to her team and as a super delegate-enough said. The suicidal Vince Foster, was her best friend and confident. Boy can this gal pick 'em or what???

Monica is correct to point out these scandals. You bring up it was Bill. Correct, but it was Hill, who suggested her suitability for this office was her EXPERIENCES in the Clinton admin. These scandals were part of that experience. Her first roles in the admin were Travelgate and her failure to deliver a national healthcare plan to America. At that point in time she was butting heads with VP Al Gore for the spotlight. Her failures delegated her to social teas with the spouses of third world dignitaries and the reading of stories to elementary school students no high than the third grade. It was HRC's failures that landed her in those roles. Currently she is getting beat because the Democrats--her own party, is rejecting the third term of WJC.America does not want a repeat of Johnny Wong and influence peddling to the Chinese. Nor do the want the Whitehouse/Lincoln bedroom turned into Motel 6, as it was before. You are also lucky that Monica did not correctly point out how badly WJC had slashed the CIA and Military budjets and their direct implications and causes of 9/11.

Sadly, should HRC some how become the nomiee and win the presidency or even become veep and BO be president, America is headed for tough times. Monica sited the 4 attacks during teh WJC admin, also remember the Iranian fiasco under dem Jimmy Carter. Should a dem become president in 2008, the US is then headed to become a modern day France. Namely a nation once great but incapable of protecting itself in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Reading into your logic, I can only guess that your next cry after the Spitzer issue is why don't we legalize prostitution--right? Guess you still believe HRC made that $100K in the commodity market on the up and up right? Wake up!By the way --sorry to break this to you but there is no Santa Claus nor is the Easter Bunny coming next week.


Nor is there a "God", friend.

J. Pierpont Finch

As Destoevsky puts it "without God everything, is possible" meaning that the lack of belief or awareness of God gives an okay for wrong doing".

I know for sure that YOU cannot prove that God exists, and, I know for sure that YOU cannot prove that God does not exist!

Hey FREDK, are you, or have you ever been a part of the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST movement which steels snippits of the theology from each of the major religions of the world with the objective of manipulating the masses toward communist domination? You sound more and more like a Christo-Leninist!


As always, Finch, you read me completely. I am Lenin's bastard child, and I stole a copy of the New Testament from a Latvian Orthodox Church in Brooklyn, which I promptly put in my keepsake box with Chairman Mao's Red Book.

BTW -- I can prove that a God does not exist. A retard like George W. Bush could not become president in a universe where there is a benevolent supreme being.

Allah Schmallah

Fred K - you're hanging on Monica's every word and u DARE tell HER she should "read a book"???!!

Ur lieberal condescension knows no limits. And based on what exactly is this condescension?

U liberals have managed to screw up all our beautiful Western countries with your personal insanities becoming public policy.

Your courts and your judges have effectively thwarted the will of the public too many times to mention!

Now go crawl under a rug so we can all wipe our feet!


It's hard for us liberals to even get a chance to screw up the world when we have George W. Bush and his incredible incompetence.

It will be nice for liberals to even get a chance to screw up ANYTHING after George W. Bush has put his fingerprints on anything that can possible be screwed up!

And how about I wipe my feet on your face, a##hole.

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