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March 03, 2008



I agree she won't quit, because she is a sordid example of a diehard LIAR! She can only hope Rush has helped her and she wins a state. What a wicked web she weaves. A sick example of left wing cat scratching. You go girl!


I have heard that she has no intention of stopping. I feel bad because it's going to lead to a loss of dignity.


On NAFTA : We ought not condone dumping, even if it is the US. To dump corn and destabilize the lives of Mexicans, our border, and their chosen way to live, was an error. At least we should have dumped the corn farther away :-).

We have lost choices with free trade. We were forced to buy inferior clothing, and now it is leaden toys and toxic drugs. Free trade ought to mean we are free to impose intelligent tariffs that reflect our desires : cultural idenity, personal choice, safety, national priorities, etc. Markets are choices, not just forces of nature we must endure.


No one can beat the gulags for labor costs, but WE CHOOSE NOT TO LIVE THAT WAY.


The serial victim-spouse, married to a serial masher of powerless women(the masher also her meal ticket for 30 years) is worried about a loss of what? How can this Yalie progmistress lose what she gave up a long sordid time ago---even before her Slick Willie's Oral Office initiative?

For realists---as opposed to Obamaniacs--the best thing about Barry is that he is not Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Or is it still a mystery why white Southerners have voted for him?)

In fact I have a hunch that non-threatening "nice black man" Barry is more than willing to see his Party's beloved Clintons finally sink in their own (now wealthy) slime. Of course, he would be praising them every mile of their way down. He didn't go to Harvard for nothing.


Burt P:

(Re the "Satan"/Sharpton savaging of Don Imus for his 20-second imitation of today's popular black hip-hop culture)

You say Imus has (or had) three. Okay. After hearing him take on the high-and-mighty pols and pundits, face to face, I could be persuaded that Don was tri-testicular. So, after the Sharpton surgery, he's down to normal? I haven't been able to listen for a month due to remote locations. Are you sure that Don's remaining are the best two out of three?

This clearly matters. And how to determine the answer? I posed to nuestra amiga M/M--- who is muy caliente for El Bernardo del Bronx--one clue I'd be looking for. Now that Don has two black minders of the liberal persuasion--the only kind of blacks who the white progs recognize---when will Bernard be set free to do his Mayor Nagin of New Awleans again---which used to break up even Imus, as you would know. without the forced laughter he will use for, uh, some others we don't have to mention?



Our Monica, as a proper CFR-er, is clearly on board with the NAFTA globalistas. Her choice. The Business Schools have a case to make. These are smart people who dress properly. You know how smart they are. They go where the money is.

Surely their fine sounding Free Trade is not, like the smart people behind the Sub-Prime, mortgage, derivatives and banking disasters, just a case of greed gone giddy. And maybe the likes of Pat Buchanan--and to a far humbler extent, gringoVision---are really not so far removed from the, you know, knuckle-dragging nativists who hate everything foreign and are globally clueless.

But do you think tnat our Monica is really willing to wave the flag in Iraq and burn it at the Mexican border?

Do you think she has fully examined the historic consequences of the exciting Business School model she is "supporting"? After the money wizards have wiped out 90% of the nation's industry, and its borders, could there ever be a going back, even if Monica etc began wanting to go back?

The Rubicon is up ahead, and Caesar intends to cross it, knowing there is no turning back from there. He will march on Rome.

But today the Caesars are those with MBA degrees, like Georgie Bush, or law degrees for their enablers, like the Clintons.


Up with Gringoman!


You understood that, Truther?


Here is Buchanan on NAFTA. Sorry I missed TMG on Sunday, but my local station switched the times on me.


Sorry about sipping some of the Harvard/Yale kool-aid. Savage and Buchanan have put me on detox. (Hey, did everyone hear Savage compare Broderick Crawford's speech in the movie "All the King's Men" with one of Obama's? Looks like Monica has another fan.)

Well, I have to go to the thread below to apologize to Jack and FredK, but I WILL NOT apologize for my fascination with El Bernardo del Bronx who is MUY CALIENTE. Gosh, I need another shot of The Cardinal before I continue.

Allah Schmallah

I have heard that she has no intention of stopping. I feel bad because it's going to lead to a loss of dignity.

Posted by: FredK2929

Ya gotta be kidding.. loss of *dignity*?! You're talking about Hitlery the carpetbagger here.. she who lost the City of New York Billions yearly in lost commuter taxes.. If you recall.. the Democrat machine unilaterally revoked the NYC commuter tax because they felt this was the one issue that could possibly cost Hitlery "the upstate vote".

The only time that the democrats have ever cut taxes in an act of political expediency. They wanted to rob her neophyte Republican opponent of the his one and only issue.

And New York City gets screwed for billions every year.

We who live in the City have to pay more to support the rest of the state already.. and the Feds.. and we subsidize those who live in CT and NJ who make a very handsome living here because their states sued successfully on the grounds that if Upstate NY doesn't pay the tax then neither should they.

I'd love to see Hitlery get the nomination and then hang this one around her neck like a burning tire in SoWeTo.

Bring it ON, Hitlery.

I want your cynicism exposed and out there for all to see. We here in NY KNEW you were using us to run for President.

I remember the gaffe when she talked about enjoying watching the Cubs play the Yankees in her youth.

Yeah right.

And what World Series was THAT one, Hitlery?

Ps. I can't stop myself and have to mention that I also remember the pictures of Hitlery hugging the Arafart's wife and donning a head scarf recently in company with Chelsea.. Ohh.. they are SO emancipated and concerned about women's issues. Hitlery is STANDING UP for women.. in a burka!

But she is NOT standing up for anything but a FAT payday when it comes to standing up to the demands of the "Religion of Peace®".



Why would you have to apologize to anyone for the fact of "El Bernardo del Bronx" bringing out your inner La Passionaria?

Wouldn't even his faithful esposa be understanding? After all, the hotter he is perceived (by mujeres, which I believe is still Bernardo's preference)the better able he is to put bread on the table of the familia.) His Boss would take note. (I'm sure, though, that Don would not rent him out, and I know you didn't mean that.)


This race is unpredictable. Hillary did quite all right yesterday.



You certainly do have a fine appreciation of economics. Of course, La Espousa de El Bernardo del Bronx should be understanding because I am attempting to put her into a higher tax bracket. Besides, it must be kind of cool to be married to the man that all the women want. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Michelle Obama seems to be enjoying being married to the man all America is fainting over.

My lack of apologies were directed at Sharkton, N.O.W. MSNBC , NBC and the humorless left. Look at what SNL and Jon Stewart just did for Satan.


No one is funnier than the left. It's the right that is humorless. Ann Coulter is the best you can do for humor? Hell, we have Jon Stewart, and he rocks!

Allah Schmallah

You can KEEP the un-funny John Stewart. I am almost ready to say we need to divide up all the Western Countries in two.. then the liEberals can have unlimited immigration - legal and illegal - in to their portions..

You can have moslems opening MadraZZZas in your portions.. mooching off of YOUR taxes - Not ours!

YOU can then pay the "palestinians" Billions every year so that they shan't be distracted from terror by work.


Jon Stewart is hilarious. Judging by what you contribute to this blog, I suspect the problem is that you have little sense of humor, just a lot of anger and hatred. Maybe you are the HATER M/M was talking about.


I like Allah's posts and his views on immigration. This was a fun day. I hope everyone enjoyed the song I dedicated to Hillary. In the video, they cut to Dr. Melfi asking what business he is. Tony responds "Waste management... Environment". I've been laughing all day.

Rush said that Dan Abrams was really mad at him for helping "our girl" last night. Oh, boo hoo, MSNBC...we feel so sorry for you that Rush is helping you choose your candidate.

Oh FredK, just ignore John McCain like we do.


None of us will be able to ignore McCain much longer. He may be our next president.

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