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March 16, 2008


Account Deleted

I completely agree with you, Monica. While Clinton and Obama speak of their 'gravitas' to be President, it seems more like an aspiration than an establishment of their qualifications. There is nothing wrong with dreaming to have McCain's c.v.

I believe what McCain must do now is to provide a nuanced vision of the future of the Middle East. This cannot be construed as a linear extrapolation of the Bush 'policy', not for fear of Democratic reprisal, but because even Bush cannot artculate lucidly to us his policy. Therefore, McCain's plan must provide an actionable plan to turn the strategic military objective squarely on the complete defeat of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, rebuilding Iraq (that is less a military project), containment of Iran's mischievousness while supporting the suffering Iranian people, and a balanced plan for a Palestinian homeland that Israel can support.

In our spare time we'll turn our attention to the economy!



Osama bin Laden and the Ahma guy from Tehran may be the Democrats' great bearded hopes for Election 2008. (Assuming the Economy woes are not enough to hand the Dems the Election gratis---and that's some assumption.)

This is only partly due to George Bush's record as the Great Non-Communicator, in which he more or less ceded the War of Ideas to his enemies domestic and foreign.

1. Al-Qaeda and cohorts. If they've got anything left, they absolutely must throw it against McCain, i.e. in Iraq during this summer and fall, to try to defeat him for the Democrats. Even if it means digging up every pathetic cripple in Iraq to use as a suicide bomber, they'd do it, knowing that world Left/Islamic media will go soft on their barbarism while eviscerating Americans for waterboarding.

a. Obviously Islamics are generally not dumb enough to call for McCain's election defeat or campaign for Obama/Hillary (Kiss of Death, what?)

b. Contrary-wise, the fact of no jihadi "surge"this summer and fall, would indicate that they've not only been beaten in Iraq, but virtually exterminated.

c. gringoVision sees 'á'as more likely, but as for 'b,'wouldn't it be pretty?

2. The Ahma guy. He's clearly laid down the gauntlet for the West. Iran will go nuclear and you infidels can buzz off.

a. The Dems have absolutely no response to this except, "Why don't we at least talk to these people. Hey, can't we talk?"

b. The Republicans, as when the trusty old race card is played against them, are more or less frozen in their tracks. Any hint of actually doing something to stop The Mullah Bomb, will see the Dems (and much of the world) yelling "war-monger!

And so bin Laden and the Ahma are net gains for the Democrats. If the jihadis can "surge"again, good for Democrats, discrediting the McCain "surge." And if a Republican hints at any possibility of action to stop what the Democrats have no answer for---The Mullah Bomb---good again for the Democrats, who will warn peace-loving Americans against the (possibly crazy) "war-monger" McCain.

Conclusion: The Democrats best hope for November is the economy. Their next best hope is the 1400-year jihad.

Allah Schmallah

Uh, but shouldn't mexiCain be at the borders to our North and South.. talking to border guards.. assessing the situation and such?

I really don't give a rat's behind what happens in the ME and whom it happens to happen to.

Just let Israel off her chain and they can finally taqke care of business once and for all.


Have I mentioned lately that Allah Schmallah is an a##hole?

Allah Schmallah

A man can be judged by his adversaries. I am proud to have reduced Fred the liEberal to name-calling.

That's all he has left.

Besides, I don't like the uncouth ways he addresses Monica - who is not only a female but also the hostess here.

I hope he doesn' treat his own grandma or moms the same way..


Don't even make believe you are so genteel, Allah Whatever. You have reduced yourself to calling me names more than once. Do you recall calling me "bitch", friend?

So I'm having a bit of trouble maintaining decorum dealing with you. I admit it. But it's not all I have left, friend. It's just that I don't see the point of treating you with anything resembling courtesy. You are a d###head, and deserve to be treated as one. That's the way you are, and it's the way it is.

Oh, and now you are a feminist, too, I suppose? You don't appreciate how I treat Monica? Excuse me, but Ms. Monica makes plenty of inappropriate comments here herself, like using the acronym C.L.I.T. repeatedly. So she can handle my comments, and doesn't need your protection, a##hole.

Allah Schmallah

Ooohh.. did I hurt your feeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhlings, K?


No, Allah Seborrhea. I just think you are an a##hole and not worthy of any courtesy.

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