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March 06, 2008



Hillary's coming back old school victimhood sells...Sistas are doing it for themselves, well not exactly. Coach Vivian Stringer, I think I can milk one more cow LOL couldn't help myself!



I recommend the following Party elders:

Al Sharpton
Cindy Sheehan
Fidel Castro
Jane Fonda
Dan Rather
James Carville
Dennis Kucinich


Al Gore is a foreign star because he has sided against his country. I believe in good relations with other countries, but to make a centerpiece the US usage of energy, is like going against the US economy.

He is bloated celebrity, has terrorized the US public as an energy control policy, and never got beyond a sophomore in reality, in college. True he is not a fly-boy prodigal son, and he helped bring technology to the government, but man-induced global warming (MIG-W) is a fraud, and apparently Al Gore will never understand that. I am heartened by the lawsuits being brought against vocal advocates of MIG-W by CEI and John Coleman. Apparently that is how you must deal with people like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Al Gore, and their grubby scientific minions. As a proud conservative once said "There is no place in a democracy for the use of terror tactics." And I would add also no place for fraud, right? Someone called it SHAM-POOH, but if you've noticed Al actually is a little greasy-looking.

I am overjoyed that Monica brought this subject up.


So the answer is more litigation? How does that fit in with the Republican support of litigation reform?


Truther, I agree totally that MIG-W is a fraud and Al Gore is "greasy-looking". I couldn't have said it better.


A wingnut agrees with another wingnut? I'm shocked!


Wolfson compared Obama to Ken Starr today for requesting Clinton's tax returns. Wolfson is Hillary's top campaign manager. And they want Obama to be the VP if Hillary gets the nomination? Go ahead, club the baby seal. McCain is setting back loving this senerio.

And why can't we have Hillary's tax returns, especially after she donated $5 million to her own campaign? Don't we have a right to know where that money came from? Or do we have to just take her word?


Do you think we are entitled to all of their financial information before they are even officially the candidate? If she isn't nominated, she would have disclosed all her personal information for no reason.

Jack Flynn

Blue collar, misogynistic white men are getting a chance to see more and more of Hillary and despite their bias, they are getting used to her—even finding themselves liking her—yes, those millions of blue collar white guys who constitutionally cannot appreciate, accept, or respect a woman who doesn’t show some fight and isn’t ready to chuckle at an off color joke. If a woman is to get their vote, she has to show them, (like Hillary did in NH and on Tuesday), that when she gets knocked down, she gets right back up, ready to fight again. If she is to win that important vote, she needs to show them that she can take it and give it back, punch for punch. Those guys will only respect a woman they can imagine hanging with—sharing a joke, shooting pool, attending a ball game, and/or seeing her, loose and lively on Saturday Night Live or on the Letterman show.

Yes, the world of male dominance is dying a slow and reluctant death and you, Monica, are helping to retard the process.
The" new "Eve" has actually been here, (in potential and spirit), all along, but those blue collar males have traditionally treated her not much better than a horse—to saddle, abuse, use and misuse, beat and berate.
For centuries, they have had convenient maids and slaves to feed them, satisfy their sexual appetites, raise their kids and support them whether they be right or wrong. They have had all of that tax free, long enough.
A woman such as Hillary Clinton, as the chief elder of our village, can do much to set a new course in these matters.

As Tuesday"s results came in, Obama stood, prune faced, looking like he had just crawled out of a crypt, while Hillary Clinton demonstrated grace, humor, fortitude and fight under the extreme pressure of possibly losing what might turn out to be the most important election in our history. She came out of the battle smiling—her eyes aglow with enthusiasm, kindness, maturity, and a passionate concern for the issues that effect ordinary Americans in their daily lives.

It is crunch time. That girl knows where the votes are and how to get them.
Sidney McCain won’t stand a carpenter ant’s chance in a cement factory against her.

Tom TB

This could end up being the most entertaining Democratic National Convention since Chicago '68. Maybe Obama's friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn will attend.

Jack Flynn

The whole thing is more exciting than the Patriots. (Being from Boston), I don't say that lightly.
However, I'd cut those sixties radicals a little slack; People do grow and change, but I'd still check them out with bomb sniffing dogs.

Tom TB

Why would an un-repentant terrorist bomber from a '60s-'70s terrorist group align themselves with Barack Obama? And why would a Presidential candidate not distance himself from a leader of a group that placed a bomb in the U.S. Capitol building that Senator Obama has an office in?

Tom TB

Why would an un-repentant terrorist bomber from a '60s-'70s terrorist group align himself with Barack Obama? And why would a Presidential candidate not distance himself from a leader of a group that placed a bomb in the U.S. Capitol building that Senator Obama has an office in?




Here is a little tune for in honor of "our girl"



A good reason to get a myspace page it is free and easy.

Live from Kuwait-Operation MySpace-March 10th
On March 10th, 2008 Operation MySpace will bring the troops in Kuwait and all of MySpace a LIVE show in Kulabyte HD that they’ll never forget. Disturbed, Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Simpson, Filter, Carlos Mencia, Metal Sanaz, DJ Z-Trip AND MORE will all be a part of this spectacular event that will be streamed LIVE only on MySpace at 11:00AM PST / 2:00 PM EST at http://www.myspace.com/operationmyspace

It's 2008 and the world has changed but our troops still need our support. Please drop by and leave a special message for the troops at http://www.myspace.com/operationmyspace .

Jack Flynn

Here is a special message you can send to our troops: "We will get you out of there as soon as wiser, saner minds prevail in November. Meanwhile stop listening to the soft soaping, back scratching lies of those who think it's just fine for you to put your lives on the line for G. W. Bush's pipe dream—the same G.W. Bush who skipped out on his own military responsibilities and forgets about you as soon as you are killed or wounded and doesn't give a hoot about your families who love and worry about you twenty four hours a day.
Your real Commander and Chief is your conscience. Meanwhile, good luck and watch your back until things change in Washington which will be soon. Your Country is behind you. They want you out of there."


Looks like it's time for gringoVision to do what "conservatives" and RINOS will not: congratulate The Left for "supporting" our troops.

If you recall, they used to express their progressive feelings by spitting on draftees coming home from Vietnam.

Lefties are now growing up, maybe? Today they "support" the troopers by vowing to bring them home from what they volunteered to do, spittle free.

Unfortunately, they can't seem to get these volunteers to prefer the proggies' Mrs. Slick over even "draft dodger" Georgie Bush.

How misguided can our gutsy volunteers be? It's as if they prefer war in Iraq to Satan in hell. Even amputees are known to prefer going back to Iraq instead of to Satan.

What prog would have thunk it?


I was in elementary school when the Vietnam War ended; didn't even know it was going on. I never spat on anyone.


There is only one Big Prize, that's what I've always thought and still think. That Prize is the CENTER of the Dems., whether they believe it or not.
For sure there will be compromises. For me I always focus on the CENTER, that's where, above all compromises my priorities reside.


Monica's brother-in-law and the other half of "Hannity and Colmes", Alan Colmes, was on Imus this morning, so I'd like to dedicate the video below to him. Alan is a little easier for me to listen to now that I am an unofficial independent. For all the libs on this site, you should check out his show M-F at 10 eastern. Bill Clinton was one of his guests a few weeks ago.


Karith Foster also "borrowed" one of Monica's lines. It is the one where Monica responds "my mother is listening".

I heard the troops want to go back to Iraq (as if they ever wanted to leave) because it is going so well over there now and they are getting tax free combat pay. But we shouldn't forget about our troops in Afghanistan either.

Wonder what Tina Fey and the gang at SNL have in store for us this weekend.


Do you think we are entitled to all of their financial information before they are even officially the candidate? If she isn't nominated, she would have disclosed all her personal information for no reason.

Fred, the problem is that she gave $5 million dollars of her own money to her campaign during the Primaries. We do have campaign finance laws that require disclosure of where the money came from and who is donating the money. The American people have a right to know (maybe not legally, but morally) where the $5 million dollars came from and what are all the sources of her income. We have a right to know that none of the money going into her campaign is dirty money that is being laundering through her campaign. Is that too much to ask for? Hillary's response is trust me until you make me the nominee and then I'll let you know where the money came from, in the mean time it was all legal.

I trust everyone but please allow me to cut the deck of cards. Let us see the returns.


Ron Paul is thinking about dropping out of the Presidential race. Huh? Ok, shouldn't he have entertained those thoughts shortly after the campaign began? The man is a kook and a circus sideshow that the networks allowed to stink up the debates with his presence. What amazed me was how the main stream networks allowed Ron Paul to participate in the debates long after they dumped people like Dennis Kucinich on the Democratic side. The networks were more than willing to allow kooks like Paul to debate with the Republican frontrunners while they quikly dumped the Democratic kooks to clean up their debates.


I'm really getting tired of Hillary's fake whinning and crying over her treatment as a candidate. Whoever heard of a campaign strategy of whinning. Somehow it seems to be working, everytime she goes out and whines or cries she gets a higher percentage of elderly white women voters. It's really pathetic for someone attempting to be our Commander-in-Chief to have as a campaign strategy regular whine/cry sessions.



She is not WHINING, She is WACKING. Besides, I'm kind of enjoying watchin' Bubba campaign. It reminds me of when the Clintons left office and the country with a surplus. Satan and Bubba are the true conservatives in this election. Maybe she will even build me that fence.

Bada Bing


Here is an update on "our girl" from an elderly white woman:


Allah Schmallah

Warren Christopher
Marilyn Halfbright
Ron Paul
Juan MexiCain
Condi "Jew Hater" Rice
Leroy Jones
Dhimmi Cahtuh
Dan Rather
Barbra Streisand
Sean Penn
Hugo Chavez
Ramsey Clark
Wesley Clark
Jesse Jackson
The entire staff at PBS
The entire staff at npr

Allah Schmallah

Jake Flynn.. you are one delusional monkey.

You're managing to kid yourself only if you think that Hitlery is so great. She is in the back pocket of the SOWdis.. just witness her wishy-washy statement to the latest terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

But then you liEberals think Israel = bad, "pals" good.

Hitlery the Arafart-hugger is merely expressing the general liEberal mindset in this regard.



Allah Salmonella --

You might want to cut down on the coffee.

J. Pierpont Finch

How about Senator Robert Bird. He's a party elder.

Allah Schmallah

Good one, J.P.

Allah Schmallah

Hey Fred:

There is no God but Bacchus and Caligula is his prophet!



Good thing you watched "Caligula" since I suspect you've never seen anything similar in person.

Allah Schmallah

Fred SPECIAL K.. First.. you're sexualizing another poster again. Typical for a mahomedan. Don't you worry about my women and other forms of entertainment.

Second, you know *nothing* at all about me. In fact i am laughing really hard right now!

Maybe the fact that I hate islam should give you reason to think, stupid! You needn't be a Jew or Christian to hate islam.

All you need is a love for your personal freedoms and the Freedom of Expression and Free Speech.

But then liEberals are all about curtailing those..

Allah Schmallah

In Europe you can't speak out against islam any longer. it is being outlawed by the unelected European 'Parliament' Kommissars.

You leftards love that I know.


Allah Salmonella --

I don't know everything about you. Do you really think you know everything about me?

Can you at least admit that you are a racist? In fact, you seem proud of it, so you should just declare it.

Allah Schmallah

What are you, K.. the "racism" Kommissar? They might have a job for you in Brussels. But right her and right now *you* define nobody but yourself.

It is SO typical to clam racism when it comes to criticism of the cult of mohamet [shame be upon him].

The novelty has worn off.


Allah --

You know I am a liberal. I know you are a racist.

Let's just call ourselves what we are, ok?

Allah Schmallah

Speak for yourself only, K. Yes, you are a liberal.

Your reverse conclusion that anyone who is not a liberal and disagrees with you is therefore a racist is fraught with the systemic illogic of liberal "thought".

Liberals always think they are right and they can therefore define everyone else according to their world view.

Another case in point that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder:

The iranians are hanging and stoning gays and lesbians for not other offense than that they are gays and lesbians.

Funny how the liberals are HOWLING with rage about gay unions vs. gay marriage here in the USA yet they lose nary a minute's sleep about gays and lesbians in the moslem world.

Because to the liberals the enemy is America. And anyone who hates America must therefore be good.

Thus we have a case of circular logic similar to that employed by the musulmaniacs when they aim to "prove" the factuality of their insane "beliefs".

islam is also a mental disorder.

Birds of a feather...

Allah Schmallah

You know what K, you're not only a liEberal. You're in fact the racist here.

You assume that I am Caucasian, and that as such I am in your view of the only race that is and has ever been "racist".

You know that makes you in my eyes?

You guessed it - a racist.

q.e.d. I can back my sh*t up.


I call you what you are based on what you say, friend. You talk about excluding Islam from our shores because of what a minority of Muslims has done. What am I supposed to conclude?

Now you say again that liberalism is a mental disorder. The other day you said it was a religion. Which is it then? Or is it that religion is a mental disorder? That would be an interesting theory. I know someone who thinks that religion is a collective form of OCD.

Jack Flynn

"Friend," Fred? He doesn't have any friends.


I'll be his friend if he makes an attempt to have an actual conversation instead of accusing me of using liberal tactics every time I answer him. That is getting old.


I assumed that Allah Seborrhea is caucasian based on things he has said. However, he is wrong when he asserts that I believe that only whites can be racists. I am aware that a person of any color can be a racist.

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