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March 25, 2008



The Republicans are not so great either. When asked about how a majority of Americans don't think the Iraq war was worth it, Cheney's answer was: "So?"


Richardson is also pretending to support the big O. He surely looked liked a sun-slicked Mexican didn't he? Now, he and the O both require Dr Phil. Even Mayor Bloomberg pretended to support the big O, but his problems may run deep, stemming from an inferiority complex.


Just sitting back and loving every minute of the Democrat meltdown. They're the gift that just keeps on giving. ;~))


There's whoppers and then there's whoppers. Her story that she had to get off the plane in Bosnia, run off the plane dodging gun fire, as she ducked gun fire to awaiting cars. Now video shows her calming walking off the plane with Chelsea right behind her, stopping to greet a small girl who read her a poem.

This is all part of her 35 years of "experience", which includes the years as First Lady of Arkansas which was spent mostly trying to keep Bill's pants on. Then we have the Monica Lewinsky years where she was shocked when the DNA results came back on the blue dress. She was shocked after a lifetime of Bill playing the field.

The bottom line is she is a serial liar of the first order. You can't believe a word that comes out of her mouth, and her brothers are even worse than her. If I was a Democrat I would prefer Rev. Jeremiah Wright than the Clinton clan.

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The situation in the Democratic Party presents an opportunity for conservatives that we ought not to squander. If Clinton succeeds in usurping the nomination with super-delegates without having earned the majority of electable delegates, the ensuing discord among Obama supporters—-particularly blacks and youth, sets the table for a civil dialogue with him about the advantages of conservative economic principles for those very constituencies.

Both Newt Gingrich and Jack Kemp have observed that we should accept Obama’s call to dialogue, and Obama himself exposes an intellectual flirtation with these principles. In his Philadelphia speech he called on African-Americans to “… this quintessentially American - and yes, conservative - notion of self-help …”

We should be opportunistic during the present schism in the party by demonstrating opportunity to the one leader they have who may understand it.


Do you all like McCain now?


Michael --

I just visited the "American Civility" web site. Is that all your site? If so, you appear to be a real political commentator, or, at least, a good political writer. Your writing and analyses are much better than Monica Crowley's, which makes me wonder why you bother coming to this crappy blog.

You actually use footnotes to cite sources, you analyze rather than mock, and I feel like I could actually learn something from reading your articles. Based on the quotes you use and the people you cite, I get the idea that you actually read scholarly works, as opposed to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter (the persons I suspect Monica gets her source material from).

Account Deleted


Thank you for your kind compliments. Yes, that is my site, but I hesitate to say any more because I think it runs counter to bloggers etiquette to promote one's site on someone else's.

Having said that, since you refer to Monica, I do enjoy her site and her comments on the McLaughlin Group precisely because I feel they are rooted in the traditional intellectual conservatism rather than the polemic views of latter-day commentators, whom I do not necessarily espouse, and who I believe may be unwittingly doing the conservative movement a bit of harm by their stridency.

I understand, but have not confirmed, that one of my heroes, Wm. F. Buckley, also expressed dismay at these new developments in the conservatism.

True to my conservative beliefs, I long for the good ole days!

Thank you again for your kindness.


Tom TB

The Clintons are pathalogical liars, and have lost touch with our reality in this year of our Lord 2008. Most of the voters have computers, and can find discrepancies in anyone's story faster they can try to spin it. Obama wants to insult our intelligence by saying he didn't hear the words his Pastor said that are all over the internet? I wouldn't trust either one of them with a security clearance to the A ring of the Pentagon.


The Spitzer fiasco is very difficult for those of us suffered under his administration. Many New Yorkers are STILL celebrating his departure. Now, I'm hearing conspiracy theories about how George Bush is behind Eliot's demise. Well, if he is, thank you President Bush.

The truth is that Eliot was an impeachment waiting to happen. It isn't about sex; Eliot truly needs therapy. Here is an article from today's NYT about how Eliot used the state troopers to try to smear a political rival. Read the part where he got so angry that he spit out his coffee.



Forget about George Bush, the Republican party and Wall Street. The most important group of people who wanted him gone were were the voters. Below is a November 2007 story about his plunging poll numbers. Only 25% of voters wanted to re-elect him.


Is this the best we can do? Where are our leaders? Congress is useless and we have three presidential candidates that many of us don't want to vote for? I realize no one is perfect, but must they be so flawed?


Hillary's trip to Bosnia reminds me of some of her other "tall tales". Remember when she told us about how she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary?


I can't find a link, but I seem to remember some controversy about how Hillary was caught in a lie about Chelsea being near WTC on 9/11 and the media found out that Chelsea was nowhere near the towers.


Someone on TV was speaking nostalgically about the Nixon presidency, saying its "Law and Order" was looking respectable compared with our current options. I have been thinking about Hoover, and the banishment of rogues from our body politic. Since the demise of Hoover, we have had the ouster of Nixon for ending the Vietnam War, the embarrassment of Carter, the S and L scandal (white collar crime syndication), and then the alternating administrations of Clintons and Bushes. Hoover, whatever you think of him, understood crime, foreign encroachment, and the degeneration of our values. There was fear with Hoover around. Now, there is none. Hooligans are having a field day. Legal limits impose no restrictions. The FBI director of today is just another presidential toadie.

If we had more independent investigating, there would be more people serving prison sentences; Dr. Phil would not be in such demand.


BULLETIN for progressives: THE OBAMA-NATION.

Do not be riled by Monica's taking you on a non-MagicaL non-Mystery Tour of Democratic Slimebuckets. You know what a Republican that girl is.

So buck up and take heart. This just in from THE NATION. (Surely you know what a beacon that hoary publication is to all things proggy.)

Well, THE NATION is now calling on all progressives to Unite Behind Obama! Do you hear? In other words, STFU and Unite for victory over the capitalists!

(Clintophiliacs should not, I believe, take offense from the NATION's call. In fact, they are probably welcome, in effect, to eat their own and jump on Obama's wagon.)

But don't take the word of gringommentary for it. Judge for your Bush Lied/People Died self.




I don't know what the answer is but more layers of government don't seem to be working. Wall Street exists in a highly regulated universe governed by the SEC and NASD and we still have problems. Each state has an Attorney General. I'm not sure, but I think there is a network of Associate Attorney Generals and Deputy Attorney Generals, all paid by our tax dollar. What are these people doing? American taxpayers want to know.


Obama approved of Spitzer's plan to give illegals driver's licenses and he hasn't backed down. Why do we even bother to have laws anymore?


Allah Schmallah

M/M.. if Obama ever became President you can expect UNPREVEDENTED WAVES of moslem "immigration".

Legal.. illegal.. schmillegal..


But you even have a problem with the *legal* immigrants, Allah S.

That's what some of us call bigotry.

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