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March 17, 2008



In New York - it is the blind leading the blind. Will it ever end? This stuff? Everyone knows about Spitzer, and 1-day monkey business in Washington. It is an American ritual as old as George himself. Right? Now this. When will we ever be able to discuss government efficiency?

BTW - Monica had a good show this weekend.


Monica still has a show? Will wonders ever cease?


Hi Monica - on the Imus show you attributed a quote to Churchill. I searched for the quote and found a similar one though it was attributed to Woodrow Wilson.

Never murder a man who is committing suicide. – Woodrow Wilson

Is there one by Churchill that I am missing?

Thanks, Del


You mean Monica may have gotten her facts wrong?



Whoah.. easy there Fred - not only is Monica brilliant - she is also gorgeous.

Nothing I like more than a beautiful intelligent woman. This has nothing to do with agreeing or not agreeing with her personal views.

I'm an equal opportunity admirer!


It's absurd to call her brilliant. Give me a break.


Sorry, I wasn't able to post yesterday. Out celebrating St. Patty's day and drinking a toast to the new Governor of New York.

When are they going to put a camera on El Bernardo del Bronx?


It seems that Bernard is in another location as a producer. I don't have RFD so I don't see who is on camera. Recently he did the 'arch bishop' - wondering if he did it on the set?


El Bernardo del Bronx was not on camera when he last did his Cardinal imitation, and did not treat us to the Cardinal on St. Patrick's day. He, however, did warm my heart this morning, when correctly stating that it was my guy Hannity who first broke the Jeremiah Wright story months ago.

El Bernard del Bronx is so adored. The Imus fans have been BEGGING Imus to get a camera on Bernard since December.

Allah Schmallah

Sorry I am not a big fan of Imus. He cowed to the racist Al "slim shady" sharpton.

What a shameful display, Imus!

I want Curtis Sliwa back. He tells it like it is. I don't miss the self-hating Kuby.

Sorry if I am a dissenting voice on this one..

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