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March 12, 2008


Account Deleted

These events, and the incomprehensible controversy started by the thoughtless comments of the newly ex Finance Head of the Clinton campiagn reflect two things:

a) The hubris that accrues to men and women in power that admits the self-deception that one is allowed to do or say anything if one is convinced of the value of one’s judgment over an absolute moral standard.

b) The tolerance of the American public for allowing relativistic transgression of an absolute moral standard.

Keep going Monica!

Tom TB

In less than four years, we here in the Tri-State area have seen a triple-play. Gov. Rowland resigns after taking bribes. Gov. McGreevey resigns after giving his foreign gay lover a State job. Gov. Spitzer resigns after procuring female prostitutes. All three campaigned as married, honest men with children. How about we voters get to choose between money addicts and sex addicts, or how about a potential Governor that has a clear idea of their sexual orientation, isn't greedy, and expects to finish out their term in office!


I think the RNC needs someone fresh and exciting, like the hero of this entire Spitzer fiasco.

Have you taken a good luck at what the RNC has in Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco. Here is his website:


When Eliot made the comment about being "a ______ steamroller", his anger was directed at Assemblyman Tedisco. Assemblyman Tedisco further angered the "luv guv" when he threatened to file a lawsuit ON BEHALF of the people of New York if "the former Sheriff of Wall Street" attempted to "steamroll" over the wishes of the majority of New Yorkers who were opposed to Spitzer's unpopular idea to provide driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Whether it is protecting New Yorkers from "Client #9", fighting for lower taxes or introducing widely popular bills, Assemblyman Tedisco has always been there to fight for the people of New York. Now it is time, for the people of New York to give back to this RISING STAR. Any possibility McCain can choose Jim Tedisco for a running mate?

Oh, and that old guy, State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is not so bad himself. Unlike Fred Thompson, Senator Bruno is a truly a "silver fox". Perhaps the RNC might hiring him as a consultant to bring some life and energy back into the party. Say what you will about Senator Joe, the man has cajones.


What happened to Democratic imagination?
Why haven't they seized on a very blatant aspect of the Spitzer debacle and used it to club the Republicans and Georgie Bush?

Forget the usual BDS spouted by ailing proggies. All Dems, and even many conservatives, agree that Republicans have damaged the economy, spending like drunken libs. Inflation is now over the horizon. It really is. And aren't the liberal pols doing whatever they can to pin it on the Pubs?

Then what are the donks waiting for in this case? And where are those like the brilliant Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz who see SpitzerShock as much ado about ONLY SEX?

$100 oil? What is that compared to Crusader Elliot Spitzer laying out $4000 for an hour of companionship, not to mention the $80,000 for (presumably)longer term services?

Imagine the Bubba Man ever getting "billed" like that for what in Arkansas he would have known as "a poontang special?"

But Bill Clinton's heyday was back before Bush and his Republicans.

Elliot Spitzer, the Dem's poor moral crusader, was not that fortunate. The results? This awful inflation also drove poor Eliot to take special measures of evasion---possibly even including obstruction of investigation--- due to the exorbitant pricing he needed to cover up.

Forget oil. Proggies, awake! What hath Bush wrought?

The $4000 tumble.


Gringoman --

What the hell are you asking?

J. Pierpont Finch

It appears that Eliot found former NY Governor & VP Nelson Rockafeller's little black book while he was in the NY Governor's Manion.

As some may remember, Nelson died in a NYC appartment during a tryst. The poor tart had to call "emergency" to get the deceased Nelson off of her. As I remember, they had to use a crane. I felt sorry for Nelson's second wife, Happy, at the time. I guess her inheritance kept her happy.

There seems to be a trend developing with New York governors.


Rockefeller having a consensual affair that ended with his death in 1979 (six years after his 3 1/2 terms as governor; two years after his partial term as vice president). Spitzer's sex scandal in 2008 -- about 30 years later. Our new governor admitting to consensual affairs in 2008.

Yeah, you are right, Finch. That's some "trend"! They should make you a political analyst because you are a freaking genius!

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