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March 11, 2008


Jack Flynn

Oh god! What a match! Dennis Miller and Monica! It's too much! I can't stand it! Arggggggggggggg!!!



Suggestion for discussion topic on the Dennis Miller gig: The Mind of Professor Alan Dershowitz.

Dershie, as you would know, has leapt to the defense of New York's most celebrated john, (soon to be ex) Governor Spitzer, making an academic of himself on CNN.

The Dershowitz Dictum: Hey, look, what the Governor did is "only sex." Why don't we grow up in this country like they do in all other countries? Hey, it's not even a crime and rarely prosecuted. The evil White House had to be out to get this rising Democratic star material. Hey, it was ONLY SEX, you idiots! yada-yada-yada. Why can't we grow up?

GRINGO CROSS EXAMINATION: Dear Professor (1) was your guy not a moral crusader? (2) Wasn't it suspicious money transactions, NOT sex, that launched FBI probe? (3) Is the real source of some $80,000 (at last count) still not fully explained, except that it came from a Spitzer account? (4) Why won't you follow the money, Professor, instead of throwing in our faces the "straw man" of ONLY SEX? (5) Does transforming Spitzer's wife into a Hillary clone on world TV, standing by her sleazebag, er...uh...man, constitute ONLY SEX? (6) Does the fact of Spitzer's three daughters cringing their way to school in a world where Daddy is exposed as a hypocritical whoremaster cheating on Mommy constitute ONLY SEX (7) Does Spitzer's current attempt to plea bargain himself out of a prison sentence before resigning mean, in your eyes, that this is ONLY SEX. (8) Was the crucifixion of Scooter Libby, on obstruction of investigation---the very same point being raised in Spitzer case re investigation of money trail---an example of persecuting rising Dem star material?

A gringomanic conclusion: How can Alan Dershowitz come off sounding like a common proggie, naive as a sophomore in a Che T-shirt? How is a man so smart, so accomplished, so, if you will, Harvardianized, come off sounding so stupid?

PS. If the reply is: the guy's just being a lawyer, and a good one, then maybe the character in Shakespeare's Henry VI was right after all.



Coming from gringoVision


The leftwing media is mute on the point that ELIOT SPITZER IS A DEMOCRAT. If this was a Republican you can bet the media would be yelling that fact everytime they did a story on this, but since he is a Democrat he is just another politician (and all politicians do that espically Republican politicians). The bias in this case is total and obvious. They have no shame or professionalism.


According to stories out this morning Spitzer spent as much as $80,000 dollars on high priced hookers. Good grief, politics must pay pretty well in New York if you can afford to spend that much money on call girls.


Everyone knows Spitzer is a Democrat, Steveok. In sex scandal stories the focus is the sex, not the party, unless the person under fire is a hypocrite like Larry Craig who is gay but takes an anti-gay stand politically -- in which case *that* becomes the story.


Breaking news... Looks like today is the day...stay tuned...



Sorry to disappoint you Jack. I listen to Rush and I can tell you that he is so popular with women that he is forced to take applications.


Hey Alan Dershowitz, why is it ok for "The Great Reformer" to bust call girls in 2004, but use their services in his private life? And, by the way, did you or any of your liberal friends defend those women when Eliot went after them?

Spokane Valley Insider

I wish you would fill in for Dennis the entire time. The two previous days lulled me to sleep.

Jack Flynn

Yeah M/M, right. You mean applications to his butt?



You're projecting again. Just because you have to pay for it doesn't mean everyone else does.


M/M --

That was kind of a silly comment by you.

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