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March 10, 2008



I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what Spitzer did. Did he use a prostitute? Invest in a whorehouse? Give money to people who ran a whorehouse? What is the deal?


Hmm. The story is starting to come out. Apparently he's Client No. 9 on www.thesmokinggun.com. Not good, not good.


Was he blackmailed into giving aliens licenses?


She left for Washington, right from Penn Station. How many other interesting people take the train I wonder?

Account Deleted

Well done Monica ... very clever! Here is the phone ringing at 3 am: let's see if she does the right thing. Governing is partly about character.

Last week there was the accusation from her camp about Obama acting like Ken Starr. A day later the good Harvard professor on Obama's team called her a "monster".

Hillary's observation: "one was an ad hominem attack, the other a historical reference". At least she got the order right.

Jack Flynn


Forget it. Limbaugh isn't running.

Harpoon the bastard.

Jack Flynn

"Democratic Party in His Pants"

What's in your pants?

J. Pierpont Finch

It's quite transparent to me that Governor Elliot was doing undercover work in order to penetrate organized crime through a prostitution ring in order to have material for an upcoming book he was writing with the expection that it would become an instant best seller on the NY Times List.

J. Pierpont Finch

INTERESTING TO WATCH THE PARTISAN DEM ROOTERS IN THE MEDIA RATIONALIZE GOVERNOR ELLIOT's ACTIONS. Save some news clown on CNBC named HARWOOD minimizing the governor's actions by saying he joins a long list of officials who are guilty of similar indescretions.

It appears that THE CULTURE OF CORRUPTION is non-partisan and includes people loyal to both of our major political parties.

WE HAVE THE BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY and nobody with power seems to want it any other way.



I enjoyed your interview with Congressman Pete King on Saturday. Please thank him for me for all he does for the people of New York.

Here is an article about Eliot. The man is a psycho.



Apparently, the NYT broke the story.


J. Pierpont Finch

Of course the NY Times broke the story. It was to get advance publicity for Governor Elliot's upcoming book to be published by the NY Times Publishing co to help with its instant success as a best seller on their list. You will see. the facts will come out. You will see, M/M :-)


I think Kay Bailey Hutchinson is an awful choice for McCain's Vice President

Allah Schmallah

The good guvner couldn't keep his effin' steamroller in his pants.. serves him right..

FYI he prosecuted several prostitution rings during his reign as DA. Maybe this is a lil' payback..

Lieberal hypocrisy exposed.. of course if he'd been playhing footsies with an undercover FBI agent.. then all hell would have broken loose.

But hey, boys will be boys. The *democrat* governor in next-door New Jersey had to resign when it came to light that he was frequenting interstate bathrooms for anonymous sex with men.

Most famous quote during the resigantion speech: "I am a gay American". He might have addded: "and I got caught".

Happens to the best of them. I hear the backup guv for Spitzer is an ultra-liberal black man who may even be blind...

Hitlery must belovin' it.. anyone know if there are any recent pics of her on the campaign trail with the guvner?

Someone must have snapped the "endorsement".

Jack Flynn

With America's attention span cruising at approximately ten minutes, (conservative estimate), your saliva will hardly be dry when it's over, so run with it boys. Britney will be back in the headlines tomorrow.

Allah Schmallah

Waiting it out didn't work for the "gay American" governor McGreedy from New Jersey.

Are you suggesting we apply a double standard here, Jake 0.2?

This guy "effing steamroller" guy Shpritzer has made a helluva lot more enemies than McGreedy ever did..

This is not going away. Until he does.


Upon first hearing this this morning, I was anticipating an immediate resignation.. I'm rethinking this though and I'm certain that there has been prior discussion between Spitzer and the Clintons as this is a crisis that hits too close to home for Hillary and has long- term ramifications for the nomination and convention process. Using the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal as a model, I suspect this crisis will be "ridden out" and the Clintons themselves thru comission of various outrages will ultimately contribute to Spitzer's scandal being interpreted as a "personal problem."

As a Libertarian who has procured prostitutes on many occasions, I was nearly giddy to hear that the Governor was stung by his own hypocrisy. While I feel bad for his family, perhaps their long-term interests are served in knowledge of what kind of man they really have for a husband and father.

Allah Schmallah

and this:

"Client 9 - believed to be Spitzer - paid $4,300 for a woman named "Kristen" to come from New York to D.C. A portion of that money, however, likely went to credit for future appointments."

So if this money came directly from the Shpritzer's income.. wouldn't his wife of 21 years know there's a lot of money missing?

Obviously this wasn't the one and only time he "shpritzed".

therefore I ask.. WHERE did the money come from?

Conclusion: He either stole it from the taxpayers or he got bribed somewhere.

Follow the money trail.

There's a whole lot more to this than meets the eye.


Just saw "Distinguished Gentleman", and it's spooky. How did they know about Obama back then?


Just as strange there is a movie entitled "Emperor's Club", and in it the instructor tells his Ivy league student "A man's character is his fate". Wow, blows me away !


No one I know is rationalizing Spitzer's indiscretion. We are shocked and disgusted. And the worst is yet to come, as the press finds out the sordid details. It's inexcusable for someone in Spitzer's position to do this. It opens an official up to blackmail, for one thing, which hurts us all.

Jack Flynn

There is no sex I can think of that's worth $4,300, except maybe a blow job from a jet engine.


If the Governor resigns the campaign against Lt. Governor Patterson will be that much more difficult. He has at least 20 years in the NY senate, and at least five years as the minority leader. Not to mention the effects of the Clinton, Obama machines.
That will be an interesting campaign.


Maybe Nadia Comaneci would be worth it?

Allah Schmallah

K-Fred.. you have some odd tastes..


Think about what she is capable of doing in gymnastics, and imagine it in private. (Dismounts? Sticking the landing?)

Jack Flynn

Hey Fred, Whataya? Some kinda Comedian?

Jack Flynn

Too bad he got caught. There is something titillating about a super delegate phoning in his vote from the steamy haven of prostitute's loins. A little musty perhaps, but the vote would count.


Ew, Jack.

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