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March 31, 2008



I wanted to post some classic lyrics of 50 Cents but I thought I better not, I didn't want to offend anyone. It's hard to find anything he has done that wouldn't offend people. I can see it now, Rev. Jeremiah Wright could be the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention and 50 Cents could sing some of his latest hits, that would be perfect for their convention.


I would prefer 50 Cent to George W. Bush, who will be at the Republican Convention. I eagerly await his pep talk.


Obama on the campaign trail


Allah Schmallah

Snoop Dog for President!

Allah Schmallah

Fiddy Cent.. my, that's a lotta change!


"Our girl" really "poked the RINO Juan Mexicain in the eye on "Good Morning America" today when she said that if the red phone rang at the White House at 3 in the morning about the economy, he would just let it "ring and ring". And she looked FABULOUS in her powder blue pantsuit when she said it.

Our choices:

Juan Mexicain
Ralph Nader

Well, it is YOU girl, and you should know it. Speaking of pantsuits, here is a song of encouragement for "our girl".


Hey you put fify cent on Obama
You put fify cent on dat Hill,
An' what that leave you?

That leave you a buck a luck.

So what you gonna do with P--O--Double Who?
You want McCain
Comin' all down yo brain
Like you know what
From de Mexico slut?

That what you want?
That what I want?
Ah don't thiiiiiink so.
You want it rainin'
All over yo' brainin'?

Now here's what ah do.
Put fify cent on Obama.
Put fify cent on de Hill.
What that leave you?

A buck a luck,
A buck a luck,
A buck a luck.

[an excerpt from gringolandia: the hip-hop division]

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