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March 18, 2008


Tom TB

This reminds me of how Hollywood actors have to go publicly to drug re-hab to get new movie parts. Apparently today, if you haven't had an extra-marital affair, and received counselling, your electorate will think you are hiding something!


He's admitting it up-front so that it won't be discovered and used against him later. It's a smart move.

Monica can say, "STOP IT", but she's never been married. Anyone who has been married knows that marriages go through rocky times and things can happen. Sometimes a couple splits up, and sometimes they deal with what has happened and move on.

So this couple has had affairs. It's out. It can't be used for leverage or to create a sensational story. Now the new governor can get down to business.


Yes, definitely people in any type of relationship have challenges, but you can limit the subject matter being challenged if both persons are on the same page. Call me old-fashioned, but I have talked to a lot of married couples who have been together for over thirty plus years, and their recipe is very simple. Part of it starts from the values they agreed on from the beginning. Another thing is they never let anyone put a wedge between them. There's more, but space is limited here.


Ref --

That's ideal, but real life is not ideal. What if you are still together, but, at some point in the past, there was a wedge? Normal people can move on and not tell anyone (it's nobody's business), but a couple in politics is in a different situation.

If the new governor didn't say anything, one of the people they had affairs with might come forward, and then we've got another embarrassing story on the 24-hours cable news channels and the front pages of the papers.

I think the new governor made a smart move.

Account Deleted

To: FredK2929

Sir –

I have a policy against communicating with other members on a blog, as this is property of the author and believe she extends the option for readers at her sole discretion to comment intelligently and in a civil manner about her articles relating to current affairs.

This is the first time, and I intend that it will be the last, I address another member of the audience directly.

Today is the second day you refer to Monica’s personal life. I find your remarks inappropriate and disquieting for our hostess.

Please be so kind as to focus your comments, many of which have interesting points, to the subject at hand. You may find better acceptance of your ideas, and the audience will most certainly enjoy better this resource provided as a courtesy by Ms. Crowley.

Thank you.


Michael --

Thanks for comments but I don't give a s***.

Kindly go f*** yourself.


I was a bit hasty in my response. I can attempt to be civil if others on this blog will try to do the same. After being subjected to abuse by the likes of Finch and Allah Seborrhea for a while, I stop paying attention to manners. I'll keep your comments in mind, Michael, but I can't make any promises.

Account Deleted


Thank you. Somethimes character stands alone, but by so doing attracts others to a better way. And for those who persist in uncivil ways, well - they might benefit from your early advice!



Looks like Paterson now has more than one.


When I first heard the news about Paterson, I too thought it was smart to get the news out there on the first day. Paterson goes back a long time and I'm sure there are alot of people, especially reporters who know about extracurricular activities.

By the way, did anyone hear from our friends from NOW about the Spitzer scandal or are they still too busy causing trouble for Don Imus? In case you missed it, here is a women's organization that worked with Spitzer in protecting women from sex trafficking. In this statement they discuss how Spizter, while governor, signed into law one of the strongest anti-trafficking laws in the country. They also criticize Alan Dershowitz for his comments on prostitution, and his description of prostitution as a "victimless



Do we really care that Governor Paterson had affairs with non-government employees who were not prostitutes a long time ago during a difficult time in his marriage?

This story is not E!- or TMZ-worthy, so let's move on.


Let me clarify . . . non-government employees that he did not supervise.


OK, I'm tired, it's early. I mean that if they were GOVERNMENT employees, he was not their supervisor.

Oh, who gives a s***. This story is boring.


I'm bored to death by Obama. I'm going to have start listening to Fred Dicker again. This story just won't go away because I won't let it.

Britney and Paris were SO last year and Monica L. was so 1990s. This year the new "it" girl is Kristen!


It isn't about sex. It is about powerful men who men who make the laws.


Kind of appropriate that this story broke. Remember when that young, cute Paul McCartney asked "Will you still love me when I'm 64?" Guess, the answer to that is no.

Good for you Heather, replace that old guy with a younger model. You too, Silda.


Here's another interesting story:



Hi Monica-

I for one do not think it's "no big deal" that the new NY Gov. and his wife have had numerous affairs. They must be liberals (sure they are) because liberals have no morals. The people of NY State are getting exactly what they deserve, another no class scum-bag.

Have a great day.


You are right. Only liberals cheat on their spouses and have issues with morality.

Oh, wait a minute . . . Is Larry Craig a liberal? Was Jim Bakker? Is Mark Foley? Newt Gingrich? Rudy Giuliani?

Do you really want to get into claiming that one political group has a monopoly on morality? That's not a good game to get into with scandals on both sides. (Even Bill O'Reilly enjoys a good falafel.)


You missed the point! Which one in your list was proud of cheating on thier spouse? Which ones think cheating is a normal part of marriage? It would take a liberal to wear it like a badge of courage, and to act like everybody does it. See the Clintons.


The Clintons took a beating, and I suspect Hillary gave Bill a bruising in private.

No liberals wear adultery as a badge of honor. Please try not to be a moron.


am a Republican and one of the 69% of New Yorkers who voted for Spitzer. Frankly, I think he was the best thing EVER for the Republican party. Around the 4th month of his administration, I heard him publically berating my Republican State Senator on the radio. My State Senator is a wonderful man and was working very diligently on a local issue for me. I was so upset when I heard how Eliot was treating my State Senator that I called my State Senator and apologized for the governor and promised him I would never vote for a Democrat again. After experiencing Eliot, I wouldn't even vote for a dog catcher if he had a D by his name. It took Eliot Spitzer, MSNBC and NBC to Hannitize me.

Besides his liberal views, I was appalled at how Eliot used the state troopers and MY TAX money to spy on State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. This was a total misuse of power and accomplished nothing but wasting more of my tax dollars. I realize not everyone appreciates Senator Joe, but he does get things done for his constituients and MANY NEW YORK voters appreciate what he does for us. (Thanks for helping me with that bill that I felt so passionately about Senator Joe - you are a "silver fox".)

By October, Governor Spitzer decided that it was not enough to try steamroll over the Republicans, but he was going to take it to the people by issuing driver's licenses for illegals. Around 70% of New Yorkers were opposed to Spitzer's idea, but he kept IGNORING the voters wishes and tried to steamroll over us. He finally nixed the idea when the issue became a major problem in Hillary's campaign. Actually, it was the beginning of her downward slide.

Believe me, I have no interest in Spitzer's sex life and could care less about what he does on his own time. I DO have a problem with his arrogance and hypocrisy. Eliot had the AUDACITY to prosectute call girls while Attorney General and lengthen the sentence for johns from 3 months to 1 year as Governor, while he was using the service of prostitutes. I really DO have a problem with ANY politician SIGNING and ENFORCING laws that the public has to obey when he is breaking his own laws.

Eliot might have done well in law school, but he was a TOTAL FAILURE as a leader. I know people wish he was still around because of what is happening on Wall Street these days, but I heard that he also "selectively targeted" many business leaders unfairly. Don't forget Rudy Guilianni was just as impressive an Attorney General when he took down Michael Milken and went after organized crime. Unlike Eliot, Rudy was able to transition into a GREAT MAYOR and RESPECTED leader. Andrew Cuomo is our current Attorney General and he wants to be the next Governor of New York. Now is his chance to shine.

For all you friends of Eliot, it is too late. Eliot needed allies last week. Governor Paterson just started and I'm willing to give him a chance. If you don't like him, BLAME Eliot because Eliot is the one who picked him as Lt. Governor. NJ DOESN'T even have a Lt. Governor after their scandals. I have confidence in my elected officials and New York will do just fine. Besides, Spitzer only last a little over a year. If we got rid of one governor, we can get rid of another.

Allah Schmallah

The liberals can't be trusted. Wonder when the BIG EMPTY [obama] will be found to have had an affair or something..

He already threw granny under the bus.. hey that's so liberal of him isn't it?

They truly have no morals at all.

Allah Schmallah

We need to do-over of the NY gubernatorial election..

I know nothing about this Patterson guy except that he and his wife are swingers. Their story doesn't wash.

I can read between the lines.

If he runs for governor and the people know h's a swinger and he wins anyway then i am all for his taking the office of Governor.

But not thru the back door please. No pun intended.


Oh geez. What is this . . . the '70s? Marriages go through rocky times, and sometimes people have affairs. It doesn't make it right, but it happens. But that doesn't make them "swingers".

You are a throwback to a different time, Allah Schmuckhead.

Allah Schmallah

Semantics, Komrade.. Semantics.. Facts remain facts.

Allah Schmallah

And pricks remain pricks. Thanks for proving that again and again. But it's nice to know that a prick like you is on the side of the Republicans. More power to pricks like you and George W. Bush, right? Keep ruining the country!

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