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March 28, 2008



This press release is from Brad Paisley's website. Looks like alot of people like the song. Hey, Garrison will be broadcasting from NYC on Saturday.

March 27, 2008
I’m Still A Guy
Battlestar Galactica: The Phenomenon – March 28
A Prairie Home Companion With Garrison Keillor – April 5

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 27, 2008) Brad Paisley’s current single “I’m Still A Guy” is officially his fastest rising single to date at #13 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and R&R Country chart in just five weeks, surpassing “Ticks” which was #14 in five weeks.

Paisley will be part of the celebrity-studded celebration of the impact Battlestar Galactica has had on pop culture and why it is one of the best shows on television. Battlestar Galactica: The Phenomenon is a half- hour special that will air on the Sci Fi channel this Friday, March 28 10:30pm ET.

Paisley will make his second appearance on A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor on April 5, 6:00 ET on public radio and XM Radio. The show will be performed before a live audience at the famous Town Hall Theater in New York City.

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The problem with Jack doing his prog pontificating to the ladies: he is not in like Flynn.

The last man who tried to tell women how to be a woman was George Bernardo Shaw, who at least was a bonafide wit of high culture who could slam with the best of them.

I agree with you that Jack is almost "cute" in his proggy attempt to "liberate" women. But do you think he gets it? He's like a retired milkman who's gone to confession, admitted what he used to do to his poor wife, and now sincerely (in his way) wants to be redeemed and has found his 'Redeemer,' a psychologically "battered" woman who, paradoxically, he feels is strong enough to pay him back for all his former sins.

Clintophilia is a remarkable condition, especially in men torn between being their biological selves or what latinos might call a "mamalito."

Jack, as a sincere individual and not a political hack (we should give him the benefit of a doubt, no?)
may deserve your sympathy and understanding, M/M.

Do you detect some reach-out, there?

Jack Flynn

Interesting analysis Gringoman. Curious that you hesitate to address me directly and find it necessary to employ M/M as a surrogate? My guess—a classic case of introversion, rather than a common anti-social attitude. On the other hand, you seem to be using me as a surrogate to reach M/M. Again, interesting.
My goal is not to "liberate" women—only to nudge a few sleeping souls every now and then and stretch their gestalt a tiny bit. No sweeping mania here. I do it in all humility knowing that in most cases, it is almost a sin against nature to disturb a hibernating creature. Do you really think that GBS was the last man to tell a woman how to be a woman? Indeed a fertile area of investigation for Cultural Anthropologists
As far as redemption goes, I don't know of any man who could square it with the opposite sex.
After approximately 479,000 human incarnations, I sure as hell haven't learned enough to do it. How about you?
And yes, I think a "Mamalito" is just what America needs right now because "Papalito" has screwed the Nation up its un-royal bum.

Jack Flynn

Sorry, Gringoman. I neglected to respond to your well framed "milkman" comment. Your choice of the word "Milk" intimates that perhaps you were weened a wee too early.

Thank Ford for for the soybean, eh?

Allah Schmallah

Sorry if Mr. Paisley's song lyrics kinda leave me cold.. I do like almost anything that gets liberals' gander up so for that I appreciate them.

And nothing wrong with a few days of fishing either :-)

But on artistic merit... I need more inventgive rhyming and music that's in tune.

Give me some dark moody electronica or some soulful House instead of vacuous Country Music any day - or night - of the week!

And I do like me sum fancy French paintin's too.

Allah Schmallah

What I am against is the self-destructive elements of liberalism.. the imminent racism that is at its very core.

The pathology of why has been discussed ad infinitum and should be eminently clear to all but the liberals themselves.

Which is at the core of our dilemma. I know we cannot change the mindeset of islam since that's been passed down as the 'immutable word of G-d' by the child-marrying and caravan-raiding warlord Mahomet who started their little 'religion' by persecuting the Quraish Jews of Mecca.

To get moslems to abnegate islam in great numbers is like trying to pull teeth on a vampire.

Liberalism and the deliberate clouding, twisting and dominance it has over our public discourse has given cover to this age-old, ever-so-patient and relentless enemy.. an enemy which never stops plotting how to submit the entire world to theis perverted sharia laws.

You have met the Borg. Mindlessly Collective yet devastatingly effective in its singular purpose to rub out all independent life and thought throughout the Universe.

That is the ultimate aim of this arch-foe we face. The Crusades were merely and anti-reaction after centuries of Barbarian attempts to conquer Europe.

See also under Barbary Coast. The Americans finally had enough of ransoming out their merchant sailors and spent their money on self-defense rather than to keep paying off their enemies ad nauseam.

If only History Class were still taught with an eye on the truth instead of the Classic Liberal Dogma that Western Civ is at the root of all evil.

This suicidal nonsense will get us all killed.

The archetypal 'redneck cowboy' may have his heart in the right place but he also could use something of a brain.

One 'dhimya' Bush may act like the bumbling cowboy on the outside, when in fact he's a slick (snake) oil-salesman from Texas who's got everyone confused.

The perfect lightning rod for liberals (see Fred K, Jay-Z and countless others), he fools the True Conservatives into believing that he has their agenda at heart.

When in fact we all have had to find out that this slimy shape-shifter Bush doesn't fit any of the molds which he's cunningly allowed everyone to cast him in as he pursued his ultimate aims.

It's all about money, folks.

Values like Nation be damned.

We must find a healthy discourse outside of defiant redneckism on the one hand and mindless bleating liberalism on the other.

For the sake of our future.

We Conservatives MUST find the wherewithal to make liberals - who vote in great numbers - see the self-destructive errors of their ways before it is too late.

Allah Schmallah

I was about done but here is something that I'd like you all the see. Especially the thick-skulled Fred and Jack:

What about UK Imam: "Non-Muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet"



They are in ENGLAND and they are preaching death to English people and others who don't wish to follow them in their madness!

If it were up to red-blooded Enghlishmen these imams would be out in a day.

We all know who is holding them back..

And before anyone says I want to deport all moslems lert me say this: I want to make the conditions such that only those moslems who are truly peace-loving and well-intentioned have reason to stay among us.

This step-and-fetchit routine our 'leaders' are presently presenting only serves to embolden them and therefore make the situation even worse.

Allah Schmallah

Remember one thing: Noone - including the Jews - took one Adolf Hitler very serious either. Until it was - almost - too late.

History does repeat itself. The players aren't necessarily the same.

Jack Flynn

What do you do for fun, Allah?


But you even have a problem with the *legal* immigrants, Allah S.

That's what some of us call bigotry.

Posted by: FredK2929 | March 27, 2008 at 08:45 AM

I stick by the above post.

Allah Schmallah

And you keep re-bleating half-truths.
That's what **I** call a Weisenheimer.

Allah Schmallah

ThicK-skulled Fred.. You just don't WANT to get it. You are using evasive tactics, accusing me of things I have nothing to do with.

I do not have a problem at all with LEGAL immigrants.

What I do see as a threat is the unbridled setting-up of mosks all over the Western World, financed by Bush's bosom buddies the SOWdi BArbarians.

So I'll throw ya a bone since it's the truth. Bush is selling us out for money.

The Neo-Cons are selling us and Israel down the Jordan River for money. Pure and Simple.

Among LiEberals the pathology ranges from oblivious Kumbaya We-are-all-one-ism to unbridled anti-Semitism of the Carterites, many of whom are now surrounding Jimmy-the-Dhimmi-with-a-tan Oprahbama. See Ed Brzezinski for starters.

The NeoCons have such anti-Semites as James Baker III whose lawfirm is on exlusive retainer with the SOWdis and they allowed this biased and UNELECTED man to sit on an important Middle East Committee recently. I think it was called the Middle East Study Group or something like that.

This committee endorsed such patently absurd and racist SOWdi ideas as not allowing any more Jews to immigrate into Israel. Oh, and all Arabs who were displaced should be allowed back. Let's try that idea in the Sudetenland too, shall we?

Essentially this would slowly hand Israel to the moslems without them ever having to fight for it.

Since they don't work and we subsidize them they continue to out-breed everyone else.

And all these "global Warming" freaks keep talking about "over-population" as if we were the problem. I never ever hear them talking about the Middle East for example.

liEberal self-hatred pure and simple.. and enthusiastically endorsed by those fervent Haters of the Western World at the U.N.

To get back to "legal" immigrants for a moment.. I also have a problem with legalizing those who entered the country illegally.

Basically I see that as a hostile action for a large number of people to invade another country completely uninvited.

It is usually called war.

Just because one doesn't wear a uniform doesn't mean one isn't a soldier.

Just ask Looney-bin Laden.

We cannot afford our old thinking any longer.

I have to stop before I dedicate a REALLY LONG post to Ted Kennedy...

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