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March 21, 2008


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Thank you Monica. This is beautiful.

God bless and have a wonderful Easter.

Allah Schmallah

Happy Easter, everyone.


Can we have one day where a self-absorbed pundit doesn't presume what the feelings of the principal figure of a major religion would be?


Jesus would likely close down Bear-Stearns, among other things. He would not be distracted by hookers.


But don't many believe that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute (although my understanding is that there is no evidence for this assumption)?

Allah Schmallah

Leave it up to Kommissar liEberal K to despoil the Easter Spirit. The same liEberal who - as they all do - wrings his hands about 'why do they hate us?'. Just see the latest utterly shameful display of weakness and prostration by John Botox Kerry.

Sorry, I was trying to hold my tongue on the various topics of the day, but Kommissar K brings out the best in us all.

PS. I hope sincerely that John K is not a 'typical white person'.

Allah Schmallah

No way we will ever see a liEberal insult najislam the way the insult Christianity at every stop.


Monica, we can have that day on Good Friday (and possibly Easter), everywhere but in our Public Schools. Since God was drop kicked out of our schools many years ago, maybe we can have that day on "Earth Day" since the lefties allow us to worship "green".

Personally I'm still fuming about Obama's self-rightous pontification speech the other day when he attempted to be Dr. Phil on race relations in America when he didn't have the stones to confront his hate filled Pastor in 20 years of setting in his pew saying "right-on" to everything he said.

As for the "passport file" scandal, I didn't see the outrage in the media during the Clinton Administration when we learned that hundreds of FBI files had been sent to the White House for their light reading, duh. Suddenley some low level contract worker peeks inside a "passport file" and the leftie media has a cow.

Since I'm on my leftie media rant, did you notice we were in another leftie media economic depression. All we hear is one leftie story after another that says woe is me. It's a scam and fraud, the economy is not that bad, but the leftie media is pumping up the Democratic candidates by telling us how wonderful things will be if they win the White House.

Allah Schmallah

Well.. I am no fan of Oprahbama.. especially after the "reverend" Wrong and the pathetic way he reacted to that came out.. but.. he is still entitled to privacy and that includes his passport records.

Now I am not sure why that would be such a big deal.. I know my records.. I'd LOVE to have them made public so I could be famous and cash in - be it via a lucrative lawsuit or a saucy book deal or both.

But that doesn't mean the BIG EMPTY feels the same way.. nor should he have to. He DOES have the right to privacy like everyone else.

No matter how we may feel about Dr. Phil Obama - and I am in agreemment with SteveOK there - he does not deserve to have his passport records violated.

That is just plain wrong.

Oprahbama will lose out on the issues.. or not.. if Americans are really that stupid...

It's quite OK to relase information about his associations with a racist preacher and a cultist anti-American church. In fact I am quite glad to have learned of these things since I tended to think him as preferrable to Hitlery and "maybe kinda cool and not-so-bad" as much as I detest his liberal voting record in the Senate.

But he should be judged by whom he hangs with.. 20 years with "reverend" Wrong.. hey, that's IT for me!

No need to know about his passport.

I just pray that MexiCAIRN will get a decent running mate.



There are two ways to have a Good Friday.

1. Implore the political animals to stop rolling around in the barnyard of their political animal farm, and get the miracle you implored.

2. Try a dead white man named Johann Sebastian Bach. Maybe The Magnificat.

Happy Easter, no matter which method you try.


I'm watching SNL again tonight. If we can't respect our politicians, we might as well start laughing at them.

Allah sorry about Curtis. I didn't listen to his show, but I do think highly of him from the days when he filled in for Hannity. I listen to Imus because I think his producer Bernard McGuirk is extremely talented. I was hoping to follow Bernard's career when I heard he would be trying out for a Boston radio show last May, but he wasn't even given a chance to audition because of pressure from special interest groups.


We've been hoping that Don Imus would give Bernard a chance to reinvent himself, but I guess Bernard isn't Madonna.

Here is a link to Easter hymns from the Vatican that Laura Ingraham has posted on her site for you to enjoy. Happy Easter everyone!



Oh my gosh, I'm not the only one who is a fan of El Bernardo del Bronx. Here is a post from a guy who used to work on "Imus in the Morning" and now has his own radio show in FL.


"Posted by Sid Rosenberg on March 21, 2008 at 13:25:28:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Imus Radio Theater posted by Rich on March 21, 2008 at 11:53:12:

The show will never be the way it was until Imus takes the muzzle off of Bernard. Imus gets the bulk of the money and the glory over the years but take it from somebody who was on the inside for 5 plus years...Bernie is the key. He is the guy that people can identify with and more than often he says what most of us are thinking. That was part of my appeal as well. Imus spends way too much time these days pandering to the new cast while leaving the guys that got him where he is behind. One Cardinal bit is not exactly loosening the reigns. You want the show to be funny like it was a few years ago? One solution. More Bernard....end of story! "

More support for El Bernardo from his female fans on Imus Truth:


Monica, can you pass these messages along please! WOMEN adore El Bernardo del Bronx. If the executives at WABC want to make more money, I suggest they take might a look at what Bernard's fans are saying about him. (The Free Republicans like Bernard too.)


Oh, Allah S., your existence is what ruins the holiday spirit. All it took was my comment for you to get ready to battle. If you really felt sincere about the holidays, you wouldn't take my bait.

And did someone say the bad state of the economy is a liberal invention? Keep watching. I've already seen 3 people I know lose their jobs in one week, and news reports of many I don't know losing theirs.


Steveok --

Is it that important to you that holidays be celebrated in school? Isn't that what your church is for?

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