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February 25, 2008



I only saw that picture on the Drudge Report. If it was, indeed, released by the Clinton camp, I am not happy about it.

That would be a dirty trick reminiscent of the push polls in South Carolina in 2000 when the Bush camp made sure the voters were aware that McCain had a child of color.

Listen. I'm a Democrat. I've made that clear. I wanted Clinton to win the nomination. But it's over. She will not be the nominee. It's going to be Obama. If we all start ignoring her, she will go away at some point. I'm sorry it came to this, but she has lost. Time for all of us to move on. (Hey, and same for Huckabee, who was great on SNL, mocking himself.)


I wouldn't count the Clintons out, the fat lady has not sung...in fact Hillary probably has been force feeding her dunkin doughnuts. I hear her campaign spent 1300.00 on dunkin doughnuts...I know Bill ate some but still that is alot of dough -nuts.


Hillary Clinton does not have the momentum, and she is not generating excitement. It's all on Obama's side.

J. Pierpont Finch

Obama's women reveal his secret

The public knows less about Barack Obama than any other presidential hopeful in American history. His career bears no trace of his character, and he increasingly appears to be an empty vessel filled with the wishful thinking of those around him. But there is a real Barack Obama - a man shaped by the imprint of an impassioned mother, and the influence of a brilliant wife. Ultimately, the probable next president is a mother's revenge against the America she despised. (Feb 25, '08)


Who is this Spengler, and what kind of psychobabble is this?

If I want to evaluate a candidate, I'll look at the candidate, and so far I'm convinced that Obama loves America. I'm not all that interested in his mother.


Hillary Clinton isn't ready to throw in the towel, to quote Imus if they - the Clintons, were in a hockey game, they would come out of the corner with the puck. But you believe what you want to believe or whatever slant coverage the MSM is pushing this week.

You know, they only need to get Obama with one of those scandal storys, like the NYT used on McCain, right before the next big primarys, and who knows what the outcome would be then. They say the Clinton's enemies, always saves them.


Even if that were the intention, what could they use? That he did drugs? He's already admitted that.

As much as I wanted Clinton, I'm kind of relieved that she's not going to be the candidate. I blame the pundits more than I blame her, but, however it happened, she has become a divisive figure. We've already had a polarizing president for 7 years. We could use a break from that.

Jack Flynn

When we see Monica on The McLaughlin Group, she doesn't call Mrs. Clinton a "Witch" or "Satan" like she does on this blog. Guess she is a coward and doesn't want them to know just how much of a right wing loony she actually is and how obsessed she is with Hillary.


To quote Richard Nixon, I'm sad that we won't have Hillary to kick around any more. It's been fun and I look forward to singing along with all the conservatives on this blog, "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" one more time. She seems to have 9 political lives so I'm not striking up the band until the Texas and Ohio returns finally come it, but it's looking like Obama is going to slay the dragon once and for all.

Jack, as to not calling Hillary a "Witch" on the McLaughlin Group, it's not Monica's show, it's John McLaughlin's show and when you go on someone elses program you have to abide by their desires to a certain extent. Monica is free to express her views freely on her own show and blog but when you go on someone elses show you have to maintain their sense of decorum. It's not being a coward, it's having some common sense.


I don't think it's all that professional for Monica Crowley to call Hillary Clinton a "witch" on her own site. Crowley sets the tone here, and it can explain why the discourse gets so nasty. And I am not excluding myself from the tone she sets.

J. Pierpont Finch

Who is Spengler?

No, I'm not talking about Oswald Spengler, the great declinist, cyclical history theorist, and, most famously, the author of The Decline of the West. He's a pretty neat read, if you're into that sort of thing, and I absolutely love his concept of Western Civilization as a "Faustian" culture. Other than that, he's sort of a crank, and not much of what he says should be taken too seriously.

Who I'm talking about the author of a great many articles and Q&As over at the Asia Times website who writes under the pseudonym "Spengler." He's very interesting and I have read everything that he has written and posted on the Asia Times website. He isn't exactly "Spenglerian" in his outlook, although he has obviously read him and been influenced by him.

Some have said that they believe he is Henry Kissinger (an absurd idea, especially if one compares Kissinger's writings and ideas to those of "Spengler"). Nobody really knows who he is, though.

Care to take a guess?



Allah Schmallah

Hey Special K.. I know you have Bush Derangement Syndrome.. this is coming from someone who LOATHES Bush for being a sellout to Arab/moslem interests.. see Dubai, "religion of Peace", moslem holiday meals at the Raadan Inn.. err.. the White House, etc etc etc..

But I don't HARP on Bush the way all u lefists do. I wish there were a country where all dumb leftists could go and another where the smart people who don't want their tax monies used on welfare and endless 'entitlements' and other liEberal nonsense programs as well as free hospital stays for anyone who's here illegally... could go and take their income with them.

The UN is trying to start global taxation already..

I am sure the BIG EMPTY - namely Obama - will be wholeheartedly on board with that. So if u think The BIG EMPTY won't be a "divisive" President, K, you have something coming..

Let's just hope things get divisive BEFORE the general election and not after The BIG EMPTY has lulled us all to sleep.. and that includes his likely debate opponent.. before it's too late.

I am deeply opposed to MexiCAIRn but the Socialism i see coming like a gathering hurricane is truly troubling..

Let us hope that the American people won't hand the presidency to a charming snake-oil salesman who promises "healing" and "hope".

Last time we had a candidate like this it was one David dinkins "the Pinkins" who was running for Mayor of New York.

He called himself the "Great Racial healer" and as soon as he was in office Al sharpton was parading everywhere.. nurder and mayhem in tow.. which culminated in the cowardly lynching of one Yankel Rosenbaum at the hands of a mob of 10 co-conspirators.

I remember this Fred "SPECIAL" K, even if you choose to ignore this..

I know the Obama Agenda.. say nothing.. speak platitudes.. and wait till yer in.. then do your evil..


Yeah, I kind of wish you lived in another country, too, so we agree on something.

Jack Flynn

Calls himself Allah. Must perceive himself to be God in some ridiculous fashion. However, he reveals the main concern of Conservatives. M-O-N-E-Y!!! That is all there is for them. Everything in their niggling little lives revolves around it. They are obsessed and morbidly fearful as they hallucinate a great liberal sucking sound tormenting every waking and sleeping hour, pounding mercilessly on their heads, draining their bank accounts.
Yes. It is as mundane and unheroic as that. That is all. There is not much more to them. It is selfish. It is puerile. It is. . . a crying shame.
It has led to a senseless and cruel war in Iraq, a crumbling infrastructure, a national debt up the yahooo, homelessness, polluted water air and food, and millions suffering unnecessarily and dying prematurely because of inadequate health care in a country that has misdirected its resources because the few who control those resources are too damned selfish and/or unenlightened to do anything about it.
So what do we get? Barack Obama.
Snake Oil Salesman? Saint? Antichrist? Lincoln? Or what?
It's your call. But one thing is certain. Change is coming.


Jack --

Are you perceiving that "Allah Schmallah" is obsessed with hatred for Muslims? All of them? Even if they have no connection with terrorism? Even if they are American citizens?

Sounds like he may have a problem with black people, too, since he is equating Obama with Dinkins, and thereby making a connection to the Crown Heights riots.

Allah Schmallah

Special K.. the race card is out and on the table.. typical for a liEberal when he has run out of arguments.

Makes u FEEL good to call someonbe else a racist. Makes u feel less GUILTY for a day. Ah that revolutionary fervor!

u r a joke. A caricature of a liEberal really. Do u walk around with a copy of the Village Voice under ur arm?

There is nothing wrong with pointing out how campaign propaganda and reality can
be at complete opposites. Case in point: David Dinkins.

Ah but what's a little pogrom in Brooklyn to a true and dyed-in-the-wool liEberal?!

It's only bad when Hitler does it. When stalin does it let's ignore it. And when a black mayor in New York willfully looks the other way.. oh no.. nothing wrong at all!!

This hypocrisy is exactly why I despise liEberals.

There is a clear connection from David Dinkins to the Crown Heights Riots.

He even feted the jurors after the "not guilty" verdict and then had the balls to complain that a Federal investigation was not needed in this case, implying that to suggest otherwise was an insult of sorts.

David Dinkins was very adept at playing the race card. Much better than you, Fred Septical K.. better than Al Slim shady Sharpton or the "reverend" Jesse Jack-son.


Calling you on your racism doesn't make me feel good. It makes me sad that you are like that. There is no connection between Dinkins and Obama, except for someone like you.

You seem to think you understand how a liberal thinks, but you are not going to find a fan of Stalin among the liberals I know.

I don't have the Village Voice under my arm today. I'm reading John Steinbeck's "East of Eden". What do you have under your arm? "The Turner Diaries"?

Allah Schmallah

Typical bait and switch manoeuvre. I pointed out the obvious discrepancies between the campaign rhetoric of Dinkins and what the City tuned into under his guidance.

It is completely reasonable to point out that "buyer beware - the same might happen with Obama."

In your warped liEberal world any "presumably white" person never has any right at all to say anything at all about any person "of color" - lets they be called a "racist".

Which is exactly why these labels no longer stick.


Allah Schmallah

In fact, liEberals need to be called on their racism. That card was played in New York during the aforementioned Dinkins campaign in an effort to bully white voters into voting for Dinkins.

The whole liEberal calling their ideological foes racists reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. LiEberals are always looking for "racism" behind every curtain because they think it's a convenient club that thwarts all criticism.

so much easier than having to win an argument.

And it FEELS so good...


Why do you conclude "the same might happen with Obama"? Based on what? What is this connection you draw between Dinkins and Obama?

Unless you point out something concrete, how am I supposed to conclude anything other than that you are basing what you say solely on the fact that both are black? And if that is the case, it's racism.

I only call my "foes" racists if they say something that is racist. You have not demonstrated to me that what you are saying is not racist.

Jack Flynn

Food for thought Allah. How many Whites have Blacks lynched or burned to death?
They have more reasons to hate us then we have to hate them, yet most of them don't hate us.
We non-black men and women have a big enough job correcting the racists among ourselves. Let enlightened black men and women correct the black racists like Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan. They will do a better job and their motives won't be twisted as yours obviously are. You say that Liberals should be called on their "racism" but you resent being called on your own racism which screams out of your words.
It is clear that what "FEELS so good" to you is HATE.
Racism isn't used by liberals as "a convenient club" to "thwart all criticism" as you say. It is simply wrong, wherever it exists.

Allah Schmallah

I know this thread is a bit long in the tooth but for the record, Special K-Fred.. I do NOT need to demonstrate to you that I am not "racist".

Or does the "K" stand for Racism-Kommissar?

As for Jack Flynn.. I don't want to drift off into who did what and who killed whom, but whites have in fact been killed by blacks.

Not by the means you are narrowing cause of death to.

But a dead person doesn't really care after the fact how exactly their death was caused.

A propos lynching.. what would you define the mob killing of Yankel Rosenbaum as?

Keyword: Crown Heights Riots.

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