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February 20, 2008



The drama is waning. It looks like it will be Obama v. McCain.

Conservatives should not consider this a complete victory. Clinton went further than initially predicted, and she will continue to be a presence in the U.S. Senate. Perhaps she will be invited to join an Obama Cabinet, if he wins.

A big "if". McCain has put in more time than Obama, and there's a sense that it is his time. His problems have always been his temper and his inclination to spill at the mouth and say absurd things. But McCain has been spending a lot of one-on-one time with the press and may have those problems under control, making him a formidable candidate.

In fact, McCain's biggest problem is you people: the conservative base, who have apparently rejected him. Somehow, I think you will, in the end, vote for him, because he's the closest you will have to a viable conservative candidate.

Bush is on his way out . . . FINALLY!!!!! And his arch-enemy is poised to take his job. I wonder how the Moron in Chief feels about that.


Still NOT voting for McCain. Where is Ann Coulter when we need her?





The short answer to your question: No, The Slicks can't stop the clock. And they're smart enough to know it. This thing calls for the fabulous: Time travel that will overcome any clock in the world, i.e. a visit to the Obama past.

There are two amazing Obama stories still floating under the radar. A special source of mine says the LA Times is still sitting on one---the one I consider the least credible. It's so vile I won't taint your site with even a hint of the seamy. (Personally I think it could backfire on The Slicks if it does surface prominently. There is even an involved lowlife allegedly ready to take a lie detector test.)

The second story is actually interesting, bearing on the very identity of Mr. Obama. But the documentation to clinch it? Happy hunting, you all. (Of course, in the moment of final desperation,or panic, would the need for firm proof be seen as stupid quibbling?)

If neither of these two exercises in time travel can rescue the "Inevitables'" (the plural is not a typo) then what's left for them except possibly a stunning debate knockout against someone who will be carefully crowding her against the ropes?

Allah Schmallah

The fact that one of these Three Stooges will be President soon is deeply depressing..

Present occupant included.. talks a halfway good game against terrorism while never mentioning the source.

He is actually not as stupid as Fred Special K keeps insiting.

The truth is far more sinister than that. I think that Bush carefully rehearsed his pronounciation of wordS such as "newcewlear" with the intention to get over on "friend" and foe alike.

Bush and Clinton both have collected HUGE sums of money from their SOWdi paymasters and now we are looking at a possible undercover moslem in the White House.

We will have only the Supreme court to protect us from an aggressively pro-moslem agenda.

They will try to defang talk radio.. though most of them are Bush-bots anyway..

The Left howls so much about certain hosts that they gain cred simply because the libs don't like them.

I am no fan of the golfer and Vanity. Obviously I like MM and Savage. Ingraham is also good. These are people who talk about islam with knowledge and honesty.

And I am certain that "O" or Hitlery or MexiCAIRn will all be enterein office with talk radio firmly in their sights.

Those talk radio hosts who do get MexiCAIRn into their studios would be well advised to nail him down as firmly as possible on his position re. the "fairness doctrine".

And now that his friends at the NYT have done a hatchet job on him he may want to answer the question whether any potential "fairness doctrine" ought to include television and the print media.

And that includes Spanish language media as well.. I speak Spanish and I can tell you.. they make Bush seem like a Minuteman.

Hey while I am talking about the fairness doctrine.. I think we should extend that to the inciteme.. er.. preaching that goes on in most of the mosks right here in America..

I demand that Robert Spencer be brought in to preach at these mosks.. in the name of "fairness".

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