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February 13, 2008



Am I to understand that you wrote down what Nixon told you word for word so you can put this down as a direct quote?

I can't trust you when you quote what Nixon told you, considering the plagiarism charges against you in connection with your books focusing on Nixon.


But would she have the guts to run?



Man, come on. In your jihad against Monica you trot out yet again the silly old straw about her "plagiarism." As I understand it, that was nothing but a paragraph or so that might be--and let's say is---attributable to someone else. If so, it obviously pales besides the well-known plagiarism by Martin Luther King. I assume you admire that plagiarist. But do you also "trust"him? Surely you don't play the tawdry double-standard game used by your fellow progressives?

Try to answer, Fred, even if it poses a dilemna for your weltanschaung. Think of the honor of that un-named Ivy League institution you assure us matriculated you. At least consider the matter of a progressive's integrity and credibility. You are an example of a progressive, right?


Gringoman --

I don't categorize myself. For the purposes of this blog, I am someone who thinks that Monica Crowley is an idiot.

BTW -- MLK has been dead since I was a toddler and so is not at issue here. Monica can defend herself if she likes.

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