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February 26, 2008



Not everyone can be as one-dimensional as you, Monica.


On the other side of the coin we have the deification of Frederick Douglass, the determination that Sally Hemmings was part writer of the Constitution, and now, Geoge Washington was part Black. And also, do not forget, the banishment of the IMUS.


I could have said the deportation of IMUS. Probably Monica will start jiving and rapping.


Probably Monica will start jiving and rapping.


Truther --

Who are you, and what are you talking about? How is what you are saying "the other side of the coin"? I get that you are being sarcastic, but is there some kind of point to what you are saying?


Dear Fred : Just that we have to be careful. We pick stuff up from black kids and jive around, and before you know it Al Sharpton is breathing down your back.


So . . . the problem is black kids?


Well, Fred, I think it is more than kids, it is also adults.
I was daring enough to say that Hillary may not be a good president because women are not respected by foreign leaders and this could be a problem. In addition, Hillary tends to be conciliatory.

With Obama, the rise of Black culture at this time could be a problem. The hegemony of the NAACP, and the populating of government positions with Black neophytes and influence peddlers may not be a good thing as the down trodden attempt to get their comeuppance. At the same time we need expertise and capability in government. I am worried about the return of Marion Barry and his pals, along with people like Powell at the SEC. We are faced with corruption in Washington; I am not sure we are headed in the right direction with Obama.

Allah Schmallah

Hey Fred, septical K.. you comment in here more than anybody else.

If Monica is so "one-dimensional" and all those other bad things u say she is then why don't you just take a hike?

If we are a bunch of Bush-worshipping cavemen then why do you spend time reading our comments?

One thing I can guarantee you. You will not find any converts for liEberalism here if that is what you are looking for.


I sure wish Don Imus would give Bernard McGuirk a more prominent role. As I've mentioned before, Bernie is bright, talented and SEXY. If Madonna can recreate herself, why can't he?


Allah S.

The anti-Monica jihadi here, FK, is not a commenter. He is a symptom. Watch the smoke come out of his (allegedly Ivy League) head if you dare mention Dr. Lyle Rossiter's THE LIBERAL MIND. FK fears that the brilliant Dr. Rossiter, with his exsct symptomatology, precisely describes FK's malady. Give FK credit. In this case his fear of the Doctor is well grounded.


As mentioned previously, Imus will not--repeat--will not unleash Bernie again, at least while remaining in the Penalty Box in which the white progs and their Rev Tawana have put him. The deadly progs have so spooked Don Imus (who is actually a liberal, but with a non-pc sense of humor--) that he's trying to cover his you-know-what with two, not just one, black "minders" whose humor he will laugh at even when it's less than laughable. (Incidentally, I cast no aspersions on the two black "minders" who have pushed Bernie off the screen. They are simply pawns in the power game of the white prog who always uses the race card, and they may or may not be amusing at times. But the fundamental way they earn their keep on Imus is to function as pawns for the white progs. Don Imus goes along with it. He's agreed to donate one testicle.)

M/M, let me know if I didn't make it clear enough, or even if you disagree. We can talk reality here. It's OK. This isn't The Wonderful World of Progressive Hacks in the Lamestream. Monica, to her great credit, believes in freedom. At bottom, that is why leftniki resent her.

Allah Schmallah

Yep, Gringoman you put your finger right on it. Freudian psychology illustrated at its finest. The closer the patient is brought to viewing the reality of his own pathology teh more he will deny and fight and insult the good doctor who is trying to help him.

Hence his constant commenting on the Rossiter book.

Ditto his obsessive putdowns and emotional outbursts.

A classic liEberal!

Just too bad there are so many of him. And they vote. And they are school teachers. Judges. They sit in Congress and in the Senate. They work in virtually every newsroom in America.

They are harmless idiots taken one case at a time.

Together they are an army of dangerous [mos]lemmings who are on a stampede toward the abyss.

And they resent those of us who keep warning them - both out of our sincere altruism as well as out of enlightened self-interest - that the way of liEberalism is the way to collective suicide.


I love the way I am accused of putting you all down but it's ok that I am under constant attack. How very Rove-ian.

I love the way you say that *I* constantly bring up the Rossiter book. That's classic. Read Gringoman's posts. When does he NOT bring it up? No, I don't FEAR a book with such a ridiculous premise. It sounds absurd, and if Gringoman stops citing it, I'll have no reason to mention it again.

I've been asked before why I keep coming here if I don't like what Monica and you all say. I suppose it would be easier to go to a liberal site where people agree with me, just as it's very easy for you all to come here. If Jack and I were not here, you'd all just go around agreeing with each other. There's nothing really very interesting about that.



Before last April, I didn't really listen to Don Imus and I didn't even know who Bernie was, but I became interested because I thought NBC's coverage was extremely unfair. Bernie is important to me because he is an exaggerate version of "the regular guy". Some of his jokes are more extreme versions of the guys I've know who are certainly not racist or sexist. I'm sick of being exposed to Katie Couric, Hillary Clinton and "political correctness" and being told I'm supposed to like it. I like Bernie and I like his joke and I'm not apologizing for it.

On the Imus sites, people were saying that some of Don's guests were asking him to bring back Bernie's character, Cardinal Egan. I want to continue to throw Bernie's name out there so that WABC and Don Imus can see that Bernie's fans have not forgotten him, and we think that he was treated unfairly. Perhaps some of his colleagues or business associates can join in my campaign to SAVE BERNARD McGUIRK.

The Don Imus websites have really interesting people like Ree on them, but I don't feel comfortable there. It is really nice to meet fellow conservatives on this site. Since I am a strong advocate of Free Speech, I do enjoy hearing from FredK and Jack too.


Tim Russert had his tomhawk out last night. This is Chickaboomers take on the dem debate last night. Which Hillary was going to show up. I commented you can comment too.



Thanks for the support, M/M. I need a reminder once in a while that there are reasonable people on the right.

Lenny, the Fake Cardinal Egan


I completely agree with you. I almost fell off my bed watching Crawford tell Imus that his parents miss the cardinal, and then Imus saying "I never liked much of that material even when we were doing it" or something along those lines.

I think the show is getting edgier ever-so-slowly, but I'm a diehard and I'll watch it anyway and just hope. Heh.


I don't think Sybil has enough personalities for Mrs. Junior-Senator-From-New-York Clinton to embody. Just a thought. See you on the radio Saturday. :)



Have you thought any more about a Blog Roll? It will increase your traffic. You have Imus fans who read your blog. You could put some Imus websites in your blog roll and Chickaboomer. I would add some left leaning websites to the blog roll too. Alan Colmes your brother in law, I mean you could throw him a bone:) put him in your blog roll.


Monica must be busy whipping out an obit for William Buckley.


Question: By your definition, what is a conservative, and why are the Republicans so divided?


I leave this all to you to answer, but I suspect that Republicans are divided because you can't figure out what a conservative is anymore, and you just follow the talking points of the Bush Adminstration, which we all know will go down in history as a complete and utter failure.

Allah Schmallah

Special K. u r trying once again to trivialize an important question by use of lies and insults. How liEberal of you..

The way I define Conservative is: Opposed to spending other people's money, ie. low tax rates. Conserve the environment in a reasonable - as opposed to treehugging fanatic - context. That also means not allowing the borders to remain wide open which has led to all sorts of environmental problems. Which liEberals refuse to acknowledge of course.

Besides.. illegals also put a strain not only on financial resources which people like US and likely not u, FK, have to work for, but also things like water and so on. New construction destroys not only wetlands but it destroys farm land as well. CONSERVE our way of life by restricting the workings of the slow jihad - that's excessive mosk and madrassa construction in traditionally non-islamic countries. And that also means speedy expulsion of hate-preaching moslems and those practicing jihad by other more physical means. These things go hand-in-hand.

CONSERVE English as the legal language which unifies the populace.

Conservative means to have pride in one's country and not to make excuses all the time.

Conservative means not to pull your hair out asking: "why do they hate us?" rather than saying what makes sense: "These bastards better watch out and stop ticking us off in a major way. THEY do NOT want US to hate THEM."

Conservative means to stand by your traditional allies and friends like Serbia and Israel, for example.

I have more but since this isn't homework I will leave it at that.

I am sure others have varying definitions. But it is refreshing to hear someone ask for self-definition of what it means to be a Conservative. Much better than the steadily droning chorus of how we are all a bunch of bush-bots.

I leave the Bush-botting to the golfer and corny Vanity.


What a conservative is is not really the question. It's how much longer can conservatism survive after a George W. Bush Administration?



Good to hear from you. American women need you and Rush Limbaugh to save us from this awful election. I want Bernard and Kinky and I'm getting, well, I'm not sure if there is a name for it. Love your jokes. Do you think this is how people felt during Prohibition?

I listen to Imus' show because I still just can't bring myself to watch "Today" and there is only so much I can take of "Good Morning America" (although I LOVE Robin Roberts). Well, it is all good news for Rush, even my cousin started listening to him.

Now here is a truly liberated woman. Go ahead and make her day.


SAVE BERNARD McGUIRK NOW! (Stephen Colbert, Rob Bartlett, Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, and Lenny the Cable Guy just don't do it for me, so don't even try. Bring Bernard back NOW WABC.


I love the way that you and your republican friends continue to bash Hillary. As the nominee, she would unite conservatives and give Senator McCain the best chance to win in November. With your help, it now appears that Senator Barrack Hussein Obama will be the nominee who will whip McCain. A brilliant tactical maneuver on your part!!

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