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February 05, 2008



One thing you have in common with Ann Coulter is that you both make bad jokes. It's not a matter of being liberal or conservative; you are just plain not funny.


Fred, FYI, nobody is making you read her jokes, duh.

The long and winding road road that Mike Huckabee took from the back hills of Arkansas to victory in Iowa and West Virginia will come up short today. He didn't make it to the promised land but I did enjoy his bass guitar and his homespun stories. His Jesus loves me message didn't quit carry him past Iowa but he stayed in long enough to apparently deny the nomination to Romney. The lessons we can learn from the Huckabee campaign are: (1) Thank Jesus for the Bill of Rights and the separation of Church and State, (2) One President from the State of Arkansas in our life time is one too many, (3) Huckabee will be much happier back in the Ozarks where he can pick his guitar, sip moonshine, and tell tall tales of life on the campaign trail with the great Chuck Norris. Thank you sweet Jesus!


Thank you for enlightening me. I read a lot of things that no one "makes" me read, and if I don't like it, I comment on it.

She gets paid to write this garbarge, so I'm pretty sure she can handle some criticism.


Yeah she gets paid to write, smart capitalist, you comment, you make how much money to comment again?


I love Monica's sense of humor and I think her jokes are funny.

Can Hillary stop with the tears? I liked it in NH because I was impressed with her acting ability. It reminded me of Bill's "I feel your pain moment". She must be pandering for the votes of the women who watch the Lifetime movie network.

Rush and Sean are under attack for expressing OUR views on McCain/Kennedy. Rush and Sean didn't talk me into voting for Mitt Romney. I've been listening to ALL the candidates since April and I been leaning towards Romney for awhile. I listen to everyone and make up my own mind. Sorry,but Huckleberry, never had a shot at my vote.


A question for Romneyiacs and one on Johnny Boy (from someone who the savvy here understand is not a shill for Mrs. Two-Headed.)

1. Mitt himself admits a "regret" at never having served militarily. Why then would it be unfair to point out that, as a model American paterfamilias, Mr. Romney has raised five fine strapping chicken hawks? Why should this point be obfuscated with a straw man, i.e. the alleged gringomanic assertion that Romney is unfit to be President due to lack of military service---an assertion that was never made (Ree)?

2. On the topic of our libs and progressives who seem to have such a man crush on Johnny Boy---so much so that they even come out of their BDR stupor long enough to realize that Georgie is not running in 2008:
Is there any evidence that Johnny Boy has ever attacked and stabbed Democrats like he has Republicans? Can someone kindly produce it?

Muchas Gracias.
Election 2008, from gringoVision


Ree --

I comment on Monica's idiocy for free. It's more a hobby than a career.


I'm not in love with Mitt Romney, but I am impressed by his brains and business experience. Why do Mitt's sons have to serve in the military when Bush's daughters have not signed up? I remember Mitt or his sons addressing that question by saying that Mormons volunteer for community service for 2 years.

Whatever anyone thinks about Mitt Romney as a politician, no one can deny that he is successful businessman who turned around the Olympics. Many people are impressed with his wife and family and feel that he "walks the walk " when discussing family values.

I am actually a former fan of John McCain. I too was impressed by his military service and voted for him in the 2000 primary. I can forgive him for everything, but McCain/Kennedy. You see while everyone else was on the beach in June, I was busy calling my Senators in opposition to McCain/Kennedy.

Yes, it is true that Ronald Reagan did vote to give 2.7 million illegals amnesty in the 1980's. Obviously amnesty didn't work. Now we have 12 million more (some people really think the figure is more like 25 million). Duncan Hunter, a veteran that I respect and admire, put up a fence in his district and turned property values around. Hey, let us reject people with real solutions and elect the same old people with the same old answers that don't work. Meanwhile our problems get bigger and bigger until they are out of control.

Again, I highly recommend reading Pat Buchanan's STATE OF EMERGENCY.


What's a better idea than McCain-Kennedy? Finding the illegals and shooting them on the spot? Or rounding them up in cattle cars and bringing them to the border and kicking them out?

It's a pity that people on this site can't view illegal immigrants as human beings who are not as fortunate as we are, in that most of us were born Americans.


Attrition, it works google it Oklahoma,Colorado,Arizona, 25,000 illegal aliens left the tulsa area, after 1804 was passed. They have emptied out of Oklahoma, and guess what, Americans and legal residents remember the Green Card Workers, They all have filled the jobs and are earning a decent wage. ATTRITION WORKS they leave on their own...imagine pretty simple.


Simple . . . like the mind of a conservative.


Have I mentioned that George W. Bush is a total failure?

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