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February 14, 2008


J. Pierpont Finch

The old Chinese Proverb comes to mind:


And we do - in spades!


Too bad we have mediocrities like Monica Crowley interpreting it for us.

J. Pierpont Finch


Wash your perverse mouth out with soap you moron!


Temper, temper, Mr. Finch.

I don't see how pointing out that Ms. Crowley is a mediocrity is "perverse".


Let's forget about all this trivial political stuff. Can anyone here explain how Sayid ended up working for Benjamin Linus?


Hey Finch:

We all know that Monica is dumb as a stump but she sure has a perty mouth.

Allah Schmallah

Hey, you liEberals who hate Crowley.. why don't you shove it back to DailyKooks or whatever rock you crawled out under from.

As for you calling her stupid that's a compliment - considering the source.

I like people whom liEberals label as stupid.

You people shopuld be happy, you liEberals. You have THREE liEberals in the Presidential race and we have NOONE for our side.

And still you people are bellyaching.

And meanwhile islam advances ever-so steadily.. and you fools keep prattling on..

Allah Schmallah

Hey Fred SPECIAL K.. why don't you have Hitlery explaining them to you if you don't like the way Monica breaks it down.

Go listen to Oprah if you want real depth. That would be more your speed.


I'll stop coming here when I'm bored, "Allah". I come here because Monica's idiocy and the idiocy of the people who follow her is entertaining.

The country is moving on from this kind of "Fox News"-talking points kind of thinking. Hence, Bush's enemy from 2000 will be the Republican candidate.

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