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February 24, 2008


Allah Schmallah

Too bad we don't have Mitt Romney in our side now. or even Rudy. Either of them could have mopped the floor with the big empty "O".

Hey, there's a nick for our friend Obama:


USE it, Hitlery.. USE it... it's your LAST CHANCE..

Ah what do I have left to hope for? We have mexiCAIRn to pit against either of the two socialists..

Yep, THE MexiCAIRn who has been bought and paid for by George Soros.. so much for a law to prohibit foreign interests and nationals to make payments to our politicians and their "causes".

Hitlery is in the SOWdi pocket and the Big Empty.. well.. he believes in making nice with his moslem brothers..

Isn't life wonderful.

The veep choices I've heard floated for MexiCAIRn are anything but encouraging.

They really think they can get the 'conservative' vote no matter who they put in with Juan MexiCAIRn??!!

The least I'd have to see is Mitt Romney on the ticket and not an Arabist dhimmi from the State department.. PUKE..

MexiCAIRn should consider a Conservative on the ticket a good life insurance..

The more Conservative his veep turns out to be the more I can guarantee he will live out his term..

If he has Condi as veep I have a feeling she may actually enter the Oval Office by default.. and she is not much more than Hitlery [the Arafart-kisser] with a tan.


Hitlery . . . So Hillary Clinton is a woman you don't like. Hitler was a mass-murdering dictator whose horrible policies led to the reshaping of the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian maps, and led to a Cold War lasting decades.

Of course . . . the comparison is obvious.

What I'm not sure is how your brain has enough juice to power your fingers so you can type, Allah Schmallah. Do you use a generator?

Allah Schmallah

F**D SPECIAL K.. are only liEberals allowed to poke fun? How about Bushitler..? Does that offend ur liEberal sensibilities as well?

u liEberals have lowered the bar.. so allow us non-liEberals to take advantage of that at least every now and then :-)

u neversaid anything about oprahbama or THE BIG EMPTY.. and what about Juan MexiCAIRn..?

Those are OK with u? do we have ur official liEberal STAMP of APPROVAL to use these from now on?

I know we won't have Hitlery to kick around much longer anymore..

The lemmingberals are all following the pied piper from Illinois..


I don't respond to every instance of your idiocy.

If you compared Obama to Oprah, I may not have responded because I don't have the same emotional reaction to a mention of Oprah as I do to Hitler. And MexiCAIRn . . . well, I needed that explained to me before because I didn't get it, and I forgot what the explanation was. "The Big Empty" doesn't have the same impact on me as a mention of Hitler.

I don't recall you calling Bush Bushitler before, and now you are just doing it in response to my criticism.

Say whatever you want, friend; you just expose your own prejudice and idiocy whenever you post here. Are you proud of being a racist?

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