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February 10, 2008


Jack Flynn

The war is about to commence. Maggie Williams takes on Obama, then Rove. The latter battle would be especially interesting because both are looking for comebacks. Both need a win.
We will see who needs it the most.

Jack Flynn

Rove's tactics are obvious. He and his associates will continue to toss diatribes at Hillary and keep it up. His intention is to sidetrack her into a flurry of off-court skirmishes and keep her on the run with them. Like in old westerns where the bad guy fires bullets around another guys's feet and makes him dance.
Rove will seek to humiliate her and prove that she doesn't have the will to fight back, like she didn't appear to fight back at the humiliation her husband levied on her.
Rove will word speak about Hillary coming to terms with Bill for political expediency, but with all his contacts, Rove does not know what went on behind those closed doors.
I am sure Bill Clinton has been made to pay many times over, and when the occasion arises and I believe it will, Rove will feel her sting as well.
Watch out Obama and McCain. Watch out Rove. She doesn't LOVE you.


A certain fact must be faced. There is a certain type of American man who is attracted to Hillary Clinton. (I speak politically, of course.) These guys clearly do not appear to be a majority of their gender.

fStill, we must credit them with believing what they profess to believe. So long as they're legal, I'd give them the benefit of a doubt.

Their fidelity (if we can use that word anywhere near the Clintons) is striking. They seem immune to taunts like 'Satan,' 'Nurse Ratchet,' 'The Wicked Witch of the West Wing,' 'Bubba's B---=' etc etc (here add your favorites) that confirm her as arguably the most detested US female since Typhoid Mary.

How to explain such feeling in these chaps, once you get past the usual cradle-to-grave longings of the vast constituency of victims, the entitlementarians, the oppressed, the proletarians forced to sweep stage floors on Broadway for $56 an hour, not to mention the millions of obese in this Land of the Rich, the poor fatsos who are forced to eat themselves into an early ambulance without benefit of HillaryCare.

Sure, the angry white females have a cogent reason: they see this woman as their Estrogen Bomb who will somehow wipe out Testosterone Hegemony.

But how(after we scrape away the political epidermis) do we explain men (presumably biologically intact fellows)supporting her?

Does it really bypass The Scientific Prophet Karl Marx after all? Does it really wind up, when all is said and spun, on the couch of Sigmund Freud? Have these male factors truly found their,

"Mummy! Mummy! You will! You will get that mean old Daddy out of our faces, won't you, Mummy! You want to kick the old sombitch's head in? You go right ahead, Mummy! You can do it too, can't you?....

"You go, Mummy! Your little boy wants you to kick some patriarchal butt! You want to slice it up after you kick it? You go right ahead, Mummy!"


Gringoman --

I just can't follow your stream-of-consciousness style of writing. Is it that you can't make a cohesive point, or is it that you live on another mental plane.

I just don't get how I can manage to read "The Sound and the Fury", "The Good Soldier", and "The Tin Drum" -- all complex books written in the narrative of an untrustworthy narrator -- but I can't follow what you are attempting to say.

"The Ant"


I have found the perfect 3rd party candidate who can unify the country.



Any bad news for Hillary is also bad news for McCain. His only chance in November is to go against the Clintons, IMO...


I really hope you are right, Phil, because I want a Democrat to win, but I think you are wrong. I don't think Obama stands a chance against McCain. When people get into the booth, they will vote for experience.

Let's face it. Everyone can scream about "change", but, in the end, they will vote for more of the same: the middle-aged white guy.



They say that is exactly the problem, liberals have with GWB they like their parent Permissive, not a Disiplinarian. Imagine the state that wants to suseed from the Union-Vermont and Believes in restoritive justice..no one gets punished, especially for raping children. The thing is Hillary isn't really Permissive she just plays one on tv :)


Um, no. We like our "parents" to make reasoned decisions, and to have the ability to speak coherently and show some sensitivity such as not saying "Now watch this drive" and playing golf right after talking about the war you have sent our children to fight in, even though you did everything possible not to fight in a war yourself.

How's that, Ree?



Don't Feed the Troll

Jack Flynn

Rabid Hillary haters are a small but noisy percentage of the populace, much like those who post on here and on other right wing sites. They scapegoat under the guise of protecting our borders and taking on the enemies of their abstract conception of freedom, which amounts to the desecration of the actual freedoms and protections granted in our Constitution. They project much of their fear and hatred onto Islamic extremists whose actual numbers are not much more than their own.
Theirs are the misogynistic wounded voices of conformity, who in the name of false Gods, prejudice and perverted values, insist on the old Roman guard to run the country and the world. They insist on a male dominated, authoritarian form of leadership that chooses to spend trillions on the war machine, rather than address the real problems at home and abroad.
In a few hundred years they will become as vestigial as the appendix, but until then we will have to put up with their hollow rants and chants—the backward voices that thrive on scapegoating, and sanctioning a military industrial complex that nurtures and fosters nation building, continual warfare and arms proliferation, while ignoring the real enemies of freedom, like poverty, disease, pollution, a failing infrastructure and other debilitating problems that plague us. They talk about the rights of the precious unborn while their government of choice practices torture and continues to kill thousands of children in foreign lands while ignoring the rot within at home.
The future to them is the past, and good is anything that supports and protects their narcissistic world view, their materialistic pursuits, and their antiquated "pet" ideas.
We can only counter their influence by installing leaders who are wise and able enough to face the future and change our priorities.
We are on the verge of a new age that will appreciate and respect living breathing human beings everywhere, rather than lip serve a tainted and warped conception of human values wrapped in a selfish and vain anti-vision of American supremacy.


Well, it was sad the way Romney took a dive after Rush helped him out. People seemed to hurry to turn off their hearing aids !

Rush the Assasinator. Was that intentional?


Could it be that Hillary just threw out the Latino lady, so she could get the Black lady in time for Virginia? That is crude politics, wouldn't you say?


If Hillary Clinton loses the nomination, will conservatives be able to let go of their obsession with the Clintons? If so, it would almost be worth it to have her lose so I can stop hearing such bile.

The unfortunate part would be that I don't see how Obama has a chance against McCain unless McCain blows it big-time.


The link below explains why I 'm not drinking the Repulicans' Kool-Aid. McCain and I have a fundamental difference and it is a deal breaker for me. Does anyone know the rules for write-ins? Can we run Buchanan again? (I'm serious.)


Hope Monica feels better. I didn't want to ruin her new blog with my dissenting voice.

Jack Flynn

Congress has Bush boxed off like we had boxed off Saddham. With Jim Webb on his tail, he can’t go potty without a silent alarm going off in a Wichita car wash or at an ice cream stand in Chattanooga. He is done. All he can do is smile, wink and throw the bullsh#t around to pretty up what he thinks is his legacy.
Hey, no one ever said that the man wasn’t a great guy to have at a barbecue.
But it shows what can happen when we put just an average man or woman in the Whitehouse.
We cannot afford to have that happen again.
The McCain haters and Hillary slammers were wrong about Bush and wrong about the war, and they know it.
They share that secret with Hillary.
That is why they hate her so much.


Bush's legacy is going to be the worst since Harding. Even Nixon had some successes to point to in the areas of foreign policy, civil rights, and economics.

Bush has got nothing. Nada. Zero.

He will be remembered for Iraq, Katrina, Harriet Miers, and lots and lots of gaffes.

And some of us knew it would be this way back in 2000. Right, Captain Jack?

Jack Flynn

His worst failure was and is. . . his Presidency.
We could get into some of the immoral things he did and compare them with with Bill Clinton's peccadillo's and little white lies, then decide who deserves impeachment, but Bush is getting to be old news, fast.
Although, I'm sure he'll pull one last fear filled event out of his hat before November.
I didn't think much about him in 2000 except knowing that he had executed more inmates than any previous Governor of the State of Texas, and I heard that in his youth he was an irresponsible drunkard and cocaine user. That he married a librarian and she converted him to God and dryness. I knew that he had been involved with baseball at a financial level and also in oil.
That's about it. I was focusing more on Gore—not believing for a second that so many Americans could be bamboozled like that.
As we got to see the affable side of him, I don't think many of us knew of, or sensed, the extent of the rage behind his heartbeat.
I wouldn't have given him a whiskers chance in a
wind-storm of becoming President.
Kerry and Gore didn't know how to bring "the right kinda fight" to the Republicans.
This time it is totally different. Obama and Hillary can give them the “right kind of fight”.
It will be the dirtiest fight of their lives.


I think that McCain will win. I'd prefer a Democrat, but I will have some degree of comfort knowing that Bush's enemy has been elected, and that so many rightwingers (like on this blog) hate him.

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