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February 15, 2008



This is funny, Michelle Malking re did the lyrics to five for fighting's "Superman" it's not easy...Hot Air put this youtube together Michelle sings and plays the piano to the tune of Hillary Clinton's it's not easy persuading Super Delegates...



I see your Shuster and raise you an Imus.



All this to establish peace and love in the world.


Rightwingers embody everything wrong with America today. Closedmindedness, ignorance, prejudice, greed.


Hey FredK2929,

Speaking of "closemindedness"and "ignorance," you played dodge ball again when questioned about your shameless double standard on "plagiarism."

You said you can't "trust" Monica due to her alleged (very minor) plagiarism once upon a time.

You were then asked whether you "trust" Martin Luther King, a well-known practitioner of egregious plagiarism.

Instead of answering, you surprised even myself who is quite familiar with the progressive (sic) mind. You said you couldn't answer because you were only (gosh) a "toddler" during MLK's heyday, and therefore the question was irrelevant.

FredK2929, do you really want to come on here as an out-and-out example of Weasel Man? Do you really want to go on record as implying that all human history before your gestation is irrelevant to you and that you are relieved of acting like a sentient human being with an actual brain pan?

FredK2929, maybe you were having a bad hair day or something. I'm willing to give you the benefit of a doubt and invite you to clarify yourself again. Your lefty's insult jihad against Monica implies that you are fit to judge what is and is not "mediocre." Now here's a suggestion in showing us that you really are fit to call someone else "mediocre." Try injecting at least a bit of wit into your really boring insults.It could help to neutralize the mind-numbing drone. Give it a try.)

So here's another chance for you to be what you urge the "right-wing"to be---rational.Try to answer honestly. Does the matter of "plagiarism" cause you not to trust MLK like you say it causes you not to "trust"Monica?

Take your time, FredK2929, or as much time as you need to think clearly and honestly. Forget, for a moment, your mandate as a progressive.

ps. By the way, you may have forgotten, but you did call yourself a 'progressive'here previously.It was your way of escaping the term 'liberal.' If you want to disavow or deny that,and now escape "progressive"too, you go right ahead. I won't hold you to it.




To help you understand what I was saying (I know you have problems with my syntax etc), here's a nice example of a put-down against a woman figure. (You don't mind that the object of the insult happens to be your idea of a strong, capable, intelligent woman?)

Vladimir Putin says of Hillary Clinton:

"To be a head of state you need to have a head."

But careful, FredK2929. We know how you feel about plagiarism---except in the case of Martin Luther King.


Gringoman --

As I said before, MLK is dead and can't defend himself here. Monica is alive and if I make accusations againt her, she has the opportunity to answer.

MLK is not the issue here, although you can keep trying to take the focus off the center of this web site: Monica Crowley.

You seem to follow me quite closely. Do you have a crush on me or something? If it's so important to you, call me a liberal or a progressive. Whatever I am, I do know that I do not agree with most of the opinions posted here.


A day late and a dollar short Former President Clinton weighs in on, the Olbermann, Pimping General Patraeus comment. This response should be coming from his wife Senator Hillary Clinton, it is Sen Clinton if elected, that would be Commander and Chief of General David Patraeus. The Chain of command is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Senator Clinton, READY DAY ONE, to lead your loved ones serving our Country?



Happy belated birthday Ree! I'm still celebrating Valentine's Day. Apparently one of Rush's female callers disagrees with me and sees Satan more like a Soprano wife than Tony. That's fine with me because Tony's sister and mother make Tony look like Saint Theresa.

Bernard McGuirk was born and raised in the Bronx. Do you think he is a BIC?

Ree, are you jealous of Hillary because she has Bill?


RUSH: We have been told, the image since I guess 1992, the image of Bill Clinton is that every woman in the world wants the guy and that when every woman in the world meets the guy, they are paralyzed with admiration, desire, they are dazzled, we are told about those big hands, we're told about those eyes that make you think you are the only person he's thinking about when he's talking to you, that you are immediately left a quivering mass of desirous Jell-O. Now, in that case, do you know any women who are jealous of Hillary because she has him and they don't?

CALLER: Well, I'm coming from an advanced age. I'm what they call a BIC. That meant, years ago, a Bronx Irish Catholic. In other words, we didn't put out until we got married, and we had --

Here is a new blog I found about Juan..I mean John MexiCaine...I mean...John McCain/Kennedy..uh...I guess you know what I mean.




Concerning your call to conservatives, I am not a conservative. The Republican party better get its act together if it wants my vote. Just because I am a registered Republican doesn't mean that I will vote for Juan. The only reason I have not re-registered as an Independent is because I saw how many people were excluded from voting in the primaries because they are not aware of the voting laws; I don't want to be excluded from an election if I decide to vote again.

One of the heroes of 9/11 was the American flag. On 9/11, while waiting for the President to announce that we are at war, I saw the picture of the three firefighters who put up the American flag at Ground Zero and FELT CONNECTED to the veterans of WWII who put up the American flag on Iwo Jima years before I was born. When I sang our National Anthem at the 9/11 memorials, the line "gave proof through the night that our flag was still there" suddenly meant something. I FELT CONNECTED to Francis Scott Keys whenever I saw the tattered WTC American flag. I FELT CONNECTED to every American by the sea of American flags that were everywhere after 9/11. And most importantly, I felt PROUD TO BE AN American when I realized that we fought the terrorists, not by war, bombs and guns, but by our patriotism and heroism. I even met people from other countries who were visiting New York and hoped to meet firefighters during their visit.

Now, because the politicians want votes, we are dealing with immigration problems that threaten our culture and sovereignty. If people are so concerned about terrorism and safety, when will we demand that we secure the border? What would have happened if we took airport security more seriously than we did on 9/11/2001? Hey, all you environmentalists out there, take a look at the effects of immigration and the environment:


Yes, the economy and national security are important issues, but so is immigration. How long are we expected to compromise or forget about an issue that many of us think is extremely important.

It is ok with me if you want to defend McCain even though many of his critics are on
WABC. However, I also respect McCain's critics and stand by them. THERE IS a problem within the Republican party and McCain's critics should not be kept silent because they are voicing the opinions of a large portion of people. As Newt pointed out during the CPAC convention, a significant number of Republicans DID NOT show up to vote for the primaries. In my humble opinion, it is better to identify the problem now, than have everything fall apart in November.

You also mentioned Hillary's hypocritical outrage over David Shuster's remarks about Chelsea and her intolerance over "politically incorrect" remarks. Gosh, every time someone at MSNBC offends Hillary, she calls for his firing. This is precisely why I have replaced NBC with WABC. I don't want that type of "politically correct" programming. I like, admire and support the radio commentators at WABC for their strong opinons, and I like, admire and respect the management of WABC for the numerous times I've seen them support their radio talk show hosts.



The only sympathy I have for Hillary is because she is married to Bill. I do wish he would be more discreet, just to save us all, the Media Barrage. I remember the Lewinsky scandal..not because I want to but the MSM seared it into our memories, through constant repetion.

Bill Clinton isn't a dumb man, I doubt alot of the mis steps in Senator Clinton's campaign were his. I think he is trying to do damage control now. I don't think they can beat the clock...but I would never, ever count the Clintons out. There were rumblings late last summer about trouble in Senator Clinton's campaign staff...remember Bill Clinton wasn't going to do the GQ edition for Dec? If GQ went forward with an article about trouble in the Clinton Campaign, earlier the same year. I still think alot of the problem was starting the election cycle too early.

J. Pierpont Finch


2/15/08: Top psychiatrist concludes liberals are nuts! Makes case ideology is mental disorder



I'll skip the link you posted, thank you.

So because we disagree with you rightwingers we must be crazy? Nice. I don't accuse you rightwingers of being crazy. I accuse you of being heartless and blind.

It's not crazy to see that George W. Bush is a complete failure of a president.

Instead of calling us crazy, all of you should be begging our forgiveness for your role in giving us the worst president we could possibly could have had at such an important time in our history. Bush has failed us, but you have failed us as well for supporting such an incompetent man.

So if any of you would like to offer an apology, I for one will listen to you.


Existence is really crazy, but we live.

I also must admit that I am an unapologetic nationalist.


I am also proud of Monica. She has obviously been working out at the pool. She is now capable of taking short, quick breaths, and can almost talk nonstop, at a fairly respectable clip.


JP Finch:

Excellent link to Dr. Rossitter who confirms with scientific precision and thoroughness what many of us have long suspected: MIchael Savage was on to something when he defined liberalism as a mental disorder. Proof again that the best "jokes" are just ways of telling the truth.

Ipso facto, this will not dent the psyche of "Ivy League" lefty FredK2929. FK, understandably, can't face the fact that a highly trained and respected doctor---not some "right-winger"---is in effect calling him sick.

I'm feeling increasingly sad for FredK2929. We expect such sanctimony to have a little more upstairs. Personally I want better from him. I'd like to see him make a rational case for his ilk, not just drone on and on from his BDS stupor (The poor guy doesn't even seem to have a clue that I have as many criticisms of Bush as he does.)

His mental condition worries me. How does somebody weasel out of a simple query re Martin Luther KIng's well documented plagiarism (prompted by FRedK's own droning jihad against Monica)? And he thinks he's being honest, ethical, and morally superior to the "right-wingers." Sick? And then he thinks he's wiggled out of it by raising the issue of having a "crush' on him? This from someone who's been virtually cyber-stalking Monica on this site, obviously believing that most commenters think that lowering the hammer on him would not be in the interests of "free speech."

Sick? Deranged? I better let Dr. Rossitter handle the diagnosis. Otherwise FredK2929, the self-described Ivy Leaguer, will plead that he's under layman attack by "right-wingers" who might have a "crush" on him---in case you think it can't get any sicker.

Jack Flynn

Fred, you realize that you are dealing with a hydraheaded entity here. It will drag you naked through the thorns and thistles and when you are half dead, it will fire its most egregious weapon at you. . . . . . OSTRACISM. You will be ignored, (considered dead)—exiled forever from Pussywhippedville.

Now that you know the stakes, do you still intend to run for Mayor sir?


Monica, you didn't post that you were going to be on The McLaughlin Group this weekend. Luckily for your readers that missed it, I produced a rough transcript...

MCLAUGHLIN: Tonight on the McLaughlin Group... how much money could you spend in a strip club? We sent our producer their with a blank check and you won't believe the bill he sent back to us. Then, inside the bedrooms of conservative radio talk show hosts and we will tell you why things get hotter in conservative bedrooms. Don't believe us? But thermometers don't lie. And later, how many people do you think you can get in bed at once? Well we sent our staff into a bedroom and you will be shocked at the number and just how hot it got.

But first our top story tonight, we are joined by Monica Crowley, conservative pundit and author of two books, "Packing the Heat: Why things get hotter in conservative bedrooms" and "Calling all men: Tell your women that you like it hot..." both of which you can buy for 60% off at The McLaughlin Group show website.

Monica, thankyou for being with us.

CROWLEY: My pleasure.

MCLAUGHLIN: Monica, let me just start right off the bat and ask you do you think the sacrifice of 3,951 innocent American troops in Iraq have been worth it?

CROWLEY: Oh John, you betcha! I mean think about what these people are dying for... oil, high level government company contracts, Haliburton, Enron, war companies, army machine companies, the stock market, keeping gas prices low... I mean the list goes on and on. These are noble causes John. I know how proud I am of them. We need people who are willing to die for these important causes.

MCLAUGHLIN: Monica, would you give your own son or daughter for this war?

CROWLEY: Oh John, no, no, no... your totally mistaken if you think I would do that. I have no problem sacrificing other people's kids... but my own flesh and blood... I don't think so!

MCLAUGHLIN: What are the consequences of failure in Iraq?

CROWLEY: OMG... John... we would no longer have access to their oil, Haliburton, Enron, and all these war and construction companies would lose billions and trillions of dollars in profits, their would no longer be any high level government company contracts, Neil Cavuto and the top 1 precent of Americans would lose millions of dollars... I mean these consequences would be catastrophic for anybody that cares about their wallet. We can't have that. Thats why I would be happy with staying in Iraq for the next 100 years.

MCLAUGHLIN: Do you advocate the invasion of any other countries?

CROWLEY: Well, I think before we invade any more countries we have to think... is it in our interest? We have to ask the hard questions like how would this help the oil companies? How would this help the high level government company contracts? How would this help that top one precent of America? If our answers are positive, I think its something we should look at... we should do it. Definately.

MCLAUGHLIN: How do you think the next president should deal with the issue of disable people in America?

CROWLEY: Well John, I don't know how much profit there is in that. I mean before we spend millions and millions of dollars of American's tax dollars into some cause we need to ask ourselves... what is the top one precent of America going to get out of this? The answer most likely is not much, therefore... I don't think we should do anything. I mean, we can look at it, but if the benefits aren't there, we should just forget it.

MCLAUGHLIN: What type of education policy do you support?

CROWLEY: I think President Bush's plan is brilliant. He came up with this "No Child Left Behind" Act which sets these rediculously high standards for our schools and makes them improve among themselves each year, and if they don't they lose funding. And it has already began to effictively cripple the public school system which is brilliant because I support something called "Faith Based Education Only." Its truly the way to go.

MCLAUGHLIN: How do you think we should get off our dependency on foreign oil?

CROWLEY: John, thats a question I would expect from Al Gore. All I have to say is STOP being such a girly man! We should drill, drill, drill, and drill some more. And then invade other countries that have oil and drill. And its only when we've drained the entire earth of all oil that we can start thinking about alternative energy. But until that time... I don't wanna hear it.

MCLAUGHLIN: How would you characterize President Bush's policies on the environment?

CROWLEY: John, the President is a good steward of the land.

MCLAUGHLIN: Should we bring back a draft to meet the military challenges of the 21st century?

CROWLEY: Sure, for democratic families.

MCLAUGHLIN: Why in your estimation should Americans not vote for Senator Clinton or Senator Obama?

CROWLEY: Simple, we're gonna get attacked.

MCLAUGHLIN: Why do you believe we haven't been attacked since September 11th?

CROWLEY: Because of President Bush's brilliant policies.

MCLAUGHLIN: What is your view of the feminist movement?

CROWLEY: Overrated.

MCLAUGHLIN: Quickly before we have to move on to some very important next segments, who do you think will be the nominees of each party?

CROWLEY: Um... Hillary for the defeatocrats. McCain for the republicans.

MCLAUGHLIN: Thankyou so much for being with us Monica, and before we move on, can you tell our audience a little bit about your books?

CROWLEY: Well, I am the author of two books. My first "Packing the Heat: Why things get hotter in the conservative bedroom" basically tells you why and gives you the evidence as to why things are so much hotter in the bedrooms of republicans and so much colder in the bedrooms of liberals. We conducted studies, we interviewed people, and we came to our conclusions.

The next book is called "Calling all men: Tell your women that you like it hot" and the reason I wrote it is because I want all men to tell their women how they want it in the bedroom. I want them to be demanding. I want them to ask and request. I am calling on all women to give it up to their men.

MCLAUGHLIN: ...and you can buy both books at The McLaughlin Group show website at 60 precent off. Monica, thankyou for being with us.

CROWLEY: My pleasure.

MCLAUGLIN: And coming up next... couples doing it at Disneyland... on rollercosters, on the farris wheel, on the merry-go-round and more... you will be shocked at what our hidden cameras found. And then, dogs in the bedroom? You'll be shocked to hear that some couples say they actually get more pleasure out of it with their dogs there. We will talk to those couples. And not only that but, can low carb diets lead to a lull bedroom life? Doctors from diet centers are here to debate. And later, is it okay to cheat on your wife if its with one of her friends who works at a restraunt? We'll talk to a guy who says yes. And you won't wanna miss this... a new network study has said there is too much sex on TV... especially on the news shows. We'll examine it. And The McLauglin Group... clean as a whistle... we hardly, if ever talked about the birds and the bees. Our war correspondents are here to discuss that study. And finally, my commentary on which music is best to get down in the bedroom. Thats all ahead right here, right now on The McLaughlin group.

Stay with us.

(roll music)

(roll commercial)

J. Pierpont Finch

Very colorful poetry, Jack Flynn.

Let's translate what you wrote:

1. "It will drag you naked through the thorns and thistles and when you are half dead," warns that FREDK might be too SENsative to have what he writes examined critically and uncloaked as pure dribble. The old saying comes to mind "It takes one to know one." Perhaps you too have a "projection issue".

2. Whe you warn "it [the perceived hydraheaded entity you consider to be not of this world] will fire its most egregious weapon at you [recently disturbed by viewing the movie "Independance Day", eh?] . . . . . . OSTRACISM. You will be ignored, (considered dead)—exiled forever", it displays your clinging need to be dependant (ie. on the government, on mommie/day, on your significant "other". Any thought of being independant from these entities sends shivers of fear down your spine and as you perceive FREDK to share your low self image, you are warning him to be careful.

Hey FLYNN, maybe you and FREDK can get a reduced group rate by seeking professional help together.

Best Wishes,

Hydraheaded Entity Outlet #2 [With Surge Protection]


The day after Super Tuesday, when I began seriously considering Satan as an option, I too realized that Savage might be right about "liberalism being a mental disorder". Luckily, I have talk radio to help me work through this one.

I posted Rush's question about women and Bill Clinton for fun, but I think it is a legitimate question. Bill's not my type, but I don't think he will go down in history as one of our worst presidents. After serving their terms, former presidents seem to serve our country in the "elder statesman role". Like I was willing to forgive Richard Nixon, I would forgive Bill Clinton.

Monica makes legitimate points in her defense of McCain, while other some of the other radio commentators sound like they are propagandizing on his behalf.

Monica said on her radio show that she will be on TMG this weekend.

J. Pierpont Finch


GO BACK TO SAN FRANSICKO wher you belong.

Better yet, CUBA where you can be of service to your stone hearted Leninist idols. The good life here in America seems to have spoiled you.

"Those who ignore or do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"

- Santiana


Gringoman seems obsessed with my reference to my Ivy League education quite a while ago. Let's revisit why I mentioned it. It wasn't to present myself as some intellectual.

One of the geniuses on this blog said that Bush was qualified to be president because of his Yale education. I then mentioned that I have an Ivy League education asked, knowing what the answer would be, whether that person thought I should then be president?

That's it. So let's not keep repeating how I brought up my education. It's not relevant, and I'm not saying I'm some kind of supreme intellectual based on it. In fact, I'm suggesting that that kind of education does NOT make one qualified to be president.

Enough about MLK, too. It's getting boring, and his history is not at issue here. I mentioned Monica's plagiarism in response to one of her usual 'intelligent' points. In order to respond, I'd have to start researching the points and counterpoints about the accusations against MLK, and I don't have time for that now because I actually have a life, Gringoman.

Now, Gringoman, how about apologizing for your support for Bush. You are part of the problem. I don't care that you criticize him. That's not enough. You should have voted against him, like Jack and I did. It was always obvious he was a moron.

Hey, Gringoman, you say I'm stalking Monica, but you are always here with a quick response, I notice. Are you always on the computer? Or are you some geeky 50-year-old virgin?


I see your psychological analysis and raise you one. A psychoanalyst determined several years ago that Bush was essentially an unbalanced sociopath:



Hooray for Charles Barkley!!!!



David Limbaugh could not have expressed my feelings any better in the link below:

"Regardless, whatever the McCainiacs do, they should not underestimate the intensity of conservative angst against him, his recent record and many of his current positions. His conservative opponents are legion and they will not be appeased with glib promises.

It wouldn't matter if Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and every other conservative talk-show host and commentator came together and implored them to vote for McCain. A great many of them will not do so unless they are personally satisfied they are not selling their country down the river by electing John McCain."

So instead of focusing on Rush, Sean, Mark and Laura, the McCainiacs better address sincerely the concerns of the grassroots -- soon. Without the base, all the moderates in the world won't save him.



Fashion update: Monica you hit a homerun this week. Loved the jacket and color. It was so Monica. Your new hair style is a real knockout!

Best line of the show: "she knows where the bodies are buried and she buried them" (speaking of M. Williams).

Jack Flynn

Excellent observation by Charles Barkley only he doesn't go far enough.
The term "Christian Conservative" is an oxymoron. If they actually believed "love thy neighbor as thyself" we would have had universal health care years ago, there would be no homeless people on the streets, our elderly and veterans would be respected and taken care of properly, our military wouldn't be in the Middle East collaterally exterminating thousands of innocent people, torture wouldn't exist, and with proper Christian oversight the FDA wouldn't have allowed the Bayer "AG drug" to murder 22,000 people, before it was recalled. (I'll bet that the vast majority at the Bayer company and the FDA call themselves Christians.)
If the Christian Conservatives were true Christians wouldn't they have had the courage to "turn the other cheek" after 9/11 and shore up security here at home, instead of attacking a country that had nothing to do with it. How about bearing false witness against thy neighbor as Monica, Savage, Limbaugh and the other so called Christians regularly do to Hillary Clinton. What about Capital punishment? How Christian is that? And how about "Love your enemies. Bless them that curse you,"
What happened to all you Christian Conservatives out there? When did you sell out? When and why did you give up your Christian principles?
Christ would take one look at the pack of you, turn the other cheek, and throw up.


They are attacking Monica :


hitting her when she is down, and so I defended her by saying
she understands politics well and is steering us away from disaster by attacking Williams and Hillary.

By the way, there are signs that the straight talk express is merely detoured. Could be a good thing.



Remember this little confrontation from the Clinton years:



The Clintons were and are not saints. If everyone loved them as much as you, Hillary might not have to worry about Obama at all. Many Democrats are jumping on the Obama train because they are tired of all the baggage the Clintons bring with them.

The Catholic Church and many other churches were opposed to the war in Iraq. Guess the "unfair and imbalanced" propaganda network that you listen to failed to report those frequent stories.

Sean Hannity spent his entire summer raising money for the Freedom Alliance through 4 summer concerts that he sponsored. The Freedom Alliance provides college scholarships to the children of deceased and disabled military personnel. People throughout the country are constantly looking for ways to support our troops and their families. What bills did Satan and Obama write in support of our veteran's during their tenure in the Senate?

As for the homeless problem, didn't Jesus say that "the poor will always be with us"? If you can solve a problem that dates back to biblical times, I'm sure the Christian right would love to hear from you. Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome.

What does the Christian right have to do with the FDA? Don't we have a separation of church and state in this country? Why should the Christian right be involved in this?


Congratulations to Monica for being "written up" by the "Huntington Post". This is truly a "badge of honor". Before you know it, Media Matters will be listening to your every word and you can share your hate mail with us like Sean and Alan do.


I made a statement about existence being irrational. This was not a declaration of atheism, but rather simply my observation that life is not comprehensible - least of all human action.


Huffington's comments were consistent with what I have said here. Monica Crowley is like a child with a microphone. She has no original thoughts; she just repeats the rightwing talking points. But at least she's making money for it. You people who buy into her garbage and cheer her on are far more pathetic than her. Freaking worms.

dirty-rotten-no good-liberal

I'm going all out trying to dig some filth on this Wolfson fellow. Clinton's popinjays shouldn't operate with impunity. Now everything is sexist to the Ice Queen's surrogates, apperently Obama's use of the word "periodically" is a misogynystic petard designed to demean a post-menopausal woman. Too bad for Clinton's nincampoops; Obama's already admitted to marujuana and cocaine use during his adolescence. Bring on these clowns I say.




Careful with the wormy rhetoric, Bubby.It just exposes you. Another symptom of the progressive pathology brilliantly described by Dr. Rossitter in THE LIBERAL MIND (FredK2929, you should consider taking it to the beach this summer.) The infantile leftie ---even Lenin denounced them---whenever his limited ability to reason is stressed out, as we see here frequently---resorts to the usual juvenilia, potty mouth etc that affirm for him his superiority over the despised Öther."

Actually, my flushing you out recently has paid some dividends, besides taking time that would be better spent on almost anything else.

1. The symptoms you have exposed in yourself convinces me that your suit is emptier than I---and probably anyone else around here---had thought, or whatever it is you wear at your little leftie jihad keyboard that makes your life insulting Monica worthwhile to you.

2. Yet another of the teeming examples of your disorder: Your idiotic deriding of others for not being paid to do exactly what you are doing---post at Monica. I take it you are not a Soros worker on retainer. (If so, Crazy George is not getting his money's worth.)

3. On the Martin Luther King plagiarism scandal which you yourself prompted from me by your witless allegation about Monica: Now you out-weasel even yourself. You don't have to check out the voluminous documentation which even a non-Ivy leaguer can find in minutes on the Internet. You seem to forget (are you flirting with Alzheimer's?) that the point was about your criterion for "trust." Remember now, FredK2929/You said you could not "trust"Monica due to an alleged (very minor) plagiarism. I then asked whether you could "trust" MLK in light of the welldocumented examples of his very serious plagiarism. You do not have to take the charges on faith or even do a little homework like you obviously are very willing to do in the very minor case of the allegation against Monica. We don't expect such integrity from the Left anymore. All you have to do, FredK2929, is answer a hypothetical. IF MLK's plagiarism is as serious as I (and many others) claim it to be, THEN would you still "trust" MLK? So there. You now have yet another opportunity to play Prog Ball, uh, I mean Dodge Ball.

4. No sweat. I realize how stressful this can be for you. What (sic) man wants to look in the mirror in the morning and see a weasel. If you'll apologize for insulting Monica like a loony leftie, I'll relent too and forgive your sticking to the way of the weasel on this MLK "trust" business. I'll ignore the fact that you stuck your foot in your mouth and still can't get it out. Deal, FredK2929.

5. So why do I even bother with you? It's not for you, not anymore, anyway. It's to clarify what you are. In that way, I've performed a service for this site. True, your drone-a-thon here has earned much more dissection than you've received so far. But there's time. You've got the time, judging by your continuing, and repeated, in fact endless fixation here on MonicA.

Right, FredK2929?

ps. Oh. by the way, yet another symptom that I'm sure can be found in Dr. Rossitter's brilliant expose of your condition, THE LIBERAL MIND....The liberal comes uninvited into somebody's house where friends of the hostess have gathered. The lib proceeds to call the hostess an idiot, throws his little stink bombs at her, denounces her guests, and finally, after someone grabs him and sticks his head for a moment into the
punch bowl, he towels himself off, asks "what's wrong with you stupid right-wingers" and finally calls the ACLU to file a complaint on attempted waterboarding.


Gringoman --

I see you wrote something aimed at me. I let my eyes run down it quickly. I see more mentions of MLK (really -- enough already) and more stuff about me being pathological. But I'm not reading it. You are now starting to bore me.

Somehow my derision of you makes me nuts, but you can attack me as much as you like but are perfectly sane? Whatever. Keep filling up this web site; I'll pick and choose what I want to read. (And I see you have your own web site to fill up with drivel that no one is going to read).

Nothing you can say is going to make me see you as anything more than a pathetic rightwinger. Your president is a failure. Even your party knows it: They are not nominating someone to follow in the Moron's foosteps -- They are about to nominate his enemy from 2000. The country is moving on from its mistake.

I bet in person you are one weird dude.


Unlike Gringoman, this bast#rd actually has an impact on my life:

"It is not like putting burning coals on people's bodies. The person is in no real danger. The impact is psychological."
-- Sen. Joe Lieberman, after voting against a bill prohibiting waterboarding

Somehow we've got to get rid of him.

Allah Schmallah

jesus.. this Fred on-Special-K is beginning to bother me. He and his ilk are clogging up the space here with their troll posts.

I see the need for moderation here.

either they moderate themselves or someone from Monica's staff may want to do it.

By the way Fred.. I
d much rather they waterboard one of these terrorist [I know, you call them freedom fighters or holy warriors] rats than to have terrorist cockroaches carry out further attacks against innocent Americans and others around the world.

Too bad these terrorist attacks never seem to hit liberals...

WE are the people who suffer from the largesse doled out to our enemies by the taxpayer funded A.sshat C.ommie L.awyers U.united. front..
WE have to undergo humiliating procedures just to board a plane when it would be much simpler to put moslems on separate planes.. since they want their owne separate bathrooms and everythign else.. why not give them separate planes.. and while I am at it.. let those planes EXIT the USA and NEVER come back!

Allah Schmallah

Oh, Fred Special K .. I'd like you to be on one of those planes.. Moonbats and moslems.. so perfect together...

Allah Schmallah

Regarding the "incendiary" information Hitlery says she has On "O".. I bet he smokes Crack.


Allah -- I think you should be waterboarded, and I suspect your mother did crack while you were in the womb.

Jack Flynn

MLk's plagiarism cannot be compared to Monica's, because MLK was a GREAT Man and his personal defects are diminished to near zero in the light of his greatness and his influence upon history.
This is not meant to be mean spirited, but Monica is a gnat in comparison, and any malfeasance on her part naturally stands out in relief here, because her accomplishments are mere crumbs in comparison to his. So it would be utterly purposeless for Fred or anyone else to go after MLK for his alleged plagiarism whereas it is perfectly ok to go after Monica, because her writing tactics are consistently below the beltline. It is ok to attack ideas and people who hold them if the criticism comes from personal observation, experience and intellect rather than from erratic emotionalism, and/or blind allegiance to someone else's version of moonlight. There, I plagiarized right there in that sentence and you would have to be pretty damned smart to find it.
I give Monica one thing. She is a hard worker, but a serial killer is a hard worker too, so hard work can be a dubious achievement when it leads down a wayward path.
The basis for my argument is this: We ALL have defects. We would like the world to either not know about them, or overlook them in the light of our better qualities. It is my version of "love thy neighbor". I am a practical guy and that is my practical reason for "loving my neighbor, even when I hate him, or her.
That is why it is so important that Hillary's, Obama's and McCain's defects and qualities are brought to the surface during the debates. That is where we really get to look them over—get to know them—judge them, criticize them and choose the one we think will make the best President. By November we will know their defects and their abilities. We will be fit to make the decision.

Now, that's important.

On another note: Gringoman's party goer sounds more like a nihilist. A liberal would have complimented the hostess on the quality of the punch.


Mr. Flynn may have a point (his apologia for MLK plagiarism notwithstanding.) Yes, Mr. Flynn's kind of "liberal" may have complimented the hostess on the punch---before calling the pc police. He would want these "right-wingers" arrested for smoking unfiltered tips without a license.


I would have been very polite at the party, but would have avoided Gringoman. Weird, weird dude.

Jack Flynn

There is no PC police that I am aware of Gringobelly, unless you want to count the Bush administration's FCC and Monica's blog where one cannot even use the word dam# without getting censored.


But you can say dam#, shi#, fu#k, cu#t, co#k, pu@@y, or whatever.

Jack Flynn

Yes Fred. The road to hell is paved with good and/or thoughtless intentions.


I didn't really have any intentions except to offend a few rightwingers with my list of modified profane words.

Jack Flynn

I was simply sharing an old,(slightly modified), platitude with you, which refers to the thoughtless and fruitless, (politically correct), effort to eliminate even the mildest form of profanity on this blog.

Jack Flynn

Back on topic. Let's forget the candidates for a moment and concentrate on what is really going on.
The battle in this election is not just between the candidates. It is the final and deciding battle between Liberalism and Conservatism in this Country.
The Conservatives have had control for enough years for us to know what they stand for and whether or not they walk the way they talk. And the times they did walk the way they talked, what did they accomplish?
The reason I say it is the final battle, is that whichever direction the voters decide, we will be committed to that course with no going back. Too much will happen in the next twelve years to reverse that course without causing irreversible damage to our Democracy, not to mention the economy.
The Conservatives, by ascribing demonic attributes to anything they even vaguely thought reflected liberal views, have kept the term alive long enough for it to finally be defined accurately, by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, causing about seventy five percent of Americans to identify with its beliefs and principles, because they know that the liberal ideas spoken by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama are closer to their hearts and well being than those of the opposition.

Yes, the country is going Liberal because seventy five percent of the people want it so. The remaining twenty five percent, (if they choose to participate), will have to adapt. Out of that twenty five percent, a small fraction will become, (if they aren't already), terrorists.
Although a few AlQuaeda will slip through, our homegrowns are the terrorists we will face in the near future. What if our prisons were bombed, releasing hundreds of thousands of White Supremacists into our midst. Is that a time for the bulk of our forces to be playing a road game?
That is one of the many reasons why the U.S. needs to pull back from Iraq and get the National Guard back here and resupplied for domestic purposes, including Border patrol, Northern Border included.

Jack Flynn

If you think FDR was a Liberal, wait until you see the next guy or gal in action. Whooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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