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February 19, 2008


J. Pierpont Finch

If China makes a move on Taiwan in their neighborhood, we most certainly should move on Cuba in our neighborhood to install a real democracy, not the China model Rual is planning to implement.


On a day when we learn F. Castro finally realized he was too old to continue his life-long reign of terror against Cuba, Hillary loses her 9th Primary in a row and blames it on Obama's "words". As M. Ali once said after beating George Foreman for the heavyweight championship after Foreman blamed the humidity, Ali said it wasn't the weather, it was the leather. She got her rear-end handed to her, again. Queen Bee is finished.



Re Comrade Chavez and the Retiring Commandante's boots, which you say Chavez could not lick: I beg to differ. As the new neo-Bolshie Buffoon of the Americas, Chavez obviously hopes that the oil he "appropriates" can offset the Castro qualities he is embarrassingly deprived of: warrior stature and its mystique (earned by a daring strike against mulato dictator Fulgencio Batista) global acumen, canny diplomacy (Chavez a taco vendor by comparison, stupidly offending the King of Spain, which Comrade Castro is far too wily and savvy to do) law-book subtlety to balance the dreadful demogogue when needed, and the ability to hold a captive audience, speaking four hours non-stop about "Los Yanquis" ( I was in the audience once. Obama would have to drool over what El Commandante could do with a crowd of half a million, while keeping his envy and admiration far from any record.)

Castro, unlike Chavez, the brown indio with inferiority complex and a great big racial axe to grind, is not just cunning. He is cunning and intelligent (although he used his smarts to survive by ruining Cuba in typical socialist dicatorship, which impresses no one except our Liberal Fascists and the Hollywoodniks who fly to Havana for foto-ops with the Feurher Cubano.

Have you noticed how Chavez moons at the Commandante? He looks like he'd give all the oil he "expropriates" in Venezuela if he could only be a real Fidel Castro. He typifies the pathology dissected so well by Lyle Rossiter in THE LIBERAL MIND, which JP Finch linked to here (and which the proggies will not go near. Wonder why?) Like the woman in Havana on the "progressive"BBC this morning, he sees Castro as "more than just a political leader....He is like a father to us."

There it is. The BBC didn't even seem to realize how it was illustrating a profound point in Dr. Rossiter's THE LIBERAL MIND. Socialism lives and breathes by infantilizing its subjects, i.e. the "democratic" way of enslaving them.

Take another look at how Chavez moons at Castro, even in latter's decrepitude. Ree, you say he couldn't lick Castro's boots?

Or did you mean he's just waiting for El Maximo to give him permission?


Gringoman --

You've really got to work on your monomania about Rossiter's book. So you've got one book of psychobabble about liberals being crazy. Does that sound reasonable to you? That one guy can classify a whole group as crazy based on their political views? Sounds like McCarthyite thinking.

It must be nice to be you. Things are so simple. You are right, and everyone else is nuts.

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