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February 21, 2008




Please ask Don Imus when he intends to give his very sexy and extremely talented producer, Bernard McGuirk a more prominent role on his show? You would be surprised at how many women LOVE Bernard, especially as Cardinal Egan. What can we do to support the very hot Bernard McGuirk?



Surely you understand that Don Imus (who I normally like) is still doing penance for having been entrapped by the 24/7 Hillary/Reverend Tawana-inspired pc police? You remember. The progs, from their undisclosed cubicles (probably Soros workers) taped his 30-second imitation of black culture's Hip-Hop with his "nappy-headed ho's" remark.

Surely you know that Bernard McGuirk, an important motivator (or instigator) for Don Imus, is now being, let us say, strategically reined in by Imus. The reason must be obvious. Imus feels he needs to make nice with the pc police. He fears they may still be breathing their bad (if not fetid) breath down his back. Imus probably can point to new contractual pressures on his once more free-wheeling persona.

So what's still going on? Call it a Period of Penance. When will that period be over? Will it ever be over?

Here's one clue to look for. If Bernard Mcguirk ever comes back with all his Bronx gonads intact, able to heat you up as before, then you will know that something is happening.

Until then, dream a McDream.


I understand that Don Imus is still doing penance but I REFUSE to let the "pc police" rule my life. I wasn't a Don Imus fan before MSNBC and NBC decided to devote over a week to destroying two people's careers when they should have been reporting the news. Haven't watched MSNBC and NBC since they decided to increase their ratings by throwing Don Imus and Bernard McGuirk to the wolves, and frankly, I don't miss those networks at all. I have plenty of other things to keep me busy, including a great new book that I just started.

Other people on those networks have "crossed the line" and nothing has happened to them. The "politically correct" crowd usually laughs with them when they make the same type of jokes. I thought Bernie was smart and funny and I think it is terrible what happened to him. I turned "Good Morning America" on immediately after Monica's interview in protest.

Monica did a great job this morning. Unlike other other radio show hosts I've listened to, Monica doesn't come across as a RINO in her defense of McCain. I've heard her speak highly of him in the past and I think she sincerely does like him.

Sean has always been fair to McCain. I respect the conservatives for sticking to their conservative principles and not "flip-flopping".



You were great this morning. You articulated so well, what I couldn't put into words about Barrack "Barry" Obama. I too think he is nice guy, unfortunately that reminded me of another nice guy former President Jimmy Carter.

I too would like to see Bernie back in front of the camera if he can't do his old routines, then let him comeback with new characters...although I must admit, I really miss Mayor Nagin's updates on the progress down in New Orleans.


M/M,Gringoman if you are inclined.

Here is the email adress to RFD TV share your feedback, they do put viewer mail up on the screen during the commercials but the only thing, I have read is Crook and Chase viewer mail.


I would let Patrick Gotsch know how you feel about the program minus Bernard McGuirk, According to Imus he has asked for a camera on Bernie and Lou.

The viewer mail that is on during the commercials "Imus in the Morning" are all for Crook and Chase...which I am sure is a very nice program, I never watch.



Anyone is welcome to use my comment for a constructive purpose (with proper attribution, of course.)


Welcome to the world of "corporate media" in which the parent suits show what they're really made of. The suits do this by letting political hacks take over. They allow Television, for example, to be dominated by PROGvision.
Why should liberal bratniks give up their insidious Double Standard if Daddy just smiles and turns his head?

It's perfectly natural to despise the hand that feeds you. Ask the entitlement crowd.

Bernard McGurk is now in effect a manacled prisoner of the leftniki. Not even his powerful Boss Man, Don Imus, can unshackle him. Don now has not just one, but two liberal black "minders" as part of his submission and penance for a 30-second imitation that bears on the white libs' crucial and faithful neo-plantation. In this circumstance, do you think Don will let Bernard do his hilarious and on-target Mayor Dufus Nagin of New Awleens? That's more truth than the white progs can stand. Do you think Don at this time is going to place his head on their chopping block for "racial insensitivity"? When the white progs wouldn't have to say a word? Just wait in the wings while their Victimologist-of-choice, the Reverend Tawana Sharpton, does PC Enforcer for them?

Come on, M/M.


Will anyone listen if I e-mail RFD? I think America got a real sense of Bernie when he was first interviewed on "Hannity and Colmes" and they liked what they saw. I didn't see a sexist, racist guy as portrayed by the media, but a "regular guy" who is very talented and very bright. Unlike Al Sharkton, Satan and Steve Capus, Bernie seems like a genuinely nice guy who really got scr****,


Conservatives love a guy who referred to black women as "jigaboos" and "ho's". Why am I not surprised?


Actually Fredk2929, Bernie was referring to a Spike Lee movie called "School Daze" that introduced the term "jigaboo" to the mainstream America. "Ho" entered our culture through hip-hop music. Don't know about "jigaboo", but I've heard the term "ho" used quite a lot in jest with younger people who listen to hip-hop.

Aging liberal baby boomers are starting to make the Puritans look hip. No wonder everyone is voting for Obama. The Democrats have become the establishment.


This could happen to us to if the Democrats win the election. N.O.W. and Sharkton will see to it. Remember when liberals had no problem with short skirts and believed in Free Speech? Aging liberals are even worse than reformed smokers.



I know where the terms "jigaboo" and "ho" come from. The term "jigaboo" is way older than "School Daze", and it can be used artistically in a certain context (see the soundtrack from "Hair").

But I have read the transcript of that Imus show, and it was not being used artistically.

BTW -- I'm not saying he should have been fired. An apology was adequate.



Prog alert! You have just bumped into the White Lib's Double Standard again. You have to remember, going at least as far back as the Bolsheviks, blacks exist for them primarily as a political species, a collective hammer to be used in the war against Capitalism. (Have you noticed what kind of blacks they reward and elevate to national prominence, and what kind they try to punish or even destroy?)

Individually, libs might even see blacks as human beings, or at least can empathize with them to a degree. For all we know, FredK2929, despite his very suspicious pieties--the mark of a hack-- falls into this category. But that's beside the point, and of no interest to anyone but himself. The point is Prog Man needs to maintain, at all costs, his Double Standard. It's how he makes use of blacks as a tool, a political species for his progressive agenda. If you confront a prog with the facts, you see what happens? They will immediately shift, in this case to a question of
"artistry" in order to maintain their evil Double Standard.

And who is to judge what is "artistic" and what is "insensitive"? Who is to judge whether you can use "jigaboo" or "cracker" or "honky"?

You got it. The white progs and their black lieutenants. Who does the instant firing of anyone in the media who is judged (by White Prog) to have transgressed?

You got it.

They be the judge and they be the jury.


Gringoman --

You are falling back on your old stream of consciousness method of writing. That may have worked for James Joyce, but it doesn't work for a schmuck like you.

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