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February 25, 2008



They are =20 commenting on a double =20 standard that =20 I can appreciate =20 when I am =20 attacked on this =20 blog.

BTW -- what's with all the =20 s***?


That book is defintely gone! That one last page was rhetorical, and out of courtesy.
From The Source; this piece is worth more than the Rarest Gem, a treasure Without Doubt. The future holds many Great surprises!


Now Chris Dodd has endorsed Obama. It's really the end for Clinton's campaign, so let's move on.

Oh, lest I forget: =20 =20 =20



What is this I heard on TV, that Genifer Flowers is going to sell her old conversations with Bill Clinton? Have you heard of this story in the MSM?


Oh Tucker Carlson you better hope she doesn't pull a rabbit out of her hat:)


Allah Schmallah

It ain't over till the fat lady sings... the outcome is relatively meaningless anyway.

There are two radical marxists and one moderate liberal competing for the white House now.

Conservatism has turned out to be the roadkill left for dead by the outgoing Bush administration..

While liEberals foam at the mouth over rage at the Neo-cons the truth is that these very Neo-cons have irreparably damaged Conservatism for decades to come. LiEberals owe the Neocons a debt of gratitude.

Nor are we fooled by the howling of the liEberals re. Bush. He just dresses better than Cindy Jihadi. The disagreements between bush and the liEberals are really more about form.

Bush never defended Freedom of the Press when it came to the attacks on Denmark after the Motoons were published. Same for the kneejerks like the Village Voice. They're busy publishing their Bush Derangement Cartoons, knowing full well that they are doing so in complete safety of their persons.

Hoooraay..three cheers for those brave defenders of Freedom and the American Way!!

Far be it for those valiant defenders of individual rights to waste their breath over the Motoons caricaturists and what implications both the islamic reaction as well as our own may have for the future..

Oh no, because to do so they would possibly have to say somthing positive about a Christian country.

And that would violate liEberal Dogma.

N'est-ce pas, Mon Ami Fred K Especial?


OK, Allah Schmallah. I'm just going to make sure there are no fava beans and Chianti in the area if you are near me.

Allah Schmallah

Thanks for the obscure 'reference' Special K. Nice trick to let u avoid having to replay with something of substance.

But then ya don't have any.


It's not an obscure reference if you watch movies. But you just borrow whatever DVD's your friends have, right?


BTW: Lighten up, Francis.

Allah Schmallah

You still didn't reply with anything of relevance to the subject at hand, K.


Is there a pending question, Buckwheat?

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