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February 18, 2008


Jack Flynn

To emphasize the differences, which are appreciated by both male and females equally.
Stop the dam#ned sex war Monica. I was wrong about you. I thought your war was Iraq, when it is really your war against your own species. You war against your own femininity, perhaps because of the pressures competing in a man's world. I don't know.
You believe that Feminism leads to transcendence of Gender???
No lady. Not unless you are freshly emerging from tomboyism to the state of a natural woman.
The ones you could really learn from, like Hillary, Jane Fonda, etc. you reject and despise. That's your loss because their wisdom is key to your identity as a woman.

Bogart: Tough luck kid.


Quite clever Monica. Now, is like yesterday. Those old women should get used to it.



Is this word you were looking for, I don't think she is as chic as the french socialist.

Main Entry: pas·sé
Pronunciation: \pa-ˈsā\
Function: adjective
Etymology: French, from past participle of passer
Date: 1775
1: past one's prime
2 a: outmoded b: behind the times



Now it can be told. One of the things that attracted me to you, even before you went blogging and gringoVision cited you as more than just the blonde leading the blonde: an educated gal who has gotten past the stale pabulum of the progressive "feminists." (Sure, the blue eyes count too, but the dynamite is in the combination---mind fusing with matter.) I suspect that old Richard Nixon was perceptive enough to see that potential in you

Stale pabulum? These so-called "progressives" don't even have a clue that their platitudes were in vogue a hundred years ago and at least were stated back then with wit and imagination by socialists who actually had brain cells inside their heads, like GB Shaw. Shaw, of course, advocated "Strong Woman." We used to see that type in American films of the "reactionary" 30's and 40's. And what do we get in these far more "progressive" times, aside from little Hollywood whorelets (butch fantasies)and a Mrs. Slick who has spent decades with her two-timing husband, squatting on his brainpan?

Passe, as Ree says? Yes, but maybe not 100%. Maybe only 90% moribund. Eg. The progs, if they had any integrity left at all, could work on removing the stupid double standards now in force for feminizing the US military. These bitter "progressive"frauds still pretend not to understand that they're supposed to be AGAINST double standards. Will somebody give them a good shake? (A "socialist"like Shaw would be principled enough to boot their dishonest rumps for them good and hard.)

Now, after a century of socialist Big Mommy experiments around the world in utopian nightmare, alongside the fact that most "advances"for women have always come in countries described by the leftniki as Capitalist and Imperialist, we are treated to the spectacle of male proggies instructing you on how to be a "woman" how to "think" and how to repeat "Bush Lied, People Died" ad infinitum droneissimus.

Thank you, Monica, for making their (unintended) humor possible.

ps Of course the honey of my admiration gets sprinkled too with the cod liver oil of critique. But that's entre nous, ma chere. You would understand. It's for adults, not the proggy "fan club."


The very fact that Hillary Clinton was one of the top two contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination is a victory for feminism, just as Barack Obama's success thus far is a victory for the civil rights movement.

However, the fact that the female news correspondents on Fox News are made up to look like blonde Barbie dolls with glossed up BJ lips is an example of how far we still have to go.


Monica, you are right on, again. That was the dream of MLK that we would transcend race and gender and we would look at people as human beings that have equal rights and value. Women are looking at Hillary and making an objective, reasoned decision that while she is the first woman who could be President, she is not the best candidate by a long shot. In fact she has serious character flaws that would make her bad for America, not to mention her socialist views. And Fredo, I am offended by your trashing of the women at Fox News. They are a 100 times smarter than you.



Theses aren't your parent's pinkos, these are socialist 2.0 GRIN. Nothing is ever like the first wave. Even todays dictators are 2nd string, look at Chavez, he couldn't lick Castro's boots...although I have heard, he has tried them on:)


Steveok --

Perhaps the women at Fox News are smart, but misguided. Nonetheless, they are glossed up to look like porn stars. That's what should offend you.

J. Pierpont Finch


George Soros used Sen. John McCain to push for limits on issue advertising by grassroots groups because he was upset over the cataclysmic failure of Hillarycare, the all-encompassing government health care program proposed during Bill Clinton's first term as president




Hillary does come across as "dated". Before Hillary hired her image consultant, the image of Satan blending in with the rest of the candidates on the stage, dressed in her navy blue and grey flannel pantsuits, was absolutely horrifying. The woman definitely needed a makeover to NOT scare women voters away.

Perhaps the early feminists had a harder time of it, but do they have to seem so angry? And they all seem to think men are the enemy, not to mention acting fairly uptight and lacking a sense of humor. THEY are one of the reasons I can no longer enjoy the very talented and sexy Bernard McGuirk (and I am not happy about that).

No one ever seems to mention how many bright, educated and strong women Fox news promotes. Women like Monica Crowley (an honorary member), Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Kirsten Powers, Laura Ingraham, Susan Estrich, Angela McGowan, Lis Wiehl and Meghan Kelly are really blazing a new frontier over at the Fox News station with their insight, analysis and bold opinions. And what is so wrong with looking great in mini skirt anyway?

Jack Flynn

"And what is so wrong with looking great in mini skirt anyway?"
Nothing M/M, unless you wear one.


M/M --

The stereotype of the angry feminist is kind of passe. Women like Andrea Dworkin were part of a lunatic fringe. Most women I know who believe in equal rights for women believe in just that, not that men are the enemy.

There's nothing wrong with looking great in a mini-skirt, but I think it takes away from your message if you are supposed to be a serious commentator on a news program. Fox News is like the news version of "Flavor of Love".



My perception of Hillary is that she is "dated" and hasn't kept up with the times. Eleanor Clift makes me feel that way too. Society has changed and young women today have really changed. Remember the TGM episode where they were discussing how girls are the ones excelling in math and science these days? There are many more opportunities for women now.

Last year, the emphasis was on Katie Couric and Hillary Clinton. If you didn't like them, you were made to feel sexist. I didn't like them and I found out that there were legitimate reasons why I didn't like them. (I heard Katie Couric has really improved but I haven't had a chance to reassess her.)

Last year, I also took a good look at some of the women who work at Fox News and am really impressed with their backgrounds. A surprising number of those women have law degrees and they are definitely not bimbos. I really found many of them quite inspiring. In fact, I was just made this very point to a young woman with a degree in media communications that is thinking of going to law school.

I understand that a journalist is not supposed to look like the town hooker, but many of these women, including Monica, are in great shape. I work out and I find them really motivating. I enjoy complimenting Monica on her outfits. As for the women on Fox, I think it would be great to have a job that allows you to wear short skirts; those pantsuits can be so boring.


Last year, Katie Couric took a beating, and I don't remember anyone suggesting that if you didn't like her, you were a sexist.

Hillary Clinton has been taking a beating for years, and I keep hearing how unethical she is, but the people who hate her the most are unable to particularize what they hate. It's "I just hate her" or "She thinks she knows everything". I'm not sure if it's sexism, but it seems like irrational hatred.

At least Bush gives me a multitude of reasons for hating his a##.

Maybe the women on Fox are smart, but they shouldn't be made up like porn stars. It doesn't matter to me because I don't watch Fox, and don't even know what number station they are on on my TV system.


"Bitch is the new black." -- Tina Fey

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