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February 03, 2008



Monica, it is going to be a panderfest from here on out. Lets see Bill Richardson is Hispanic- Clintons check, we have Chinese donors- check, Really I think there is an actual check list or pander list.


Bill Richardson actually deserves the VP slot after prostituting himself for months on national TV. Never before in the history of this country has one politician bent over backwards and groveled at the feet of the Clintons in such a blatant attempt to get the VP slot. This is how the Clintons operate and how they would run the White House. They basically sell stuff, that's why they had no problem turning the Lincoln bedroom into a Motel 6. That's why they brought in business executives in the WH for "teas" where they would shake them down for cash.


Latest Rasmussen Poll shows Romney and McCain tied in California. If Rommey can pull out a win in California he would have seriously wounded McCain/Kennedy. McCain has no claim to the Republican nomination if he can't win California.


If you look at the Super Tuesday Primary States for the Republicans, Huckabee is preventing Romney from winning in most states, especially the South. Looking at Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri, Huckabee takes a huge block of conservative votes away from Romney, which would not go to McCain/Kennedy if Huckabee was not in the race. Huckabee is acting like a third party candidate and allowing McCain/Kennedy to win these states even they he can't get a majority of the votes. The only place McCain/Kennedy is winning without Huckabee is states like New York and New Jersdy.

In California where Huckabee is not as big a factor (California doesn't like Jesus) Romney and McCain/Kennedy are tied. If McCain/Kennedy gets the Republican nomination it will be because of Huckabee.


Predicting Richardson doesn't make you some kind of clairvoyant, Monica. Most of us have been predicting Richardson as the VP candidate since the beginning.


(AP)WASHINGTON - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday she might be willing to garnish the wages of workers who refuse to buy health insurance to achieve coverage for all Americans.

Yes Virginia, Hillary is a socialist. She is in favor of wage and price controls, garnishing wages of people who don't sign onto her national takeover of healthcare, taking the profits of corporations and spending them as she see fit, tax increases, spending increases, and an increase in government regulations to make your head spin. Yes Virginia, she makes George McGovern look like a conservative.


Still not voting for Juan McCain/Kennedy. Maybe Bubba can talk her out of it.

J. Pierpont Finch

Juan McCain is 82.3% Conservative

Here are his Recent Votes:

1. Alito Nomination: The Senate voted to confirm Samuel A. Alito as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. ACU supported the nomination, which passed 58-42 on January 31, 2006. McCain +

2. Asbestos Trust Fund: The Senate killed an amendment to the Asbestos Trust Fund legislation that would have required plaintiffs to be physically impaired at the time of a claim, with asbestos exposure a substantial factor in their illness before they could be compensated from the Fund. ACU supported the amendment which was killed 70-27 on February 9, 2006. No Vote

3. Tax Reconciliation: The Senate passed a motion to instruct conferees on the Tax Reconciliation bill to insist that the conference report include an extension of the alternative minimum tax exemption for middle class families in 2006 as well as the House-passed two-year extension of the dividends and capital gains tax cuts. ACU favored the motion, which passed 53-47 on February 14, 2006. McCain +

4. Tax Cut Rules: The Senate defeated a change in its rules that would have required a 60-vote majority to cut taxes in the future. ACU opposed this rules change, which was defeated on a 50-50 vote on March 14, 2006. McCain -

5. Fiscal 2007 Budget Resolution–Energy Funding: The Senate defeated an amendment that would raise the discretionary spending limit by $4 billion for certain energy programs. It would be offset by assuming $7.2 billion in new taxes. ACU opposed the amendment, which was defeated 46-54 on March 14, 2006. McCain +

6. Spending Limitations: The Senate defeated a change in its rules that would make it harder to increase spending beyond the previous year’s levels by creating a point of order against such spending that could only be set aside by a two-thirds vote. ACU supported this rule change, which was rejected 35-62 on March 16, 2006. McCain +

7. Earmark Definitions: The Senate killed an amendment expanding the number of pork barrel “earmarks” that would have to be disclosed by the Senators proposing them. ACU supported this amendment, which was defeated 57-41 on March 29, 2006. McCain +

8. Pork Barrel Spending: The Senate killed an amendment that would have prohibited the use of $700 million in the bill to relocate a railroad freight line in Mississippi. ACU supported the amendment, which was killed 50-47 on April 26, 2006. McCain +

9. Medical Malpractice: The Senate defeated a motion to end a filibuster against a bill that would cap damage awards in medical liability lawsuits. ACU supported this motion, which got a majority of the votes, but failed because 60 votes are required to end a filibuster. The vote was 48-42 on May 8, 2006. No Vote

10. Tax Reconciliation: The Senate adopted a bill extending $70 billion in tax cuts through 2010. The tax cuts include the reduction in capital gains taxes. ACU supported this legislation, which passed 54-44 on May 11, 2006. McCain +

11. Small Business Health Plans: Senate defeated a motion to end a filibuster against a bill allowing small businesses to pool their employees to provide group health insurance. ACU supported this bill and thus supported this motion, which got a majority of the votes, but failed because 60 votes are required to end a filibuster. The vote was 55-43 May 11, 2006.
McCain +

12. Immigration Overhaul—Social Security Credit: The Senate killed an amendment barring illegal immigrants currently in the country from claiming Social Security credits for work done in years before they are assigned a valid Social Security number. ACU supported the amendment, which was killed by a vote of 50-49 on May 18, 2006. McCain -

13. Immigration Overhaul—Voter Identification: The Senate refused to kill an amendment requiring voters to present photo identification at the polls in order to vote. ACU supported the amendment. The motion to kill it failed 48-49 on May 24, 2006. McCain +

14. Immigration Reform: The Senate passed a bill overhauling U.S. immigration laws and offering a path to citizenship for most illegal immigrants in the country. The bill also created was purported to be a guest worker program. ACU opposed this legislation. The bill passed 62-36 on May 25, 2006. McCain -

15. Same-Sex Marriage Ban Constitutional Amendment: The Senate defeated a motion to end a filibuster against a constitutional amendment defining marriage as consisting only of the union of a man and a woman. ACU supported the constitutional amendment and thus supported this motion, which got a majority of the votes, but failed because 60 votes are required to end a filibuster. The vote was 49-48 on June 7, 2006. McCain -

16. Death Tax Repeal: The Senate defeated a motion to end a filibuster against a bill to permanently repeal of the death tax. ACU supported repeal of the death tax and thus supported this motion, which got a majority of the votes, but failed because 60 votes are required to end a filibuster. The vote was 57-41 on June 8, 2006. McCain +

17. Native Hawaiian Government: The Senate refused to cut off debate and move to a vote on a bill extending self-determination and self-governance to Native Hawaiians and allowing for the creation of a native entity that would have a government-to-government relationship with the United States. ACU opposed this legislation and so opposed the motion to end debate. A majority of the Senate voted for the motion, but Senate rules require 60 votes to stop debate. The vote was 56-41 on June 8, 2006. McCain -

18. Iran Sanctions: The Senate rejected and amendment that would impose sanctions against foreign governments and companies that invest more than $20 million in Iran's energy sector until the president certified to Congress that Iran had dismantled its weapons of mass destruction. ACU supported this amendment, which failed on a vote of 45-54 on June 15, 2006. McCain -

19. Iraq Amnesty Policy: The Senate adopted a resolution commending the government of Iraq for affirming its position of no amnesty for terrorists who attack U.S. armed forces. ACU supported the resolution, which passed 64-34 on June 20, 2006. McCain +

20. Minimum Wage: The Senate rejected an amendment raising the federal minimum wage up to $7.25 per hour. ACU opposed the amendment, which received a majority vote, but failed because 60 votes were required for passage. The vote was 52-46 on June 21, 2006. McCain +

21. Iraq Troop Withdrawal: The Senate rejected a resolution calling on the president to begin phased withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and to submit to Congress by the end of 2006 a plan with estimated dates for continued phased withdrawal. ACU opposed this resolution, which failed 39-60 on June 22, 2006. McCain +

22. Border Fencing: The Senate rejected an amendment providing for the construction of 370 miles of double-layered fencing and at least 461 miles of vehicle barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. ACU supported the amendment, which failed 29-71 on July 13, 2006.
McCain -

23. Embryonic Stem Cell Research: The Senate passed a bill allowing the use of federal funds in research on embryonic stem cells. ACU opposed this legislation, which passed by a vote of 63-37 on July 18, 2006. McCain -

24. Parental Notification of Abortion: The Senate passed a bill making it a federal crime to take a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion in order to circumvent state parental notification and consent laws. ACU supported this legislation, which passed 65-34 on July 25, 2006. McCain +

25. Gulf of Mexico Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling - The Senate passed a bill authorizing drilling in about 8.3 million acres of the eastern Gulf of Mexico. ACU supported this bill, which passed 71-25 on August 1, 2006. McCain +

NRA Gives McCain a C+ On Guns
2004 Based on lifetime voting records on gun issues and the results of a questionnaire sent to all Congressional candidates in 2004, the National Rifle Association assigned Senator McCain a grade of C+ (with grades ranging from a high of A+ to a low of F).


While Juan has exhibited liberal tendancies at times, I choke and run for the toilet when I think about what the two leading Democrat Party candidates might do to this country if given a chance because they just don't appear to undersand economics and foreign policy.

So wqe are left with President Juan Strangelove Kennedy and how I learned to love the bomb as the lesser of a terrible choice to help this country survive in dangerous times.


Finch, before I comment on your post please answer this: Do you think that George W. Bush understands economics and foreign policy?

J. Pierpont Finch

YES - With a few blind spots, I think that G W. Bush understands economics and foreign policy. The biggest blind spot from my viewpoint was supporting enactment of the Democrat proposed program to add the costly Medicare - Part-D Drug Program to the unsolved Medicare financing challenge.


82% huh which part of John McCain contains 82% conservative, the 82% that agrees with Juan Hernandez and LaRaza? Flawed and won't even try and reach out to Americans, he prefers open border lobbyist, nationals from south of the United States Border, if you believe he believes there is a border.


If GWB understands economics and foreign policy, I prefer someone who doesn't as president.


I understand there is a software called the Rosetta Stone, that teaches you another language. My suggestion if McCain wins the election, would be the Spanish software. I would start buying stock in the company that markets this software.




You have company Tammy Bruce and Ann Coulter



I can't believe how absurd the posts are on this web site. Is there a genetic defect among conservatives that makes you adopt such views?


You should be happy Fredk2929, if Romney doesn't produce a miracle tomorrow, you will have 3 liberals to choose from in this election, while the other half of the country stays home.

J. Pierpont Finch

I think Tammy Bruce and Ann Coulter are missing a lot of french fries for happy meal. For a Republican to support Hillary or Obama is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

For Republicans who don't like Juan McCain (I'm one of them!), the choice is whether or not to stay home on election day, whether or not to financially support the Republican Party and its candidates in the future, and whether or not to re-register as an "Independant" permanantly or for some period of time to send a message to the party eliites.


There's another alternative: Admit to yourself that the conservative "movement" is a failure and its followres have done damage to this country that it will take many years to repair, re-educate yourself, and choose thoughtful, intelligent, and reasonable leaders in the future.

I don't love McCain, but the best thing about him is that he is not George W. Bush. In fact, none of the remaining candidates are George W. Bush or any Bush --the Worst Family of American politics. Even if the Republican candidate wins this time around, I won't feel the sense of despair I did when GWB was elected and re-elected.

J. Pierpont Finch

FREDK, I recommend that you take your daily medication for your Bush Derangement Syndrome malady until next January 20th. When you wake up at that date, I guarantee that G W Bush will no longer be president since he is not running for the 2008 ticket.

As for "the damage he had done, from my viewpoint he painted a mixed picture:

On the one hand

- He aggressively took the war on terror to the enemy overseas by liberating the Afghan population from the Taliban and liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam's butal dictatorship. In the processs, it seems that former enemy Lybia has changed sides, North Korea is slowly disarming, and there's faint hope for the creation of a Democratic Palestinian State (I'm not optimistic on this outcome and its' consequences).

- He worked with Western and other countries to gather intelligence on the radical imperial Islamo-facists who have declared their intent to destroy our way of life.

- His multi-year tax reductions have pulled up out of the aftermath of the NASDAQ bubble collapse, the 2000-2003 recession, and have generated huge increases in new jobs, business growth, and tax revenues to the government that greatly exceeded the revenue lost from the tax rate reductions.

- His consolidation of existing government departments into a Department of Homeland Security has kept us safee from attack since 9-11 and has resulted in the thwarting of numerous diabolical plots to kill people and destroy property botrh at home and abroad. It has also resulting in the sharing of intelligence not done prior to 9-11.

On the other hand

- He has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to act on protecting our borders, common language, and culture as exemplified by his failed "Comprehensive Immigration Program" whichamounted to SHAMNESTY.

- He has turned a blind eye toward controlling government spending as exemplified by allowing huge earmarks to pass in congress, and, by successfully pushing for the expensive Medicare-Part D drug program originally proposed by the Democrats during the 2000 campaign.

- MOST DANGEROUS OF ALL, he has turned a blind eye to the trade imbalances which have lead to the creation of huge offshore Foreign Dollar Funds being increasing used to buy interests in U.S. companies. At some point they will control critical U.S. industries (ie. parts of our fighter plane, control of our ports, control of companies in desparite financial condition willing to sell out to foreigners).

So it's a mixed picture. We really don't have the facts behind his decisions in order to objectively judge GWB at this time. Perhaps historians will. For sure, FREDK not only does not have the facts, but he is suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome which disables the objective part of his small brain. Then again, what would you expect from an ant!


I'm an ant now?

Please keep this in mind the next time you accuse me of engaging in name-calling, ok?

Who is suffering from any derangement syndrome? Seems to me that you are resisting admitting the obvious: Bush is a total failure. We are not respected overseas. We have not captured bin Laden, and his organization is now stronger thanks to Bush's foreign policy decisions. We are the aggressor in a war based on lies.

Where are his successes?


The "Ant"

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