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February 06, 2008




Granted, it's beginning to look unusually problematic for the Two-Headed Creature's attempt to nest for a third time in the formerly venerable White house. Even the crystal gringoBall now shows Slickazilla's chances as only 55 to 45 against Boy Wonder with Mellanin who can boogie so nice and smoothly. Undoubtedly Boy Wonder can convince millions of American Idolaters that re-gurgitated 60's cliches mean "change" and their Big Nanny is coming to put them to bed and will even turn off the big-screen TV for them with the taped Oprah.


If you think you're going to dent the neo-com (sic) mind with sense and logic, I've got a bridge over troubled waters to sell you. The proggies are so stuck in their self-righteous swampland, they don't need to bother with reasoning. Hey, they've got Allah on their side. Okay, the Secular Sammys among them don't even have Allah or Jaweh, but the SS's still have the "Scientific Prophet" Uncle Karl Marx or at least the Prophet Karl Marx to inspire them with hatred for the America which has not yet fallen all the way into their Socialist Paradise (yes, that 'Paradise' is down, not up, as realists know.) Why should they bother their hard little heads with actual reasoning and evidence and logical argument? A quip from Inanity Hour on Proggie Cable will do it for them.

By the way, there's a widely accepted term for someone who keeps coming back to a site whose owner spews "garbage" and therefore "revolts" him. The term is "masochist." And the need to drone and drone and drone away with endless little-boy insults is not just an indication of boorishness and bad breeding pretending to be moral superiority. It can be indicative of early stage (if not further) paranoiac schizophrenia. Ask any of their shrinks who get paid to tolerate their droning abuse.


Not only does Slick Willey have to come to his wife's rescue to defend her against the big bad Obama, he now has to dip into his wallet and fork over $5 million dollars of his hard earned money (given to him by foreign governments as tribute money) to bail her out of the fine fix she finds herself in. As the days got closer to Super Tuesday, Hillary lost her voice again. She loses and "finds" her voice more often than Slick finds a foreign country willing to give him cash. I'm hoping one day she will not only find her "voice" but also find her soul, if she ever had one.

As Obama surges in momentum after Super Tuesday look for Slick Willey to hit the campaign trail again trashing Obama and playing the race card (again). These people never learn. It's back to Arkansas politics again.


This issue of foreign governments giving tribute money to the Clinton's has basically been ignored by the Main Steam Media but now that Hillary has given her campaign $5 million dollars of her own money the American people have a right to know if foreign governments are financing the Clinton campaign. The MSM doesn't care, unless of course it was a Republican candidate receiving cash from foreign governments but since it is Hillary, she can get away with anything.


I was watching Monica on the Fox yesterday with John Gibson and Heather ? The eye candy, Fox thinks it needs to insert some eye candy into every segment GRIN

I don't agree with Monica about the Conservative base falling into line come Nov to oppose a Clinton Presidency. There are Conservatives that believe McCain deserves to be a Senator under a Clinton Presidency. I also thought that was some bellow the belt political shanigans going on in West Virginia on Tuesday.


I don't see what the problem is. Why doesn't she just borrow the $$$ from China like usual? I know that's not suppose to be legal, but that hasn't stopped the Clinton's before. Perhaps they can do a currency exchange with Euros so she and they can get more bang for their bucks. Whatever she does she better hurry up 'cause Barack is right behind her with apparently legal contributions (even).



As you often discuss with John Batchelor, it's important to never count out Hill & Bill because they've written the book on "Win At All Costs". But the one thing that would bring me more happiness than her losing would be for her to lose AND to spend a lot of her own money doing so!

Robert W.
Vancouver, BC


You know who is a total failure? George W. Bush.



Next time you see your buddy John Gibson, tell him I'm not buying his RINO spin. Rush Limbaugh IS a National Treasure and 4 hours of Hannity every day is not nearly enough.


M/M -- You are obviously an extremely intelligent person.

Since you obviously need help, let me point out that I am being sarcastic.



Thanks Fredk2929, but my comment is not directed at you. I've been listening to (actually laughing at) John Gibson as he tries to convince me to vote for John McCain. As Ann Coulter said to him, "he IS part of the problem".

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