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January 21, 2008



Oh, sure, Oprah's choice (the guy who is "black," but, you know, in a non-racial way, get it?)is obviously smart enough, with functioning ears, to take advice. So now his people have egged him on to say the obvious about the slickest Willy in town who is shameleslly running for the White House a third time with his spawn, Bubba's Rib. Neverthless, we need to focus back on the big electoral picture. Which is why your previous salvo now gets some processing....

Face it. Monica. You would not have gone to the pre-campaign Ball with the very homely Honest Abe Lincoln. All the MSM noodleheads of the day excoriated him as a "gangly ape," when they were not writing him off as a backwoods wonder. Too much substance, not enough style. Girl, this was not yo "Rock Star."

So you wants to know who will turn out to be Dance Master Flash at the Inaugural Bash. That it? Well, I'm not sayin', except that anybody who says they know, at this time, is obviously lying or under medication. The Republic is not yet quite Great Society/New Dealed into the socialist nirvana. It still permits the unpredictable and some degree of failure. Not even the crystal gringoBall is crystal clear at the moment.

That said, I want you to keep in mind the 'BC' words. No, that's not in reference to the 'BC Era' (Bush-Clinton) which gringoman,com brought up long ago and now is a common theme among the noodled cerebellums. (Incidentally, we are now in the third decade of the BC Era, which The magna-chutzpah Slicks will try to extend into the fourth decade.)Think 'Brokered Convention' my dulce. You didn't hear it here first? Okay, you didn't, but now hear this. If Florida and post-Florida doesn't more or less max your Mitt the Flip, get ready, Baby, to go for broke, or brokered. Johnny boy is a wounded warrior. 'President' and 'Huck' is far too oxymoronic. Giuliani is a good street fighter with a closet full of skeletons.

Oh, by the way (and to thoroughly unify this fairly original comment}, when and if said BC comes about, guess who becomes the Man of the Hour? The Homely One? The one with too much substance and not enough boob tube entertainment value for the noodled elite and their American idolaters?

Stay tuned, Baby. No predictions right now, just mild insinuations. At any rate, it would be fun to see Don Imus finally realizing how a big ol' dude with a bolt in his neck got himself such a hot trophy wife with brains to match the you-know-what.


Monica, you are right (as usual), and I like Obama,just realized it the past couple of weeks. What did it for me was his nutty obsession with whether Nevada citizens get to caucus in casinos. Why would a former President of the United States get involved in whether or not citizens of the state of Nevada get to vote in casinos. Why would you bring a lawsuit in Federal Court on this issue? The man is desperate to get a third term as President. He wants to get back in the Oval Office and check out the new interns.

Obama has already won the black vote so he needs to stay out of the mud with Slick Willey and try to get back the women's vote. It will not do him any good to mud wrestle with Bill. That's what Bill wants, he is not worried about sullying his own reputation (that's not possible).



Are you familiar with the old saying, "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies" ? Some say that this is the politicians' mantra. Bill Clinton then has got to be the King of All Politicians. Even under oath, he couldn't tell the truth.

Several months ago your colleague in the media, Dennis Miller, ruminated that it was just a matter of time before Bill Clinton sabotaged Hillary's campaign. He figured it would be some new sex scandal. This recent arrogance isn't quite at that level yet but he's sure working hard at wrestling her campaign away from her.

Robert W.
Vancouver, BC


I wouldn't fault Bill for shilling for Hill.
After all, she stood by him when he was covered in muck.

The question is whether he's helping or hindering her.
Overreaching and trying too hard can be just as inefective as not trying at all.
I would never underestimate the man, though. His ability to charm and beguile rivals that of Lucifer himself. For some, even men to the Cloth, he's god incarnate, and can do no wrong, as far as they are concerned.

"Eyes have they, but they cannot see!"


I preferred an intelligent adulterer as president than the dunce who is faithful to his wife that we have now.

You all have it wrong. Bill's participation in his wife's campaign has been helpful to her. Everytime we see him, many of us remember how much better it was when we knew that our president had the ability to analyze complex issues and make reasoned decisions, rather than starting with a conclusion and only considering information supports that conclusion.

We don't think that Clinton can do no wrong. But we do believe that Bush can do no right. How many of you on this list still support Bush after all of his failures and (other than winning elections) no successes?

And I find it amusing that you compare Clinton to Lucifer, Charlie, when Cheney fits the Lucifer mold so much better.

Less than a year until the end of the Bush nightmare! Hooray!

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