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January 29, 2008



Hillary Clinton is not listening to your retarded radio show.



The Junior Senator from New York failed to acknowledge that her turnout (and voter turnout througout the Sunshine State) was driven by a statewide property tax initiative. It stands to reason that a Democratic voter at the polls to address property taxes might as well pull the lever (or push the button in this case) for their candidate.

Now, as a Conservative who ardently supports both Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, I was a bit depressed with the Florida results. However, I want to note that I believe the heavy Northeastern influence in counties such as Broward and Miami-Dade, and the large military presence in our state played for McCain. This is in contrast to the feeling that rock-ribbed Conservatives were supporting McCain.

I see this as an important distinction, because the McCain candidacy--predicated upon his percieved ability to draw Democrats and Independents--is not viable in my view if it has no base. A Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama candidacy will be able to draw much of the far left, while Senator McCain won't do the same for the right--and deservedly so.

However, I do not believe that Senator McCain's stance on immigration played a strong role in how he carried Hispanic vote. I believe the exit polls in this instance are flawed, because if such a strong Hispanic anti-illegal immigration lobby truly existed, where was it when the amnesty bill was killed?

To conclude, I want to say that I enjoy your radio program, and I am very happy to have you as a fellow member of the Conservative Movement.


Ok, I'm having a really bad day trying to figure out how the good people of Florida could vote for McCain/Kennedy. The only thing I can figure out is Huckabee and Giuliani gave the Primary to McCain. The leftie media and the Democratic Party are really happy today that their man is now the front runner in the Republican Party. There is no question in my mind McCain/Kennedy cannot win a general election when a huge block of conservatives will not support him. How could you vote for a guy who opposed the Bush tax cuts and attempted to give us Amnesty for illegals.

McCain/Kennedy will never to able to sell the "change" message to the American people, not even against Hillary. He is an old fossil that requires viagra in order to do anything. The leftie media will do to him what they did to Dole in 1996.

J. Pierpont Finch

One Word.

FloriDUH !


"If forced to choose between the penitentiary and the White House for four years, I would say the penitentiary, thank you." Willaim T. Sherman

Sherman was as wise, as he was ruthless!
Only someone obsessed and blinded by the lust for power would want that job.
Is it any wonder that the pragmatic and the wise don't want anything to do with it!

"If you are as happy, my dear sir, on entering this house as I am in leaving it and returning home, you are the happiest man in this country."
BUCHANAN, to Linclon, 1861


Buchanan is considered one of our worst presidents -- a consummate politician, not up to the job of keeping the country together, and making it worse by influencing Judge Taney on how to decide the Dred Scott case. Luckily for us, he was followed by our greatest president. If only Lincoln had lived to see us through the first four years of Reconstruction, I believe this country would be so different.

Lincoln took as much abuse as any man can take as president, but he still ran for the office a second time. Maybe one day another intelligent, reasonable, and diplomatic man (or woman) in the mold of Lincoln will seek the office again.


I agree that Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents.
His opposition to slavery; his determination to keep the country united; and his empathy for others, in general, made him stand out among mortals.
Had he lived, its quite probable that history would have taken a better turn. Instead, to the detriment of Blacks, mostly, we ended up with that bigot.

Lincoln surely came in for a lot of abuse, even from his wife.
Luckily for his detractors, he was not a petty or vindictive man.

J. Pierpont Finch

War Hero?

Oh, you must mean the senile mean-spirited sniping egomaniacal old fart sitting next to Romney at tonight's debate who came off appearing like Doctor Strangelove? Yes, I believe he was a foot soldier in the American Revolution, not The Reagan Revolution he claimed tonight!

God Save America if he ever makes it to the white house.

And did you notice how right after the debate, the biased CNN Government Media Complex kicked into high gear to make it appear that Dr. Strangelove won the debate? And did you notice how inane those CNN sponsored questions of the candidates were?

Allah Schmallah

Is Monica writing these little articles on here? I am in complete disagreement with what she is saying in this one.

Why do you think that the leftists are busy promoting McCAIRn.. yes the so-called hawkish war hero who wants to close Gitmo and give rights to terrorists.

Aren't our Armed Forced hampered enough by red tape and politically-correct court marshals already?!

And now this old man who won the vote in Flori-DUH aka Geriatric Park is being sold to us as the one who will take it all.

Of course the MSM and the Republican - as well as the Dhimmicrat - establishment are all chiming in on the chorus for McCAIRn.

They know a. True Conservatives will stay home in both the remaining Primaries and then the General Election. b. The Dhimmis won't have to fight on the issues since McCAIRN is in virtual agreement with them on all of the issues. And the Dhims can rightfully sayt why vote for an older imitation when they offer the Real Deal.

Thus I see a collusion by both major parties and the MSM in an effort to disenfranchise True Conservative voters.

How nice and bi-partisan of them!

Please, Monica, if you wrote this.. Please come to your senses. McCAIRn in the White House will do more harm than good.

Let the new one-world politics the Liberals have planned for us be ALL-Democrat and the ensuing storm will sweep them right back out of office!

I do NOT want to see a RINO figleaf in the White House rubber-stamping their liberal agenda.

Either we get a Real Republican or wee stay home! And how you can say that McCAIRn is not an estabnlishment insider is beyond me. His favorite pastime is to draft legislation with the enemy. I am hoping the names Kennedy and Feingold might ring a bell or two!!

It's NOT TO LATE YET!!! Romney IS electable. And this is coming from a NY agnostic who's had plenty of Jehova's Witnesses rouse me from Saturday and Sunday slumber more than once!

The Religion of Liberalism is almost as bad as the cult of islam.

Mr. Romney is the only one who can keep the hordes at bay until we find someone willing to beat them back!

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