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January 04, 2008


J. Pierpont Finch

Let's see how well Schmuckaby does in the more heavily populated states which have a lower proportion of evangelicals.

Democrats and their perverse rooters in the mainstream media are supporting Schmuckaby because in their minds his candidacy will be easy to beat in November 2008. As a Democrat shill, Sickenly Sirupy Susan Estridge said recently, a Schmuckaby Republican candidacy would be "the dream candidate" (she probaby meant a wet dream) for the Democrat Party.

From my viewpoint, Limbaugh rightly speculated that the Democrats will turn on Schmuckaby and label him a bible thumping incompetant evangelical finatic.

What kind of character is displayed when Schmuckaby announces he's produced a very negative political ad hitting on Romney, says he's not going to put it out there, and then shows it and gives it to the media? What chance in h*ll does his proposed "FAIR TAX" have of passage in a congress made up of people who get campaign contributions in exchange for special favors inserted into the tax code? In my view, Schuckaby is a lightweight populist with no foreign policy experience - he's totally unqualified to lead the nation, especially during a time of war!

J. Pierpont Finch

ISSUE ONE - The McLaughlin Group Year End Program - Parts 1 & 2.

From my viewpoint, the only good thing about the program are the comments by the knowledgable Pat Buchanann and the comments by Monica. But Buchanann seemed to outshine the entire motley crew by far in my opinion. I was unaware that McLaughlin was still alive. I wonder if he has considered retiring to smell the roses - he should in my opinion. His pompous style is still unbearable!


A lot to talk about this week with the start of the voting. Go Girl! Go Girl! Go Girl!


C'mon Finch,
Give the octogenarian some slack.
At one time I had problems with his style also, but when you get pass that, you realize that he's quite sharp and often makes sense.

By keeping on Monica, he's also exhibiting some taste
and astuteness.



Re your inference below, i.e. that Fred Thompson may be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Yes, gringoSecurity has established the fact that FDT is indeed a member of the CFR. And so is our Monica.



The Council in Foreign Relations, a pro-globalization group apparently, is distressed about the fact that both parties are anxious about globalization. I am dismayed that Monica has not picked up on this issue,it being a central concern for lots of people.
Although people may advocate building airplanes, by decentralizing production, many people wonder about the efficiacy of doing that. Could this be economical? Is it not destabilizing? It this another sort of mass utopia some people are trying to construct that is impractical, dangerous, and potentially destructive?

That some people seem so committed that they want to consider a reappraisal to be unthinkable, is to many, I think, somewhat frightening. It is one reason people have dropped support for Clinton. The Chinese connection, Charlie Trie and all that. Fred was a part of this investigation.

I'm glad Monica is a member of CFR. Perhaps she and Fred could make a movie, and bring these CFR people back down to earth on globalization before too much
money and tie is wasted. "SWAMP CREATURE FROM CHINA ATTACKS LOS ANGELES!!". Although Chinese illegals were contributing to campaigns, there is nothing apparently that stops them from paying people here to pay politicians, is there? The Soviets have channeled money through proxies for years and years.
The Clintons seem to have the audacity to do this, without proxies.


I'm there. I have had monica withdrawl syndrome since I left for Vermont two years ago.


Duncan Hunter has been excluded from tonight's debate, so I am bringing him to you. If Hucklebee and McCain can surge, so can Hunter. Gringoman talked me into voting for him and I talked a friend into voting for him this afternoon. How can we get him elected?

The Republicans are always looking for another Ronald Reagan, well he is right here.


Don't give up, check him out on YouTube and decide for yourself.


Romney won the Wyoming Caucus today for his first win and possibly a boast he needed to push him over the top in New Hampshire. Maybe New Hampshire will be his Five-Forks instead of his Little Big Horn.

Hlllary is sinking like a rock. She should of taken by advice and let Chelsea speak instead of just standing there like a knot on a log, especially since Obama is winning the younger vote.


I thought Hillary lost her cool in the Democratic Debate tonight and really looked bad. It appeared Edwards and Obama tag teamed her and really pounded her which caused her to lose her cool. I think she is going down hard this Tuesday.


Michelle Malkin asks the question I am asking myself. Other than Duncan Hunter, why should I believe any of our candidates?


Next time you hear a leading presidential candidate try to woo you with his nine-point immigration enforcement plan or his secure ID plan or his Secure Borders platform, point to the Incredible Disappearing Border Fence. Poof! That is what happens to election-season homeland security promises. Why would theirs be any different?


Oh, look what I found reporteded by "The New York Times". Duncan Hunter WON a delegate in WY.

As much as I love Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, I APPLAUD the NH G.O.P. for having the STONES to stand up to Fox on behalf of Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter.


Update: In a statement, Duncan Hunter’s presidential campaign announced that it too would hold its own town hall meeting in place of the Fox News forum, and noted that Mr. Hunter won a delegate in Saturday’s Wyoming primary while other candidates who received invitations to the forum did not.

Hunter '08


Another reason why I like Duncan Hunter. Scooter Libby was pardoned and Don Imus is back about on the radio, but America has not forgotten about those 2 border agents who we think have been treated pretty unfairly for doing their jobs.


Unbelievable, a politician who actually REPRESENTS us.


Hey, all you Conservative Christians and REAL Republicans, Duncan Hunter is the guy we are looking for. C'mon Ann Coulter, don't settle for #2.


J. Pierpont Finch


re: "Next time you hear a leading presidential candidate try to woo you with his nine-point immigration enforcement plan or his secure ID plan or his Secure Borders platform, point to the Incredible Disappearing Border Fence. Poof! That is what happens to election-season homeland security promises. Why would theirs be any different?"

AMEN! Well said!

I spent yesterday emailing Senators from my current state of residence and other states I have lived in in the past with the following message"



1.) The professed belief in securing our borders first, to

2.) The Senate's support of Senate Amendment 2466 introduced by Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson which kills funding for and represents de Facto repeal of the 2006 Security Fence Act that REQUIRED construction of 854 miles of a double layer border fence spanning America's southwestern border to protect our borders, language and culture.

Over 80% of we-the-people raised hell with our representatives and senators to get the 2006 Secure Fence Act passed in order to secure our borders first! The question this de Facto repeal raises is “WHO DOES THE SENATE WORK FOR?” Are its members being paid by Foreign interests with promises of lucrative lobbying positions for middle east countries who seek to bring our nation down?

THANKS TO THE PHONY SENATE, Middle East and Jihad terrorists, contra ban, and diseases from developing countries can continue to come through our borders with the flow of illegal aliens and endanger us! And we continue to foot the bill for their education, healthcare and incarceration in jail after they murder and injure innocent U.S. citizens


FRANKLY, IF THAT DOUBLE FENCE IS NOT BUILT per the requirement of the 2006 Security Act, I plan to vote you out of office during the next election, AND, I will not donate any further monies to candidates of both parties!!!!!!!!!!



I urge everyone to send this message to their Senators as soon as possible.

Also email the Cable, TV and radio talk show hosts urging them to post the above questions to the Senators they interview.



Oops, this quote is by Michelle Malkin:

“Next time you hear a leading presidential candidate try to woo you with his “

This quote is from the “New York Times”

“Update: In a statement, Duncan Hunter’s presidential campaign announced that it too would hold”

Sorry, about that.

P.S. If the fence is NOT BUILT, I'm VOTING you out too.

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