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January 19, 2008



My computer is down, so you won't be hearing from me because it will be too difficult to post at the libary. I really enjoy Monica's blog, so I will continue reading your her thoughts and your responses.

Gringoman and FredK, I'm interested in Jonah Goldberg's book because I just finished an unrelated book that discussed Wilson, Hoover and FDR and I want to learn more about those administrations. I assure you that I will read Goldberg's book with an open mind.

I'll be watching TGM tomorrow. Don't forget to check out Patrick Buchanan's new book DAY OF RECKONING.


Oops, sorry about the typos. I have one minute left :)


Great show, as usual. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on Huckabee ("What a Friend We Have in Jesus). I don't think it is right for a candidate to focus on a niche of the electorate and appeal only to them. I blame Hillary for doing the same thing with the older women's vote. She may get away with it because she will have something Huckabee doesn't have, the leftie main steam media to support her every step of the way. The leftie media made a big deal about Huckabee wanting to amend the Constitution, Pat Buchanan pointed out correctly the Republican Platform has called for a Constitutional Amendment on abortion and gay marriage for a long time, due.

Fashion update. Be still my heart! Loved the black top partially off the shoulder. Yes! Even Eleanor has upgraded her look with the purple jacket.

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